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Public Outrage Is Reserved for Male “Victims”

April 17, 2008
So over 14,000 people (many acting from the orders of the almighty man-made God Kos) are writing and calling ABC whining about how unfair the debate was for Obama. Well look at our history people. Where was the outrage when Clinton was/is attacked by the media? No public outrage, only outrage from “special interest” groups, code word for some women and that outrage was not widely reported.

Follow the pattern. Women are victimised in our society every day and little to no outrage from the public, public being all the people. Men are victimised, and people will take out a second mortgage on their house to right the injustice.


  1. Unsane permalink
    April 20, 2008 9:06 am

    I have a hypothesis that a lot of misogyny is connected to the relationships that men as babies had with their mothers. It seems to me that when baby was a squaling infant, mummy seemed omnipotent — causing a frightening sensation in many men. Even to this day, many of them connect the female gender with memories of their mothers, thus believing that women can take any kind of abuse, even up to death, without being affected by it. After all, mummy was not affected by the child’s shrill cries, so how could women actually feel any pain if they do not respond to infantile aggression?

    Thus thinks the typical misogynist I believe.

  2. Kitty Glendower permalink
    April 20, 2008 6:36 pm

    You could be on to something. A lot of people hate Clinton because she to them comes off as a mommy making them do what they should be doing. Obama has mommy issues, big time. It is my opinion that he hates his mother and is transferring that hate to Clinton. There are so many examples that he shows out and out contempt for Clinton. Clinton treats him like an opponent, he treats her like a “bitch” he wants to hurt.

    I just want to say Obama seek help now. Your mommy was human. I’m sorry that you are not all black or all white, but look at the problem with needing to be either or all.

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