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Thumbs Down, Al Gore III

July 5, 2007
An indicator that one is growing old becomes evident when sympathy is extended to the parents instead of to their children. Case in point, Al Gore III. Grow the hell up already dude. Good god. He has a fine ass daddy, compassionate, intelligent, and that whole save the world from global warming thing is an added bonus. Sorry but it is true. And his mother, Tipper is just the most wonderful and compassionate woman. Moreover, they live in Tennessee, come on, Tennessee, one of the prettiest states in the country (if they could only get rid of rednecks and the KKK though). Yet, what does the poor widdle boy, who incidentally has been privileged enough not to  have to serve in the military (unlike his father) go and do, he speeds like a maniac, totally risking the reputation of Prius drivers and sons of politicians who are other than Republicans, neo-cons, and those porn-hound Libertarians. I mean really, it is a privilege to drive a Prius and there is a certain level of responsibility one must maintain as a member of that crowd. Get with the program number III. Then there is the whole prescription drugs found in his car (I can forgive the marijuana), but what is up with the prescription drugs, is he aspiring to be the next Rush Limbaugh or something. Not the first time he has pulled this stunt either. 100 mph makes it hard to come up with a conspiracy theory, that and the fact that he was in Orange County. Going 100 mph makes it difficult to criticize the police as well.
Get in therapy number III like yesterday, take that baby of the family, only boy, hard to follow in daddy’s footsteps and all the other patriarchal manifested neurosis somewhere else. Sheesh. Orange County. Really, Orange County? Yuck. My internet-induced Tourettes will only allow words and phrases like squander and get with the program to come out between a series of fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck….dude. Little brat.
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  1. Chris permalink
    July 5, 2007 6:55 pm

    The thing that bothers me about this is that some people see this as a reflection of his parents, which should not be the case. And it’s not just a republican/democrat thing either. The media likes to publicize the failings/troubles of the children of celebrities and politicians. I don’t know if the general public get’s a twisted thrill over seeing someone’s kid show imperfection or what.

    Gore’s son made his decisions and I am sure that they fly in the face of how he was raised. To me, this shows poorly on him, not his parents.

    He will get off with minimal punishment because of first offense and I’m fine with that. Let’s just hope this comes as a slap in the face to him that wakes him up.

    I feel for the Gore’s and people in their shoes. It is disappointing enough to see your child fail at any point in life but to have it paraded through the news makes it that much more difficult.

  2. Kitty Glendower permalink
    July 5, 2007 7:11 pm

    This shit is all on him. Hence, my point that he is squandering. As far as being his first offense, it is in California, but I think I read he did the same shit in Maryland? Or was some other NE state. I will re-read the article.

    Number III is being a fucking JERK!

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