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Woman Found After $250,000 Search

December 30, 2007

The title on the main page is Woman Found After $250,000 Search, then the title when the link is clicked on is Missing Woman Found Safe. Hmmm.

Authorities spent about $250,000 on the search and in investigating Solanki’s disappearance, Dart said.

I really don’t appreciate how the media focuses on how much the search for Anu Solanki cost the authorities. Next it will be translated into how much it cost the taxpayers, thus creating an outcry from citizens demanding that police hold off searching for wives/girlfriends. This of course will allow men to make women go missing (killing them and hiding their dead bodies) with more of a head start than already at their disposal.

There is no expense spared when it comes to men snowboarding, skiing, hiking mountains in conditions that are ridiculously unstable, or, for the J.F. Kennedy Jrs of the world or the Natalie Holloways. Amazingly, we are not supposed to notice how the missing person’s appearance becomes (or coincidentally is) the determining factor if public scorn is necessary or not after he or she is found. Sort of like the perjury charges enforced on certain athletes and not others when it is discovered he or she has doped. Looks are subjective and I am not just referring to beauty, but other signifiers such as race, ethnicity, and class.

It is being worded as if Solanki staged her own disappearance with a deliberate motive to cost money. To imply it was staged is to accuse. What about saying she just left and the husband and authorities did not consider that as a possibility because women are not supposed to leave. You know, sort of the way women are told by police that their husbands/boyfriends are not really missing but are probably taking a breather or were distracted while out for a pack of cigarettes. And those women accept this because they know what men, by experience, are capable of. Yet husbands of missing women get off the hook, or, at the very least extended the courtesy that if they say the woman has no reason to leave then there is no reason for her to have left. He is not held accountable to understand that his wife is a human being who perhaps had thoughts outside of his world.

I watched a news report on a local Los Angeles channel about a month ago showing a male reporter who found a woman who went missing living homeless in a park. She was trying to hide her face and the reporter kept shoving the microphone and camera in her face asking her, “What about your kids.” Yeah, what about the kids? Funny how mostly mothers are asked this question, yet, fathers are extended sympathy how it was all just too much for him to bear. “He cracked, don’t you people understand, where’s the humanity!” Send cash and gifts, father is left with three children! Never seen that happen before with a woman.

If she had been found dead, there would not have been a word about the expense or effort even though most of the people who participate in this type of search claim that finding the person alive is the only goal. No, not a peep about the expense. If finding her alive is the goal then why discuss the expense? Sounds like shaming to me. If she was found dead the expense would not be an issue because finding her dead feeds into men’s perverted little twisted porn fantasies and we all know that it is perfectly okay to pay for such services. They, along with the actual murderer get to imagine the last minutes of her life, how she was stolen (captured) raped (conquered) and then silenced permanently (annihilated). Hell that thought is probably masturbated to before a woman is found dead or alive. Finding a woman alive is like paying a prostitute or a stripper and not getting your money’s worth. “Officer! Make her give it up! What in the hell do you think I work for!”

  1. momo permalink
    December 30, 2007 8:25 am

    That headline pissed me off so much I didn’t read the story.

  2. Unsane permalink
    January 3, 2008 8:21 am

    There was this French yachtwoman navigating around the world who got into heavy seas and sent out an SOS whilst in Australian waters and was found alive by our navy twice. Perhaps the cost (millions) was worth mentioning because women are floozies who easily lose their ways and can’t learn not to do so the first time. The fact that she was French also implied a certan amount of Continental Indulgence.

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