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Clay Aiken Reveals His Misogyny

July 8, 2007
Clay Aiken’s latest antic, possible publicity stunt is an excellent example proving homosexuality does not exempt a male from being a misogynist. As the story goes, Clay Aiken while flying from one c-rated gig to another condescendingly placed his foot, his fucking foot, the filthy shoed-foot that walks on the ground and through dirt and nasty public airports and bathrooms on a fellow passenger, a woman’s armrest. One would have to wonder if he thought he could do this if the abused passenger had been another man. So I guess he assumed she was to just sit there and take it because nasty foot or not, he is fucking the man, Clay Aiken. NOT! Bravo to the woman passenger for standing up to Mr. Celebrity. Apparently, she did not take kindly to his presumptuous arrogance and let him know about it, which I do not doubt led to him saying something with his acid tongue, the very meme that every male homosexual that I have ever met in my life considered an attribute. Then somewhere in this unfolding drama, the woman shoved (“minor shove”) entitled man.

As if traveling is not stressful enough. Who needs an asshole making it worse? I have witnessed and experienced people putting their feet where they do not belong. Once I paid a whopping one hundred dollars, a hundred dollars that I could have used for something else to see a Tennessee Williams production. The theatre was coliseum like, each row was elevated higher than the row in front of them, hence, the person’s head in the lower row was level with the path that the upper row walked on during intermission and rested their feet on during the play. The asshole behind me felt as if the path was not wide enough to accommodate his legs stretched out because twice he had his feet on my chair. If I turned my head one inch left or right my ears then my cheek met his shoelaces. It was not until I turned around and loudly demanded that he keep his fucking feet off my seat that he finally stopped.

Of course, Clay Aiken could not let it rest, nor could he miss an opportunity to exploit the situation further at a woman’s expense. Instead of letting the incident die in the abyss of short attention spans, on stage he jokingly told concertgoers who attended the former “American Idol” singer’s show that earlier in the day he was beaten up by a girl. Not a woman, a girl. He knew he could get away with this little joke because society expects men to beat on women, and through that expectation promotes and allows it, therefore if a woman defends herself it cannot be taken seriously, it can only rank as a joke.


  1. gingermiss permalink
    July 9, 2007 1:36 am

    So he’s a hack, an entitled moron, and he has all the charm of a troll. Bravo Clay. Bravo.

  2. Chris permalink
    July 9, 2007 2:43 am

    Has Aiken ever come out and said he was a homosexual? I thought that was media speculation based on stereotypes.

    His singing might bore me to tears but I don’t think we should presume that he said “something with his acid tongue, the very meme that every male homosexual that I have ever met in my life considered an attribute”.

  3. Kitty Glendower permalink
    July 9, 2007 3:02 am

    Well Chris you can extend that courtesy to him, another male if you like, I being a woman, being a woman who have been bullied by men on airplanes before will not. His actions brazenly demonstrates a hierarchy of who should be stepped on and who should not. Also, I think he is homosexual so I don’t care if he has publicly admitted it or not. There is nothing wrong with being homosexual and to me he refusing to confirm or deny it is what makes homosexuality seem sordid and shameful. So fuck him. He does not have the courage to admit his sexuality but he has the courage to put his foot on a woman’s armrest. I guess one could argue that his sexuality is his personal business, his personal boundary, his personal space, well that woman on that airplane had a personal boundary as well and he crossed it. Making nice has not gotten women anywhere with misogynistic men, it is time misogynists are called what they are and forced to deal with the consequences. Because if he did not decide to be an entitled prick on that airplane, we would not be having this conversation right now.

  4. Kitty Glendower permalink
    July 9, 2007 3:09 am

    Not the first time he crossed into a woman’s space. He put his hand over Kelly Ripa’s mouth. Yet she was attacked for defending herself against his intrusion.

  5. Kitty Glendower permalink
    July 9, 2007 4:10 am

    I’m not the only who thinks Aiken has a problem with women:

    Later, Ripa also expanded on her Monday Live comments in which she stated that she didn’t think Aiken “was respectful in any way” during his Friday co-hosting stint. “The interesting thing is I was not combative or attacking him in any way, I was very warm,” Ripa — who hadn’t further addressed the topic on Live’s own Tuesday morning broadcast — told The View. “I treat my co-hosts with respect, I treat everyone with equal dignity and respect — a dignity and respect that was not shown to me and so I’m sorry, at the end of the day basic manners — basic decent human decency. The reality is that he never said ‘Thank you, this was pleasant’ or anything. It was sort of ‘I’m going to use opportunity to steamroll over you because I’ve been bullied so much that now I’m going to bully you.'”

    Then, Ripa and The View guest co-host Sherri Shepherd leveled another charge that Ripa had alluded to on Monday’s Live at Aiken — sexism. “No way on Earth [would he have done it],” Ripa replied when Sheppard suggested that Aiken wouldn’t have attempted to cover the mouth of Regis Philbin, Ripa’s regular Live partner. “Men talk to women crazier than they talk to men,” Sheppard charged. “Amen… amen,” Ripa shouted back.

  6. gingermiss permalink
    July 9, 2007 2:02 pm

    Yet she was attacked for defending herself against his intrusion.

    Not only attacked, but attacked as a homophobe. People were livid with her for such a trespass, but I didn’t see a lot of public outrage based on his weird, surprisingly insulting behavior.

  7. Kitty Glendower permalink
    July 9, 2007 3:41 pm

    Not only attacked, but attacked as a homophobe. Exactly, that is it! This is what I was trying to divert with Aiken is probably a homosexual, the homophobe defense. Him defending himself by accusing someone who calls his bad behavior of being a homophobe. I was not that interested in the Ripa/Aiken story when it happened but after yesterday I searched all the little stories I could find, and it sure pointed the blame Ripa’s way. So like rape, it was the woman’s fault, it was Ripa’s fault that Aiken put his hand on her mouth.

    But just talking about it, is risking be called a homophobe. That and because he has not admitted being gay. As if he isn’t. LOL!

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