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Has PostSecret Jumped the Shark?

June 26, 2007
Comments are open at PostSecret. I do not remember to check in every Sunday for new secrets but I do click over there when I remember to. Normally the secrets are not that shocking, actually, most of the time I sit at my computer and think how many of the secrets are not what I would call secrets.

Exhibit A.

So this person hates the spam blockers. Where’s the secret? A good secret would be a freak who likes the word verification process.

Exhibit B.

A woman is waiting for a man who appreciates her. Good for her. I mean really. What? She should settle for the wrong man? I think not! Where’s the secret.

Exhibit C:

Someone uses a Starbucks thermo for chocolate milk instead of what? Starbucks coffee I presume. I did not know one is obligated to use a thermo for anything other than what can go into a thermo. I am not getting this secret business.

In my opinion, I have only seen one real secret before. Unfortunately, I did not copy the postcard, but it basically said that a person was molested when he or she was a child, and he or she has since tracked down the molester and killed him (yes, I am going to say him). Now that is a secret. However, I am afraid for that person. Because someone sent in this secret about giving his or her cat a bit of bleach in order to see his or her cute vet and there are people wanting him or her reported to the authorities.

Exhibit D:

Since comments are open, people are going wild. Even though there is no clue if the person is a male or female and if the veterinarian is a male or female, many have concluded it must be a woman who is feeding her cat bleach in order to see her cute male veterinarian. I know many gay men with cats, and I am sure there are gay veterinarians, and if he is not gay, a gay client could still consider him cute. In addition, the cat owner could be a male and the veterinarian could be a female or both could be female. Needless to say, the mob is calling for the post card sender to be reported. How dare anyone feed his or her cat bleach, not that I would, but I also would not want to fuck my husband’s father, as a previous post card sender desires. I should mention when I was in the military we would pour a gallon (or more, there was a formula) of bleach in our water buffaloes. Yes we did. We would drink that water or die of dehydration. It was a standard field sanitation procedure. I wonder if the people hell bent on reporting this person will also report the military.

Anyway, I have to wonder if PostSecret has jumped the shark. What is the point in sending a secret in (a secret I am assuming is a secret because someone is afraid of being judged harshly) if a forum will be waiting to judge that person mercilessly?

I guess a gimmick only lasts so long, and then the ante has to be upped. I noticed the secrets have become more porno-fied lately. So having a forum open to attack the secret writer seems to be following the proper order of a downward spiral. Too bad, because I am sure at one time, knowing one’s secret would be safe probably helped someone,– if not a few.

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