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Caption Contest

January 26, 2008
No prize though, because a contestant’s motive cannot be determined, and the judges are too cynical. Sorry.

Entries submitted so far:

“No it is not omphaloskepsis, I swear!”

“It’s not self-loathing either.”

“Will finding the answer make me the fairest in the land?”

“When I check this task off can I get back to sipping tea?”

“Shoes! Where?”

“I should’ve gotten my teeth whitened.”

“If I can break this ball open, will I still look fat?”

“Will looking like I really care count?”

“As long as this makes me not one of them!”

“I knew my nose was too short.”

“This game is boring, when will the count be over?”

“Oooh oooh shiny, shiny!”

“Where is the ‘on’ button?”

“Where is the ‘off’ button?”

“Will this be on the test?”

“Is this like busting balls?”

“I hope she does not take this ball home.”

“Funny, I don’t act any different now.”

“I don’t feel any different either, and I shook it twice just like you told me to.”

“Will this keep men from raping me?”

“My parents are going to be so pissed!”

“God, I’m so cool!”

“I’m now one step closer to perfection and you are not, loser!”

“This has made me so superior to you!”

“As long as this is only in theory and I don’t have to live it, I’m willing to look.”

“I love making a show of myself!”

  1. A-mazing Amazon permalink
    January 29, 2008 5:49 pm

    i was giving this one a shot, and then, suddenly, my brain sings out:

    You remind me of the babe
    What babe? the babe with the power
    What power? power of voodoo
    Who do? you do!
    Do what? remind me of the babe!

  2. Kitty Glendower permalink
    January 29, 2008 6:07 pm

    Your response to this entry reminds me of what Sarah Boxer in this article

    is saying about bloggers and the blog world.

    “Bloggers assume that if you’re reading them, you’re one of their friends, or at least in on the gossip, the joke, or the names they drop. They often begin their posts mid-thought or mid-rant—in medias craze. They don’t care if they leave you in the dust. They’re not responsible for your education. Bloggers, as Mark Liberman, one of the founders of the blog called Language Log, once noted, are like Plato. 🙂 The unspoken message is: Hey, I’m here talking with my buddies. Keep up with me or don’t. It’s up to you. Here is the beginning of Plato’s Republic:

    I went down yesterday to the Peiraeus with Glaucon, the son of Ariston, to pay my devotions to the Goddess, and also because I wished to see how they would conduct the festival since this was its inauguration.
    Wait a second! Who is Ariston? What Goddess? What festival?”


  3. A-mazing Amazon permalink
    January 29, 2008 9:56 pm

    guilty! 🙂

    (from sarah boxer’s article:)
    They figure that even if they don’t provide you with links you can get all the background you need by Googling unfamiliar terms, clicking through Wikipedia (the collaborative on-line encyclopedia) or searching their blog’s archives.

    i think this is what makes blogs even more interesting or accessible to those who aren’t privy to the lingo or on the inside track, because pretty much anything can be “Googled” as long as one knows how to Google properly. 😉

    my original comment was the beginning lyrics to Magic Dance from the movie “Labyrinth.” that mirror ball in the photo you posted reminded me of david bowie’s mirror balls he was always playing with in that movie.


  4. Kitty Glendower permalink
    January 29, 2008 11:12 pm

    Before you told me it was from Labyrinth, I did in fact “google” the lyrics, and found this:


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