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It’s Not About The Issues, It’s The Facade!

February 1, 2008
It’s about who looks good in a television commercial. The redneck patriotic loving god bless America but don’t send my SUV riding McDonald’s eating kids to Iraq people voted for Bush because Bush looks like a nice guy to sit down and have a beer with, perhaps a Marlboro or two. Obama on the other hand is the cool guy that people who want to feel not like Bush people, want to hang out with. He is the guy in the Disaronno Commercial (No black woman included of course). Everyone around him feels pretty and sexy and kewl, totally, hip, diverse. There is no pressure to get anything of substance done in the Bush and Obama commercial life. It’s about being easy as Sunday morning, relaxing, saying is doing, while certain people become kings and the rest are peasants who deserve getting shot by the police because they have one or more baby daddies (baby daddies are innocent however and deserve to live). According to some, the women always deserve their fate. When leaving the Bush roadhouse, there are no more dollars to give to the homeless outside with his or her hand out or to notice what war does to the enviroment. When leaving the ice melting in the empty glass of Disaronno there is no desire to hear about Dunbar Village or how most foreclosures have little to do with personal irresponsibility and a lot to do with robber barons.

No, people in these potential commercials need to go home and crash so they can shower in the morning and start the posing all over again. Can’t the peons understand $75,000 to live in the middle of the action ain’t shit. It is living poor, where have you been. I need a person in office that will feel my pain, someone I can horseback ride with or play racquetball with while we look like we are posing for a magazine spread. Don’t you pay attention to reality television, get with the program people you know the deal! Don’t you know the pose, the look, the speech, — looking like someone saying something exonerates us from doing something while at the same time looking like someone saying something about something equals looking like doing something without doing something.

Different bar, different drink, different people, but same thing happening, nothing of substance develops. Let’s talk in circles, its an intoxicating trick, smoke and mirrors baby:

But the pundits seem less inclined to analyse the actual content of Obama’s speeches, which is not that surprising because there doesn’t seem to be much. Most of the man’s admittedly vivid sentences seem to include the word ‘change’, but one is left wondering what exactly he wants to change, and to what?

Whereas that shilling, angry, loud mouth, wants to be president too bad, ball-busting Hillary Clinton don’t fit in no commercial because she ain’t got time, no tango tiempo! You walk in her office talking about having a drink and she will hand you a stack of papers and a telephone. “Get it done, what can we do to make it better, give me a soulution, chop chop, let’s not make the same mistakes people, no room for repetition of errors, let’s move the ball, put away the pretentious ipods and iphones, tell your fave five to get a job, let’s go people, move it, move it, move it, places to go and people to see, women need mammograms and children need a good education.”

Who wants that bitch making people actually get anything done? And for the love of God, her voice, her voice, her voice!!!!! Where is Denise Austin (read fifth customer review) when you need to drown out Senator Hillary Clinton’s voice? You will not find Austin or Clinton all up in a club, priming themselves up for a ride home on the bus so some man can admire how fuckable they are.

And they say that Paris Hilton is dead in the hearts and minds of the general populace. But don’t blame me if she stays around because people like me keep reviving her, it’s not my fault, they had a gun to my head and made me talk about her! “Love you Paris! Call me.”

*This is not a political endorsement for anyone in particular, just saying. And don’t talk about no damn issues. It’s the insulting that’s kewl.
  1. archcrone permalink
    February 2, 2008 12:50 am


    Thanks you , thank you for writing this.

    We are witnessing the American Idolization of the US Presidency, and it’s just plain sickening.

  2. Kitty Glendower permalink
    February 2, 2008 1:18 am

    See, I’m losing my telegraphic-prose ability. You just summed up what I had to go around the world to conclude.

    It’s all about the cowboy, the rock star, –the celebrity appeal. Fuck substance, there is superficiality to be had.

    I imagine it is like eating desserts, candies, and chocolate 24/7 while never eating real food. What is the result eventually?

  3. archcrone permalink
    February 2, 2008 2:31 am

    Someone else wrote that phrase recently. I wish I could take credit for thinking it up, but I’m not that quick. And sometimes it takes a round-a-bout description for a phrase to click in my brain, like your post did for me with that phrase.

    The media, that has perpetrated this great indecency, could give a rats ass. It’s all about control and money for them.

  4. Chris permalink
    February 2, 2008 3:42 am

    American Idolization….does that sum it up or what? And the media is that Ryan Seacrest with a flashy smile, yet no substance.

    Great post, K.

  5. Professor Zero permalink
    February 2, 2008 5:45 am

    Excellent piece of writing. Have you considered publishing a book of essays and prose poetry?

  6. Kitty Glendower permalink
    February 2, 2008 8:47 am

    Praise indeed! But in all honesty no, I have not ever considered it. I would not know what I could add to the world that is not already out there. I mean, I still can’t get if some who do or does. It is so hard. I was looking up is and are the other day and either it is so elementary or so complicated that I cannot grasp it. And not to invoke pity, but I do realise that my writing style turns a lot of people off. I read the popular blogs and each have a style that I would call the same yet I could not copy if I tried. I would call it a simple style but apparently not too simple for people to dislike. Yet the ones that I would consider complex have a form that I cannot copy either without making feel that I am using stilted language. Also there is that whole theme thing. People love themes. It kills me, but they do, they love themes and I just cannot make myself commit to a theme. A hook as my writing professor told us. We had a woman in our class who grew up in the outback, was molested and all she ever wrote about was being molested. Not judging the topic, but it is amazing to me how someone can talk about the same topic. I always feel like we covered it once, now let’s move on. There is something to that I know, but I’m not sure what yet, why can’t I hang around and ponder on the same topic?

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