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DAMN! Can Little Girls Have A Piece Of Public Space Too?

April 2, 2008
Learning that Hser Nay Moo has been found murdered shakes me to the core. When I first read about her missing through an amber alert my first thought was her brother must have hit her, hurt her real bad and then tried to hide her, maybe badly hurt or dead because the report said something about how Hser and her brother had just fought before she went outside. It is a sad day when a first thought concerning a brother and sister is that said brother has hurt his sister, but it seems that the male murderers are getting younger and younger, especially when the victims are little girls. Today I learn that she has been found dead at the hands of a twenty one year old. Who only knows why he was bothering with a seven-year-old girl much less murdering her. Sadly, when I went to the 456 comments, it was only a few comments in before someone wanted to know the alien status of everyone involved. Who gives a fuck? A little girl is dead. Dead at the hands of a man. Why ask about his alien status? I know why. Because there is a belief that if he is an alien and if he were not here then a little girl here would not be dead. In other words, American men do not kill little girls! Yeah, whatever. Or let’s say he murdered in another country, then what, would it be okay as long as it is not here. There would still be a little girl who was murdered by a man. I can understand why some people may think that American men do not kill children, little girls, mostly because when a woman kills a child it is plastered all over the news and then her husband is not demonised at all even when he is/was clearly a controlling religious zealot. No, instead when he is able to impregnate another woman the happy news is broad casted all over the country. He has been rewarded you see.

I mean Damn, why can’t little girls play, walk, stand outside without threat. Is it that fucking hard to be a decent human being?

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  1. Anna permalink
    April 3, 2008 1:55 am

    Oh, Kitty – I get so damn sick of such stories. Females – it would seem – of any age – are not safe in this world. The poor little thing. How awful. Who the F*** cares what her status is! Sadly, children are murdered around the world – violence knowing no boundaries.

    I am forever appalled at human capacity for violence against humans. When it is child – I feel enraged.

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