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Where’s The Taxonomy Police When It Comes to Some People?

January 27, 2008
At a function I attended the other day I heard some people crying about how their poor little selves were/are labeled by others, how they have not been able to live their own identity in a world where others illogically assign an identity to/for them. How people judge them based on what they think they know. These poor unfortunate victims have not been able to discover their identity because of such and such. If others would just stop judging them, forcing a label on them, cramming them into a category and all the signifiers associated with that category, then maybe life would be better. Well welcome to the world’s smallest violin. I’m crying buckets for you.

Funny how it is okay for some to assign an identity to strangers who they don’t know a damn thing about and the taxonomy-police say nothing, actually, the taxonomy-police instigate the masses to beat the bitches up who dare to denounce unwelcome identifications. For some reason the taxonomy-police deem who is worthy and has the right to complain about an arbitrarily assigned identity, and who does not. Worth noting, the taxonomy-police fall into their profession without meeting assigned specifications, criteria, lived experiences, or courses,– particularly before taking or passing the compassion test for others. The taxonomy-police follow the typical mentality found in most police organizations; they conduct their business with an air of abusive authority. How avant-garde-radical, I must take notes while I check my heart rate or should I check my Do unto others as you would have them do unto you meter.

I say to them, cry me a river and get over yourself. You are not special, it happens to the best of us.

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