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The Grand Ole Patriarchy

March 20, 2008
• WPVI: Cracked pillar fixed; I-95 reopens
• WCVB: Police use decoys to snag train gropers
• WPXI: Steelers WR charged with assault
• WABC: Anchor’s husband charged with rape
• WTAE: Supporters rally for tiger ranch owner

The CNN headline reads, “Anchor’s husband charged with rape.” I guess it would be too much to ask for them to say “Man charged with rape” or “Male cop charged with rape,” you know, the way they typically plaster headlines such as, “Female teacher charged with molestation.” Once the link is clicked over to the local channel’s link the headline reads, “New Rochelle Sergeant Charged with Rape.” But CNN had to taint the woman not involved before the reader could get to the gist of the story. “Sgt. David Rodriguez was arraigned Wednesday in New Rochelle City Court on a first-degree rape charge. He pleaded not guilty. Rodriguez is married to Darlene Rodriguez, an anchor at WNBC-TV.”

A police officer (male) is accused of raping a teenage girl soon after she reported an assault. “‘New Rochelle Police Commissioner Patrick Carroll said last month that the teen had alleged that after four officers arrested her live-in boyfriend on a domestic violence charge, one of them returned and attacked her.’”

What does his alleged crime has to do with his wife’s job? Not a damn thing. But men cannot be charged with a crime without dragging a woman that has absolutely nothing to do with their criminal misogyny into the mix. It does not matter which man drag the wife into it, the defendant (more like the perpetrator) himself, his attorney (male or male identified), the media, etc,. Rodriguez’s defense is already prepared to paint the victim as a liar with ulterior motives. “‘This is a false allegation,” he said. “The complainant has a number of motives to make a false allegation,’” he said.

Yeah the wife claims she is standing by her man, blah blah blah blah blah. Yawn. Still what does any of this have to do with her job, her name, her? Why should she be made into the rapist by proxy? I shall count how long it will be before the claims that she did not sexually satisfy her rapist cop husband because she was too interested in her career forced him into raping the teenage girl. 10, 9, 8, …….

Or the teenager is making it up because the police will not drop the charges on the boyfriend. If this is the case, what about getting her some help. Like perhaps the boyfriend has threatened to beat her ass or kill her if she does not drop the charges. Just sacrifice the teenage girl to an abusive boyfriend and slander the wife because by god she has some damn nerve being an anchorwoman.

Ain’t the patriarchy grand.

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