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Raunch Culture Is Reaching Fruition At The Expense of Women

April 10, 2008
When I first witnessed girls, women unapologetically burping and farting in public, I was repulsed. At first, I assumed my disgust was because they were females and females are expected to be polite, to control their bodily functions. When I say this I don’t mean an accident or they could not help it, I mean brazenly burping and farting as if it is something that deserves a pat on the head. Then I thought about it more and concluded that I am not repulsed because are females but because the act itself is repulsive. It is a showing of ill-bred, lowbrow, unnecessarily rude, and inconsiderate behavior toward others. It is not cute, acceptable, or funny when men do it, it is rude. However, because men have managed to construct society in a way that they can behave like brutes and garner sympathy/support/reward for their behavior, ill-manner behavior has turned into an acceptable pastime. “I have an uncle who can burp the alphabet. Dude, like he is the best!” Well, good for your lowbrow roguish uncle. Keep that nasty bastard away from my me. I don’t care how prude you label me.

Anyway, I think there is something being said when girls/women take on undesirable and stereotypically-male behaviors. Funny how the behaviors that are encouraged and opened for mimicking are not equal pay, equal opportunity, autonomy and the sharing of public space (you know like having a space such as the woods, forests, nighttime streets, daytime streets, alleyways, and shortcuts, where a woman may go without the fear of rape and/or murder) and the like, but the crudest and most sorted behaviors. I wonder why. Perhaps because if the girls/women take on the most undesirable behaviors then those behaviors are no longer labeled exclusively or stereotypically male behaviors and men do not have to change or feel ashamed of their inability to consider others. All along, the males get to do what they want to do and that is to act like fucking brutes without remorse.

Nevertheless, my first thought when I read yet again how young girls are beating up other girls in order to make videos for the Internet, was, how the behaviors that are more open for appropriation are the ones that do not favorably benefit women.

The idea of girls administering a vicious beating so they can post the video online may seem shocking, but it’s becoming an increasingly common scenario, according to experts and news reports.

Another example was also in the news this week: A high school art teacher in Baltimore told police a female student beat her up last week, and a video of the attack was posted on YouTube, according to CNN affiliate WBAL.

Yes, boys/men have been beating up (and raping) girls/women for the longest and many make videos and post them on the Internet for other men to masturbate to. But they will never say this is why they do it because many don’t know why they are doing it. Most are just mindlessly following unwritten patriarchal rules. If it were a true mimicking with a reversal of gender/sex then wouldn’t the girls/women be beating up boys/men on the video, not other girls/women? But if the girls/women beat the hell out of boys (sometimes rape them too, and not in the wink wink what boy would not want to be raped by a girl kind of way but a dehumanising, humiliating broom stick up his ass kind of rape) then that would not benefit men. That would emasculate men, which would be counterproductive to the patriarchy’s agenda.

A search for “girl fight” on YouTube gets thousands of results, and a suggestion to also try “girl fight at school, boy girl fight” and other search terms. There’s at least one Web site devoted exclusively to videos of girls fighting.

What sex/gender do you think is doing all of this “girl fighting” searches? Men. That’s who. Just a few more steps away from normalising the complete and total degradation of the female existence. “See honey, you will enjoy being the girl getting beat up (and raped in many cases) because you will become an Internet star, all the menz will down load you and want to fuck you, thus making you worthy of living on this male planet.”

  1. Anna permalink
    April 11, 2008 3:12 am

    This is really disturbing – on so many levels. Another example of women v. women – bringing every woman down in the end. How disheartening that girls are being initiated into this tired old misogynistic pastime – for all too see.

  2. Uppity Woman permalink
    April 12, 2008 5:07 am

    Must be Obama girls.

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