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What About Our Daughters: Wear Red on October 31, 2007 and Help Bring Awareness to Violence Against Women

October 31, 2007
Today, October 31, 2007, What About Our Daughters is asking everyone to wear red and tell at least two people about the magnitude of violence against women, violence that is often ignored thus perpetuated. She has several instances posted complete with back stories, included but not limited to, the Dunbar Village rape (rapists are still at large and the authorities flaunt indifferences by claiming $1000 is a significant reward for information leading to an arrest), Megan Williams (a victim that many feel the need to blame), an eleven year old girl who was repeatedly raped by more than several men (some of the men are using the defense that she was free to rape since she was supposedly someone’s they knew property, I mean “girlfriend”) and, the horrible death Angela Dawson and her family suffered because she dared to stand up to drug dealers and other degenerates in her neighborhood.
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