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Hey! Americans! Leave Paris Hilton Alone!*

June 8, 2007
Paris Hilton is a product of American values. Therefore, Americans should either learn by watching her as its mirror image and change its destructive behavior or leave Hilton alone to descend into irreversible self-destruction. Alternatively, find a solution in-between, but it is hard to find an in-between since descending into irreversible self-destruction or even flirting with it should not be a consideration.

Watching and reading people criticize Paris Hilton is like viewing a cutter positioning the razor to slice his or her forearms. Self-loathing played out through self-injuring histrionics.

Few Americans want to admit this, but our actions tend to indicate that we hate ourselves. What but a desire to annihilate our existence can explain some of the behaviors we participate in?

There is nothing the public knows or opines about Paris Hilton that cannot be analogized as a bigger social or political occurence. Paris is known for befriending others such as mega superstar Britney Spears and adopted into fame star Nicole Ritchie, then disposing of each when their plans no longer aligned with Paris’s agenda. This behavior is typical of America’s foreign policy. Saddam Hussein was once an American friend. What happens once Paris falls out with her friends? She distances herself and proceeds to badmouth them. What did America have to say about Saddam Hussein when he was no longer useful for its agenda?

Through some of her actions, one can easily conclude that Paris Hilton expects her money to place her above the law. This has been an American ideology since before Edith Wharton exposed, with the help of fiction the same mindset in New York’s quasi-aristocratism. Every day the same dynamic is played out with a Delay, a Bush, or a Libby (Libby committed treason yet it was downplayed as no big deal, not really treason. A true patriotic American would want Libby in jail for the rest of his life). The working class and the middle class do little to subvert this American ideology. If anything, they perpetuate this mentality by aspiring to become an aristocrat themselves. We see it in the form of overstressing and overreaching for upward mobility and the unrelentless Rags to Riches trope in our daily existence, such as media topics (how many shows are dedicated to buying an affordable house versus how many shows are dedicated to selling a house after a quick cheap shoe shine and doubling one’s profits), storylines in movies includes many against all odds victories, etc. As if when one becomes a member of the rich, he or she will become invincible as the icons he or she worships, –see: the fixation on Paris Hilton. How many poor people play the lottery? How many people justify and ignore unethical conduct when the goal, the reward is monetary?

Paris has been known to use racist epithets. America uses racial epithets. Without any research, I can comfortably conclude that the Hilton fortune was accrued exploiting the women, the poor and people of color. Whose backs was America built on? The same.

Comparing Hilton with America has infinite possibilities.

Then there are the sideshows that benefit the self promoters such as the egotism displayed by the Los Angles County Judge who is posturing for the cameras as a no nonsense hardliner with celebrities (incidently, if Hilton was male I am sure her money would have been greener in a similar case and the judge would not need to be so by the book) and the amazingly, possibly genuine and empathic (or maybe it was just their libido reacting) sheriff department’s actions (what is really the motive for them being compassionate in this case?).

Whew, I am exhausted and I am not done with my thought yet.

I guess, the moral of the story’s choice could be to utilize Paris Hilton as a representation for what needs to be changed for the good with contemporary American ideology. Or, ignore it all together, allowing America to continue along its present reckless scorch the earth course while we passively and cruelly suck in cholesterol and empty carbohydrates while glued to the tube, gawking, in hopes of getting a peep of Hilton’s dishevel and wailing skeleton. Then we can cheer with glee “take that you insensitive snob for being indifferent to our pain, for shoving our have not in our faces.”

Nevertheless, all of the above is rambling from my knee-jerk cross the board, get along with the collective, see the whole as the whole, make a moral to the story, in order to maintain some optimism in hopes of restoring (was it ever stored?) the world as good and safe, internal voice.

But, what I really believe, my true feminist perspective is, Paris Hilton is a safe punching bag. She is rich, she is white and blond (real or not), she is thin, she does not seem to be affected by rigid gender defined purity rules, therefore, no guilt is felt when one calls her a cunt, bitch, slut, whore, draws cartoons implying she has Herpes or Genital warts. She is nothing more than what scores of rich American playboys have been for decades. Yet, not one rich man has garnered the hatred from the American public as much as Paris Hilton has, if anything he is envied and encouraged in a positive way.

I believe the reason Paris Hilton is hated and people are happy to see her suffer is because she is female. America is a very misogynistic country and the proof is on the airwaves every day, just look and listen, it is there.

Well, the little girl cried today. Now what?

(rough draft)

*Title’s Allusion

  1. JoannaOC permalink
    June 9, 2007 4:05 am

    So sad, these girls self-destructing in public while the crowds howl at them.

  2. Chris permalink
    June 9, 2007 11:28 pm

    I have to differ w/ you on America hating Paris because she’s female(I know…it’s been awhile). Sure, Paris could be all of these things, but in my opinion, this is a case for Occam’s razor….I think the simple explanation is that she is a rich, spoiled rotten brat.

    I do agree that American culture is hung up on pursuing the lives of the rich and famous. I think it is an addiction to watching the train wrecks of the lives of people like Tom Sizemore, Britney Spears, and even jackasses like Dustin Diamond.

    Is American misogynistic? Sure. Is Paris like she is because she is a victim of misogyny? Not in my opinion.

    Oh yeah, I loved your point about Playboys though. Particularly Hugh Hefner. Is that the most ridiculous caricature or shell of a person? He’s disgusting.

  3. E. K.(Kitty) Glendower permalink
    June 9, 2007 11:48 pm

    Chris if I cannot multiply entities then my prattle would be limited. Limiting is too confining, therefore your razor will be considered dull with me. LOL!

    Paris is a product of her environment, an environment that embraces misogyny and most of all, money, capitalism that in facts thrives off misogyny (for example, pornography is okay because it makes men money, distributing Paris’s sex video is okay because it made a man money, hounding Paris for photos is okay because the photos can be sold for money). There is no way possible that Paris is not the way she is because of misogyny, just like there is no way possible that people are gawking at her because of misogyny.

    Thanks for pointing out Hefner. He slipped right out of my thoughts. I was envisioning the rich playboys who Mr. Drysdale was always trying to pawn Elle off, or the playboy “gentlemen” of Oscar Wilde’s times, or the rich playboys who think it is beneath him to work because it will interfere with his fun time, i.e. David Larrabee in the 1952 (?) movie Sabrina, or the English gentlemen who are “of no profession” or the John F. Kennedy Jr. (R.I.P) types who play at running a magazine because he had all the money he needed to be desired or any of the other countless rich male children who drive drunk (George Bush) and never spend a day in jail. They are out there in such numerous numbers that they are not ostracized because the male version is the norm. Yet, the female equivalents are hounded to no end. Whether Paris like or invited the attention is irrelevant. The fact that points to the misogyny is the fact that there are millions of people willing to hang Paris and not hang her male equivalent.

    Of course you are always welcome to disagree, I won’t hold it against you. Ha hee ha.

  4. E. K.(Kitty) Glendower permalink
    June 9, 2007 11:53 pm

    What I meant to add and failed to is, Paris is now broken, she cried, everyone sees the pictures of her crying, her make up off. Will that be good enough for the people out for blood or will they not leave her be until she becomes whatever they think she needs to be or until she commits suicide or is murdered. That is what I think some, many want, to have her in a snuff film, and then what, they will just go after someone else. That is a woman hating culture that is.

  5. Professor Zero permalink
    June 12, 2007 4:21 am

    If the Hiltons had any sons we could do a comparison test and see how they turned out.

    I’m thinking of the oil princes and princesses we have around here, in Halliburton land. They are equally screwed up, really, but the princesses get the short end of it, like Paris. The princes get away with what they do and get the responsible jobs in the firms and if they want to they can, through those roles, have healthier lives (still being big oil exploiters and all, you understand, criticizable and sometimes secretly criminal, but they do not have to publically self-destruct like the princesses.

  6. E. K.(Kitty) Glendower permalink
    June 12, 2007 6:51 am

    Exactly. It is like until she totally melts down she will not be left alone. No way the population can allow her to walk around as if she thinks she is somebody. Now instead of classism being at the front and center, shakedown Sharpton is talking about race.

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