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Now Women Can Have A (V)hallus Too. Thanks Boys!

October 4, 2007
It is not as if I cannot afford one, cannot handle one, or cannot pass the security screening and, I do not tremble with fear when one is in my possession. My gun qualifications in the military were always sharpshooter or above, mostly expert, be it M-16, 45, 9mm, 50 cal, M60, 40mm, (pass on a scale of pass/fail for crew-served weapons).
One learns a weapon by studying, disassembling, reassembling, aiming and shooting. No. Big. Deal. Actually, I enjoyed getting the job done, over with, qualifying that is, because then the rest of the day was free, I could either hang out in the bleachers waiting for all the Nervous Nellies (mostly Neils) to qualify, read a book, retreat to my inner thoughts, or work in the butts. Range coaches attempted to demonize the butts and use the threat of butt work as coercion. But, I always found working the butts to be fun, even interesting, especially if I had forgotten to bring a book along. In the butts, one lowers the target, marks where a round(s) hits, then raises the target and takes cover while the shooter is firing. Only the occasional careless idiot would be shot while not following safety precautions or by freak chance be grazed by a ricocheting stray. The saddest aspect in working the butts is watching a squirrel or rabbit or some other small animal get trapped in the area absorbing the rounds. I have been on pins and needles watching a squirrel try to make it out of the area before the next round of firing began, often some did not.

Nevertheless, knowing and shooting weapons was part of my job. I did not like it but did it. However, I no longer have to do it and regret that I ever had to. I hate guns. Guns are dangerous. Hands down. What more proof do we as a society need to agree on this opinion? There can be no accidental shootings, Columbines, Virginia Techs, police shootings or crazy riflemen perched on a tower plucking off innocent people if guns did not exist. And there would be no rationalization necessary if people (men) , bullies, and (greedy) tyrants did not invent circumstances that utilized guns.

Alas, my ill-gotten opinion about guns is all in vain. I had it all wrong, I was fooling with those dark colored weapons so I must have been brainwashed. Because apparently all it takes for my sensibilities to melt away is to paint a weapon pink!

Who first associated pink with the female anyway? Are all vaginas pink or some variant of pink? When all the water boils away, what remains at the bottom of the pot, —a pink what—women are nothing more than their vaginas.

Firearms shops in the US are stocking pink rifles and shotguns to encourage girls to get into shooting.

A report in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel says the Gander Mountain hunting store in Waukesha stocks several pink guns.

They include a Remington 20-gauge shotgun with a pink and black stock emblazoned with the slogan: “Shoot like a girl if you can!”Store manager Chris Hanson said the guns were aimed, so to speak, at girls and women interested in hunting.

He said the shotgun, and a Crickett rifle with a bright pink stock, were both selling well.

In Baraboo, Jim Astle, owner of Jim’s Gun Supply in Baraboo, has been coating guns in pink and other colours for four years. His 12-year-old daughter owns a pink camouflage shotgun. [Nothing aides camouflaging like the color pink]

“Females want to shoot guns, but they want them to look pretty, too,” he said. “Guys could give a rat’s butt what their gun looks like.”

WTF? Honestly!

Mad Kane has a limerick!

  1. Don permalink
    October 5, 2007 8:36 pm

    A pink weapon. Hmmm.

    Kitty, I also placed sharpshooter in the Army. One miss away from expert, but I was so glad to not fail my drill sgt, and his “one day i’m going to kill you” mentality, that I didn’t care that I wouldn’t be receiving the good-looking medal to put on my dress coat top. I was just glad to still be alive Thanks for bringing back memories.

    Signed, Nasty Boy.


  2. Verging Writer permalink
    October 6, 2007 1:27 am

    Oh my GODDDDDDD!!! Pink guns?! You know how I feel about colored coded gender BS, Kitty. Guns rank even lower! The dummying down of guns – is it me or is there a bit of irony here – all at the expense of female-kind.

    I’m rambling – sorry – but ticked off! Pink guns! And my son watches commercials about Bratz & make-up.

    I’m off to crawl under a genderless rock.

  3. Chris permalink
    October 7, 2007 2:01 am

    Trevor has a Cricket. He thought long and hard about picking the color from the dozens of colors they produce (pink being one of them).

    I think the gun shop owner was a doofus for saying what he did (“want them to look pretty too”). On the other hand, I don’t think the manufacturer is wicked for including pink as a color. They are no more guilty, in fact, I’d say they’re less guilty of pandering sexism than the images blared daily on Disney Channel, etc about the “expected roles” of young girls.

    And for what it’s worth….yes, women are generally better shots than their male equivalents (yeah, I know that’s sexist but you said it first, LOL). When my sister and I were teaching my wife, her son (7 then) and my oldest son (7 then) to shoot, at the end of the day, her son noticed the girls outshot the guys. He said if there was a SWAT team issue, they should tell the criminals, “Come out with your hands down….or else we’re sending in the women!” I cried laughing so hard!

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