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When Something Bad Happens To A "Good" Man….

January 25, 2008
A sacrificial lamb must be presented to the altar. Of course, that lamb is almost always female. What happened to Heath Ledger is unfortunate, horrible. I feel for his family. Not only do I like his first name but also I preferred his character and acting over Matt Damon’s in The Brothers Grimm movie. In addition, I liked him in Casanova, even though overall it was a sucky movie. The part when the scorn lover kept hitting Casanova with a glove in order to challenge him to a duel and Casanova ignored him, was the funniest part. Anyway, Hollywood types always have a seedy underbelly, if not literally, then suspiciously by default. Meaning, a Hollywood insider, someone trusted in inner circles is all too familiar with damage control. If anyone can be considered cynical, it is the insider, and of course, other stars. They seem to expect the worse from other actors before they expect anything else. In Ledger’s case the masseuse was doing what she thought was best for the situation; she called one of Ledger’s friends on his speed dial, Mary-Kate. If you need an example to relate, think of the Wolf in Pulp Fiction. In other words, the masseuse had the Hollywood sense to summon people who could make the situation look better than it really was if there was something unflattering that needed covering up. How many people do you think knew about Marilyn Monroe before the police arrived? The police may have even stalled; they used to be in cahoots like that back then. Now there are too many paparazzi for cover-ups. Not saying covering up is a good or bad thing, just saying the paparazzi are not exactly the best people to expose a star’s predicament. They are in it for the money and nothing else. It’s similar to a rat turning state’s evidence. He is still a rat.

Nevertheless, here is a perfect opportunity to rake Mary-Kate Olsen over the coals. The paparazzi (mostly male) already dislike her. She has the nerve to be filthy rich and shun them to boot. Plus, the bitch has enough nerve not to smile. Every good woman knows that she must smile on demand so the menz can think she likes their harassment! How dare Mary-Kate refuse to feed them with tantalising tidbits that may pornographically suggest that she will be dead before thirty? Once the paparazzi got a taste of a feeding frenzy after Olsen’s bout with an eating order it was on. They want more, they need more, they demand more if they have to fabricate it themselves.

So now, the story will not die that the masseuse called Olsen, one, two, three, four times. This is perfect. It will be used to reveal how Mary-Kate is a ride or die, how Mary-Kate is shady proven by how she is prepared to deal with shadiness. A ride or die attribute outside the loyalty of one specific dick would be too close to the men among men philosophy. Women cannot possess traits of taking care of business that can be mistaken for traits reserved for men among men unless there is dedicated fucking involved. If dick is involved her loyalty to that business is understood. See, ride or die is feminised. It is something one special bitch has/does, however, men among men is something all (okay, almost all) men believe and do. Olsen’s actions will not be presented as a way most Hollywood people are taught to respond, instead she will be cut out of the whole and crucified for being a rotten apple among rotten apples (the paparazzi will pretend for this case that not all the other apples are rotten or the ruse will not work). I mean God Damn; a good man is dead, someone needs to pay! It has to be the fault of a woman somehow and since Ledger’s amiable baby mama (wow, I see it now, Michelle Williams is the whore-Madonna, she is the whore as Ledger’s unmarried baby mama, but now in comparison to Olsen she is the Madonna. Perfect!) was out of the country, another woman must be the stand-in for the whore position, no, not the whore position, the Whore Position, the Down-and-Dirty-Masochist-Whore Position. Mary-Kate come on down! The media wants to pretend that if you were not in the way, the good man could have been saved. It is all your fault!

  1. Kitty Glendower permalink
    January 27, 2008 8:19 pm

    I thought this was a pretty good post. I guess I was wrong.

  2. A-mazing Amazon permalink
    January 28, 2008 7:38 pm

    no no no, you’re not wrong! i thought this was an amazing post, so insightful.

    i didn’t know much about this event, er, this death. after reading your post here, i found a blurp about this guy in my local newspaper and had to stop reading it as soon as i saw “rolled up 20 dollar bill next to the body”. ugh. i’m not really interested in what the celebrity-obsessed media has to “say” about this actor-hero. especially because, as you point out, there is always some woman to point fingers at as if that were something reasonable to do…! i realize just how often this message has been internalized by myself, and i see other young women internalizing this, also. it makes me irate that there seems so little to push back against this message in the grand scheme of things. at the grocery store, walking through the tabloid tunnel i have to get through in order to make purchases to feed my family, i often feel this urge to hike myself up on one of those moving belts, ripping all the tabloids out of their racks and throwing them in the air, and speaking in tongues or incoherent babbling while making this scene. you see, i don’t have words to preach, only rage at this point in my life.

    anyway, i have hope that one day i will have more focus, like with your post here. 🙂

  3. Kitty Glendower permalink
    January 28, 2008 8:07 pm

    Actually A-mazing Amazon, I think you have incredible focus. I often don’t know what to say on your posts because you reflect so well. I must admit I try to figure out your age, which, by clues I’ve read here and there throughout your writings leads me to believe you are younger than me by a bit. How I wish I had the focus and the self-reflection at your age. It seems once that is actualised the problem is mostly what to do about it. That is where I feel helpless. I don’t know what to do my damn self half the time.

    Thanks for the kind words.

  4. A-mazing Amazon permalink
    January 29, 2008 5:13 pm

    i enjoy reading your blogs, kitty, and it’s my pleasure to say so! 😀

    i’ll be 30 until april. i’m really glad to be out of my 20’s. when my family would give me that wink-wink “you’re gonna be thirty, ha-ha!” in the weeks leading up to my birthday, i’d look at them with a huge grin and tell them every single time, “yes. i’m looking forward to being taken a bit more seriously.” i guess everyone thought i was going to be afraid of turning 30, getting older, that tired old bit. i had women telling me that 30 was “the worst.” i don’t understand that. i am joyful for every year that i get older, especially turning a whole ‘nother decade older! i am often mistaken for being younger because i act young and i guess my face looks young for my age or something. but my soul feels very old on some days. i doubt that i’m the only one to feel that way, though.

    i decided to cut myself off from the mass media conglomerate for a little while. i don’t even read magazines regularly. i realize how much woman hatred i’ve internalized though media consumption, and i think my hiatus has helped me see some issues more clearly by seeking out alternative news and reading more books instead. but every time i have to walk through the tabloid tunnel at a grocery store, i am faced with the worst kind of pop media ever. that’s probably contributing to why i feel quite mad. i actually notice that my personal space is bombarded with all kinds of hate speech now that i’ve purposely distanced myself from mass media as much as i can.

    i wish i knew more of what to do, also. but i think that being able to connect with other women online has proven to be a great idea. i’ve felt alienated for most of my life, secluded from “normal” people because i’ve always thought different than the ostrich-like suburbanites i’ve grown up around. finding a few safe(ish) places to think my thoughts and write a few words, i have more hope for the women’s movement to grow and grow until the internet can’t contain it anymore. 🙂 i know that i can hardly contain myself anymore.

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