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Black People Are Not a Monolith!

April 16, 2008
I agree with this assertion 100%. Every human being, every single one, has a born right to individuality. No one has the right to lump an individual into a group, not even politically. But which is it, are black people a monolith or are black people individuals? A person can be a part of a group and still be an individual. But what happens when that individuality is being erased in the name of the group?

Two black cops tried terrorizing Sugar N Spice for having a Hillary Clinton bumper sticker on her car.

Obama supporters are burning Tavis Smiley at the stake because “He merely cautioned Black America to truly examine him [Obama] along with the other candidates and not simply hand him our votes just because he is Black.”

Repeat after me, blacks are not a monolith! Blacks are not a monolith! Regardless of who is doing the labeling or having certain expectations from someone because of their race, black people are not a monolith.

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  1. Chris permalink
    April 17, 2008 2:06 am

    Thank you for bringing that point up. I am so tired of hearing people say that you should vote for this person because you’re a woman, you should vote for this person because you’re a republican, you should vote for this person because you are black. If you are perceived as “breaking rank”, you are demonized and attacked.

    How about I vote for someone based on their experience, track record, and how I feel they will lead this country?

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