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Shakedown (Al) Sharpton Plays At Being Capt-n-Sava-Ho!

July 10, 2007
But who the hell is he assigning ho status to?

Sharpton’s attempt to shame or hit them up for money, I am never quite sure what he wants, would be admirable if he did not confuse blatant sexism with racism. As far as I know ho has not been limited to black women. In some of Sharpton’s dialogue he sounds as if he is speaking on behalf of all women but then he narrows it down to how Beyonce Knowles represents black women, therefore should not be called a ho which in turn erases every other non-black woman ever called a ho. Beyonce Knowles should not be called a ho period, regardless of her skin color! A lot of little girls love them some Beyonce, not just the black ones. Duh Sharpton, have you thought about how narrowing the ho remark to mean specifically black women does in fact reinforce that trope.

Get on board with feminism all the way Sharpton or save your breath. Unless calling out racism garners more cashola than calling out sexism, then I am quite sure all the capitalists will applaud your efforts. What’s a woman’s dignity if a dollar is to be made?

Of course, Sharpton’s misdirected accusations pale in comparison to TMZ’s crime. They do not give a flying fuck if they are sexist, just do not call them racist. They take pride in equally offending all women, regardless of color.

In response to your statement questioning TMZ’s use of the term “roboho” in our BET Awards fashion story, please note that we called Beyonce’s performance outfit a “roboho” not Ms. Knowles herself. There is a difference. As to accusations that our comment was racially motivated, TMZ has humorously called into question many celebs for wearing racy outfits — regardless of their race. We’ve called Lindsay Lohan’s trashy ensemble a “HO-rror” and even gave Kid Rock a humorous “ho” reference in a December 2006 story.

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