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Do You Enjoy Writing?

August 4, 2007
We are moving into the rental house next Friday. I did not see that one coming. I was thinking thirty days, maybe the beginning of September. Apparently, Mr. and Mrs. All-That (not the adult daughter, but the owners) have a mortgage to pay, we suspect. The mother kept harping on about a deposit she had to give back to the previous tenant by the 10th, sheesh. All the airs she puts on and she does not have the capital for a gap in tenants. Perhaps it is genuine miserliness. On the other hand, maybe it is not and I am at fault for actually expecting a level of customer service that is becoming an anomaly. Perish the thought if we are ever late on the rent. For sure we were told about that too, five days grace, then 5% will be tacked on to the balance. We would not have tolerated the rush if we were unable to get the movers on time. Nevertheless, we are still owed a free move from the breadwinner’s employment and the woman in that department was able to arrange it all. Incredibly. We kept asking her if we were in fact talking about the 10th of August and not the 10th of September and she assured us that it is in fact set up for next week. Packers Wednesday and Thursday, movers Friday.

Incidentally, I may be off line for a while after the 10th. We are still looking for additional writers to contribute to AROOO (note the 1,2,3 three Os), someone who would not be shy about posting a few times a week, –literature, current events, personal stories, etc, as long as our values are in the same ballpark, definitely anti-misogyny (includes the works) and anti-racist.

We seem to get more visitors on days that current events are posted and through key search words which usually have to do with books or magazine articles. Think of it as an opportunity to reinvent yourself, hint, hint. If you have a blog already that your friends and family or coworkers know about and it feels limiting at times, you can make a new blogger i.d. and talk about other things! LOL! Yes, I’m talking about you.

  1. momo permalink
    August 4, 2007 4:47 pm

    Best of luck with the move and the new place! I’m glad things worked out so quickly-you can get it over with faster.

  2. gingermiss permalink
    August 4, 2007 5:00 pm

    Good luck with the move, Kitty. I’ll see if I can think of something thrilling to contribute.

  3. CountryDew permalink
    August 5, 2007 3:49 pm

    Good luck with the move. Thanks for visiting my blog. I do think like you, but I’m not sure I write about it very often. Sometimes I think I am scared of my own opinions. I will be back.

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