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Criminal Unfit For Life of Crime

June 29, 2007

Thief asks for “time out” in police chase

MANILA (Reuters) – Philippine police chased down an unfit thief on Tuesday after he ran out of breath and asked his pursuers for a “time out.”
“He was panting and gasping for air when we caught up with him after a 500 meter sprint,” Erwin Buenceso, one of the arresting officers, told local radio station dzBB.
Buenceso said the man and an accomplice broke into a house in the Philippine capital and stole two expensive mobile phones. Screams from the residence alerted a local police patrol, which gave chase.
The robber asked for a “time out” using hand signals. After he regained his composure, police seized the two stolen phones and brought him to a station for questioning.
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  1. Chris permalink
    July 3, 2007 3:16 am

    This takes me back to when I was a safety manager for a regional grocery chain. I pulled up to one of the 103 stores in my region and as soon as I got out of my car, dude runs by me, almost knocking me down. Several store employees were in pursuit 100 or so yards behind so I turned and went after him.

    I calmly followed him across four lanes of traffic and down the street. I never tried to outrun him, I just stayed with him. I finally told him, “You aren’t going to outrun me, I run triathlons on the weekends.”

    You could see the surrender in his body language when I said that and he just stopped. I guess he should have just asked for a time out:)

    My favorite part was when he told me that he just stole a tooth brush and I felt badly for him…until they pulled about $200 worth of merchandise off of him and his buddy.

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