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The Best Clinton Insult to Date

April 17, 2008
Some rabid irrational Obama supporters are already crying foul, claiming that there is no way Senator Clinton could have possibly been so knowledgeable, eloquent and poised in her answers when debating Senator Obama Wednesday night, April 16, 2008 unless she had the questions beforehand. I would call that accusation/assertion a backhanded compliment but to qualify for that, one must think they are complimenting. This accusation is meant to be an insult. An attempt at painting the picture that Hillary has the inside dope while creating a justification for Obama’s poor performance. In other words, no way a woman could possibly outwit a man, especially a man who dispenses cherubic dust with every exhale. Hillary Clinton is that smart and that together. Like it or not. However, in reality land it demonstrates exactly how more prepared Clinton is to be the next president of the United States than Obama is. Because to say she must have had the questions is admitting that she knew the answers.

The media, particularly pundits who clearly support Obama has been treating him with kid gloves. For the first time in this entire primary cycle he is held to the same standard as his opponent and he flakes, bombs, miscarries, crashes, runs afoul, squirms, buckles, misfires, sweats, falls flat, twists, fidgets, struggles, writhes, and unscrews.

Clinton wants to get government working again. You can see it in her manner. You can hear it in her words. You can feel it in her passion. She has faith in the United States, the American people, and she is revving to heal the wound that the Bush Administration has deepened, infected and allowed to go untreated.

Already the pundits are spewing the bias, “Clinton conceded that Obama could win,” without adding that “Obama conceded that Clinton could win” as well. Neither could have risked saying the other could not win. The blatant favoritism in the media is getting old, real old.

If Obama were really the unity maker he claims to be, he would call it quits and let the most qualified and passionate person who really really wants the job for the good of her country start campaigning against McCain. Obama needs to go home and do his time in the trenches. For once in Obama’s life, he needs to think of someone besides himself. There is a whole country of people out here.

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  1. Level Best permalink
    April 21, 2008 2:38 pm

    In your blog and your comments on other blogs, you are one of the best advocates for reminding people women exist and count, too! Even progressives find it very, very easy to elide women’s humanity.

    You commented on another blog recently that you have few readers and commenters. I apologize heartily for my lack of comments before; I think you have many appreciative lurkers like me.

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