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Boys Will Be Boys, Progressive Style

December 1, 2007
There is a horrid Progressive Insurance commercial that grates my nerves. The stereotype that boys are naturally wild and provisions should be made to accommodate their violent behaviors scream through loud and clear. You know, boys will be boys, let’s make way, it is simply a fact of life we cannot change.

Apparently, Progressive wants us to admire their customer service by demonstrating how an agent will gladly bring a claim form to your front door for you instead of  you going to their offices, fooling with lost faxes and mailed-in claims (the mysterious black hole) or trying to talk at automated phone systems. God help anyone on the road if this woman has to load up those four bastards in a deadly moving weapon of steel and horsepower, a vehicle that would be deem necessary in our current climate to oblige the boy’s  “innate” unruliness with ease. Actually, that may be why she had an accident to begin with, the boys could not bother to listen to her and she could not bother to make them behave, —because boys should not be forced to do what they do not want to do.

No, no inconvenience for patriarchal moms is what Progressive is touting.  The claims adjuster just shows up at your doorstep. To prove how understanding Progressive is, you will not even be expected to make your house presentable, or even invite the bloke in for a cup of tea, or quiet your children so that mommy can read the papers she is accepting.  She can deal with dad and other women who deem her inferior for having children calling her stupid or an airhead for not reading something later.  She will probably agree that it was her fault, thus giving them more righteous justification to despise her.

Don’t you see how non-sexist Progressive is, they made this mom a MILF*, they did not resort to the mom in bathrobe and curlers with an avocado mask on her face trope. Give them a break. All sexy moms with uncontrollable boys, which is all boys according to what the mom implies in this commercial, have to do is swing open the door and accept the unread documents, because, no way boys should be stifled for one second. Progressive will understand, will even find it amusing, cute.  Just watch the man’s reaction at the end when the sound of something breaking or blowing up occurs after the door is closed.

Like any good showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the ambiance, the innuendos, the sign of the times lie in the audience’s reactions, their behavior, and their comments. This commercial is no exception. The comments on You tube range from this woman being a MILF* (before I read the comments it did not enter in my mind to refer to her as one), but once I did, I witnessed once again how pornified every woman and thing on television must be in order for many to enjoy. None of the comments mentions how the boys are unruly and need their asses sent to military school.  Most comments focus only on two things, the mother being fuckable and being crazy to the point of murdering her boys. Yes, it is true. The loud noise heard when the door is closed is assumed by many to be the mom shooting her boys. Not the boys breaking something as the visual evidence may suggest, but the mom murdering her boys. Even though men murder their children a hundred times more than women murder their children the assumption is quickly drawn that the mother snaps and murders her boys. Now what fear of retaliation could that be expressing? Or could it be an extension of our media saturating the airwaves with stories of maternal filicide while erasing the enormity of paternal filicide. There is the probability that Progressive wanted the noise at the end to sound like a gunshot. If so, then it is not just the viewers pornifiying violence.

Oh, but it is the funniest commercial ever! Right.

  1. Verging Writer permalink
    December 4, 2007 2:17 am

    Kitty – I hate – absolutely HATE this commercial. On so many levels.

  2. Kitty Glendower permalink
    December 4, 2007 3:46 am

    My thoughts do not seem to flow and I still do not feel as if I got to the core of my irritation even though I have read this entry and tried to edit it more than once. I needed, simply needed to tell someone how much I too cannot stand this commercial. Thanks for reading here Verging Writer. Soon you shall have a break from those students, what in a few weeks, eh?

  3. June 29, 2009 5:09 am

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