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Sometimes the Blogosphere Sucks

September 8, 2007
You know what? I really get sick of the passive aggressive bullshit that passes for conversation around the blogosphere. Case in point, a person is obviously a return reader at a particular blog but when they want to be an ass, they suddenly become “anonymous” or a name other than what is normally used.

I knock on blog doors and knock on blog doors and fuckers cannot even bother to reply. Not saying people must reply but I think after awhile someone’s presence should at least be noted. I often do not acknowledge a comment here, sometimes because I do not have anything to add, or am just lazy or think the comment stands alone. But I don’t think I have ever completely ignored a return commenter. However, I have noticed that I may comment at some blogs, blogs I would not comment at if I were not interested in and the blog author will respond to most everyone but me. It is hard not to take it personal when the pattern is clear. The author responds by name to the commenters and clearly skips over me. WTF? If I am not welcomed then why keep my comment up at all. Or why not just say, “You are not welcomed here.” I do not believe in intrusion. If I am told once, it will be sufficient.

I can understand it with one comment, two comments, three comments, but by the time it becomes four or more comments and most everyone is addressed and I am not then I will take it that I am not welcomed. Fucking assholes. High school in perpetual motion. “We have our assigned lunch table so don’t bother sitting here.”

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