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Male Terrorist Arrested For Murdering His Wife and Children

June 24, 2007
I first mentioned this story about male terrorist Christopher Vaughn here. He, calculatingly and mercilessly murdered his wife and three children. I suspect he murdered his family in cold blood for financial reasons. Male monstrous beasts such as Vaughn love to reap the rewards that come with looking successful, as in being able to buy a “sprawling home” and to take his family on “social trips” (WTF?) and appearing as if he is the confident capable provider that a manly man is expected to be (guidelines set up by other murdering manly men). Nevertheless, by God let that image be threatened as in his creditors having the nerve to call in his debts and those same people, you know, the human beings who served him as props become easily disposable. Can’t handle your finances, no big deal, just murder your wife and children, shoot yourself in the thigh, concoct a story blaming your wife, collect the insurance, walk away a free man, problem solve. Two for one deal. He gets freedom from the obligations he chose (what a quaint little word when it applies to a man’s choices) and another women is demonized as a child killer.

Illinois man charged in deaths of wife, 3 children

JOLIET, Illinois (AP) — A suburban Chicago man found shot near the bodies of his wife and their three children in the family sport utility vehicle earlier this month was charged Saturday in their shooting deaths.
Christopher Vaughn, 32, was charged with eight counts of first-degree murder, prosecutor James Glasgow said at a news conference in Joliet.
Their bodies were found June 14 in a 2004 Ford Expedition parked on a service road near Interstate 55 in Channahon, about 40 miles southwest of Chicago. Kimberly Vaughn was shot once and the children were shot twice.

Vaughn had the nerve to blame the murders on his dead (murdered) wife. Being a self-entitled arrogant asshole who has convinced himself that he can expel a stream of funky and loud farts out his stanky ass and everyone will believe him when he says, “no it was not me, it was she,” he thought his lame ass story would be accepted unquestioned. According to Vaughn, he had to stop impromptu to secure some luggage (get his gun), incidentally in a somewhat secluded spot, then suddenly when he innocently got back into his SUV to continue on a wonderful weekend, his wife for no reason whatsoever greeted him with gunfire. No argument, no knowledge of her having a gun, she was not upset, nothing, just “the bitch was crazy, she started shooting for no reason, so yall need to believe me yall hear, yall know how those crazy bitches are.”

Fuck You, Christopher Vaughn!

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