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Keeping My Eyes on Jonty and Roz (Livingroom Superstars!)

June 15, 2007
I love Jonty and Roz. Twins I believe. They will be big some day, BIG , I tell you. They can be a little offensive at times though, but I do not think any more than average teenagers. The word gay is thrown uncomfortably about at times. Their bent is definitely geared toward the heteronormative. Once Roz called Jonty gay when he knocked on her bedroom door to tell her that the new title for the Harry Potter VII book was revealed. I love when Jonty says Harry Potter. It sounds just like one of the awestruck voices in the background of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone movie spoken when Harry first goes to Hogwarts.

I do not stalk their videos, however, when I am in need of some good fun I look them up and see if anything new has been posted. Well as much fun as an uptight mother/radical feminist can tolerate. I do enjoy my Strawberry Shortcake pajamas (my oldest is horrified when I wear them). We are known to have a poker wedged permanently in our funny bone. Ahh, you thought I was about to be vulgar. Oh well, maybe next time.

Jonty and Roz came to me when I was looking for a funny video for cucumber sandwiches. My first choice was a woman who attempted a witty video about the functions of a cucumber, it was a little entertaining but it did not quite satisfy my humor. Then I found Jonty and Roz. Yes, tea should be in teacups and the crust should be trimmed from the sandwiches, but the fact that they did not attempt to make it too precise did not distract from their point. I love the English stereotypes. What is even funnier or I should say more torturing is when American shows such as Desperate Housewives (I think Roz made a note of this) use the stereotype as an example to follow. I never could watch that stupid show.

Anyway, here are two of their videos. There are two more that I like as well, the one that Roz bores Jonty with her girly make-up talk and Jonty knocks himself out with a Harry Potter book. Hilarious. The other is the one I mentioned when Jonty phones everyone about the new Harry Potter title. I thought the one with Hill3432 (some numbers, I am too lazy to look it up) was boring. I had to wait until the last ten seconds of nine long minutes to get to the vintage Roz and Jonty. I think there may be a group of teenagers who entertain each other and meet up in real life. I do not have time to keep up with all of that. Reminds me of my sister when she was all up in the teenagers mix when her daughter was a teenager. But forget about that. No one can bother with stories anymore, it is all about getting to the point.

After word. I think it is fascinating how children seem to have evolved knowing how to negotiate electronics. I suspect children are indoctrinated in the womb. My youngest could control the computer mouse and knew what to press and how to print before she was two years old. If I did not have her on video, I would not believe it myself. When my oldest was twelve, I would come home from work (she was a latchkey kid) and a different message would be recorded on the answering machine. She would have background music and other sounds all choreographed into a spectacular show. I am still trying to figure out the barista I got for Christmas.

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