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Petitions And Rabbits

March 19, 2008
When I was walking out of a Trader Joe’s a petitioner stopped me. I did not like his look or his manner but decided to listen anyway. For one thing, he invaded my personal space. Each time I would back up a few inches he would move forward those inches. Turns out he did not have one petition but eight. I think it was eight, I will try to remember each one. First, I asked who was sponsoring the petitions. He said that he did not know. Red flag. One of the petitions was about denying gang members bail. When I asked how the courts would know the accused was a gang member, he told me “oh, the police know, in Los Angeles the police have a long list of who are gang members.” I chose to pass on that one because anyone the police want to hold will suddenly be labeled a gang member. That is when I turned to leave because I thought it was his only petition, and then he presented me with another one. The next one was about victim’s rights. It needed closer examination but I did sign it. If it makes it to a vote, it will not pass if it is a bad initiative. Speaking of initiatives the next petition was for initiative 07-0077. I could not understand it with the little information that was stated at the top of the petition so I did not sign. Another petition was requesting that “illegal immigrants” be denied bail if they are apprehended for a crime. The advocator told me “if they are let out on bail they will run to Mexico.” In good faith, I could not sign that petition. Honestly, that petition is horrendous. Yes if I were a victim of a crime committed by an “illegal immigrant,” I would be upset if he or she fled the country, thus not available to stand trial, however, I would hope the judge would exercise caution depending on the nature of the crime and set or deny bail accordingly. But to just flat out deny bail simply because a person is “illegal” is asking something I cannot consent to. How many is that so far? Then there was one about getting money for people so they can buy hybrid vehicles. When I asked why the taxpayers should give taxpayers money to buy hybrids the man said because hybrids vehicles are more expensive. Yet, when I asked if there was anything in the petition that will deter SUV ownership, he gladly told me how SUV hybrids would be included. Well you know what. I don’t care if the SUV is hybrid or not, I don’t want an SUV in front of me. I want them off the road all together. They are evil. Now that I think of it, that petition really pisses me off. People can foolishly spend their money on stupid ass SUVs but to go hybrid the taxpayers should foot the bill? I cannot express the complete disdain I have for SUVs. I was pondering it today when I was being tailgated by an SUV. There is no way that driver could not see through my windows and know that I was driving the speed I was driving because there were cars in front of me, so what is the point of tailgating me. Another petition was about how girls (even though he did not say girls, he just said underage children) must have parental consent and/or wait 48 hours or something, something, something, it was about abortion. I did not sign that one either. Guy and I talked a lot about abortion back in the day. Oh God, I miss Guy. Abortion is one of those topics I just cannot discuss, cannot allow myself to think about the details. Abortion needs to be legal. It should be a woman’s legal right. Men should not get involved. Regarding abortion, I will always vote in the direction that feminists will vote, but I just can never allow myself to think of abortion. I just cannot. The final petition (that I can remember, I thought I counted eight while I was standing there) was to make marriage only open to a man and woman. I passed on that one as well. Therefore, he managed to get one signature out of me. Now that I see all of the petitions as one possible agenda, I probably should not have signed the one that I did.

Some people can really be cruel. When we took the dog out for a walk, we ran into three teenage girls who were trying to catch what looked at first like a white cat in the bushes. Turns out it was a white bunny. They told us that the rabbit seemed receptive at first and then took off. There is no doubt in my mind that this rabbit belonged to someone. For one thing, I know all the bunnies around here. I know all the bunnies in the county. Okay I don’t know them but I know what they look like. I’ve never, ever seen a white bunny, ever. In addition, most of the bunnies right now are teenage size. This bunny was full-grown and it was WHITE! Therefore, either the bunny escaped or someone decided they could no longer take care of their bunny and let it go. Bastards. What if they got the bunny for Easter, “oh because it is so cute” and then discovered that taking care of a bunny is not all cute and cuddly business. UGH! I’m so angry because that rabbit is sure to die out there. A fox will be happy tonight.

  1. momo permalink
    March 20, 2008 4:02 pm

    You are so much more patient than I would have been. I will sign a petition if I have read and understood it, and if the person presenting it can answer my questions, but someone who whips out another one? Yikes. I think that fifteen years of living in Berkeley and being panhandled and petitioned 10 times in 3 blocks has made me very selective about my responses. I almost always give money to women, and I only stop for petitions if I already am familiar with the issue or group.

  2. Kitty Glendower permalink
    March 20, 2008 7:00 pm

    I did think about walking away. But I did not know what message it would send to my daughter who was standing right by me. I’m not always quick on the uptake.

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