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Scylla and Charybdis?

March 19, 2008
A comment to this post.

I used to, by default, point my finger at the right when topics of hatred, misdirected vehemence, racism and sexism were brought up. I believe that fundamentally the right is on the wrong side of important social issues even though I do find merit in some of their supposed tenants such as “limited government, individual freedom, personal responsibility, pragmatic change.” Yes, there is merit in these ideologies. However what makes the right so wrong when trying to actualise these ideologies is how they go about it, their lack of compassion, their either/or, us or them, live or die mentality. For example, personal responsibility. I know by personal experience how important personal responsibility is. I know. But it is also by personal experience how I know it is not just a matter of pulling oneself up by his or her bootstraps. There is more to it, much more. The dynamics change along the way of the clawing crawl. As you change the people around you change, as they change they stay the same and as you change you stay the same and as one step is advanced two steps over there and over here are neglected and so and so needs help but then so and so over there is hurting us all, causing trouble, thus pulling you/us back down. Yes, there are cheerleaders and haters and a mixed expectation that the one is going to save us all, which adds to the one’s plight, sometimes, most of the time distracting and hindering that plight. Enough with that though. I no longer feel comfortable pointing the finger at the right without feeling somewhat hypocritical. I will never vote for the right and will never become a member of the right, however, I feel the left is not the pure and perfect opposite. This must be said. I always knew the left had its share of sexists and racists but now I feel instead of those sexists and racists feeling a need to change for the better they are simply running the show. A bullying run it has become too. This current presidential primary has exposed the left as the sexist beast that it is, far more acceptably sexist than racist. The only difference right now between the left and the right, which in my opinion is the most important difference is, the left has good intentions. But that does not amount to a hill of beans if the left refuses to take a good long look at itself, in a full-length mirror, and change its ugly ways.

Moreover, for the love of trees, Hillary Clinton is not a racist. A classist, an elitist, an established Washingtonian perhaps, although I would not label her as such. But a racist? That is an unforgivable accusation. Anyone who says it needs to just shut the fuck up.

And as if some weird case of circumstances led to this chain of events I must share what recently happened. For women’s history month, my daughter had to do a timeline on someone’s biography. We had the book Harriet Tubman, A Woman of Courage from Black History Month on hand, not from her school, but because we (her and I) read and discuss books together. With a copyright of 2005 (A date before the presidential primary, I must note this because many who hate Clinton spout how everything she has ever done has been part of a great plot for her to become president), on page 37 to the right a little text box reads:

Paying Up. In 2002 a group of students from the Free School in Albany, New York, visited stops along the Underground Railroad. The kids learned that Harriet Tubman never got her full Civil War pension from the U.S. government. The kids spoke to Senator Hillary Clinton of New York. Clinton got Congress to give $11,750 to the Tubman home in Auburn. The money was used to buy furniture from Harriet’s time so visitors to the house can see it. The students helped correct an injustice the government committed more than one hundred years ago.

  1. A-mazing Amazon permalink
    March 19, 2008 6:34 pm

    that Paying Up story is awesome. 🙂

    i think that the powers that be are afraid of REAL inspiration rising up from within The People instead of this fake hope crap that obama has to offer. hope is like crossing your fingers and closing your eyes. inspiration makes you want to never close your eyes again. inspiration opens up the heart.

    and i just want to put this somewhere, this something that i’ve been thinking about, and i think it relates to how the left is deceptive: the discussion about how hillary voted for the war is not being told in it’s entire truth. let’s see…what state is it that hillary represents? oh yeah, New York. what state was it that was attacked on the day that will never die? oh yeah…New York. who were the people who were feeling the most vengeful and the most hurt? that’s right, the people of New York. so, in all reality, WHO was hillary committed to representing with her vote? The People of New York. if she didn’t vote to go to war, her constituents would have quickly voted her out of the senate, because that is what her constituents wanted: they wanted war. they wanted some kind of revenge.
    it just seems like the political & social atmosphere that surrounded the days just before the war vote now never existed.
    if i were hillary, i wouldn’t apologize for voting the way her constituents wanted her to vote regarding this war.

  2. Kitty Glendower permalink
    March 19, 2008 11:48 pm

    Some new concept I suppose, “Senator votes for constituents instead of self-interest!”

    Not to mention the info that was out at the time. Bush should go to jail for war crimes. Cheney too. All who were involved in giving out false informaation or withholding information.

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