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Members of the ‘Enlightened’ Class Fumble

April 22, 2008
Guess what someone else does not get to do when I say something? Someone else does not get to say what context I used a word or phrase when that word and/or phrase have more than one meaning and more than one connotation and can be used in several different contexts. To believe that your definition is the definition when it is documented that there are more than one meaning, more than one connotation, is a signal that you are exercising your privilege over me. You don’t get to tell me what I mean. You don’t get to tell me where I’m coming from. When I say something and mean what I say in the context that I say it in, you do not get to change that context simply because it will benefit you by helping you believe that I said something that you want to hear. I don’t participate in a community so you can have an antithesis to highlight your magnanimity. You do not get to control me, suppress my opinions or dismiss my opinions because in another frame or context the word/phrase means something different. Again, the very fact that you assume that something said is said in the way you think it means, is demonstrating your attitude of superiority, your self-entitled right to exercise privilege over others. Well, take your privilege somewhere else, you don’t get to define what I mean. I don’t have to feel remorse for something that you applied a different context to thereby making it something someone should feel remorse about. We are not talking about intended games here, we are talking about out and out applying another meaning to an expression and going with it as if that was the original context. What an excellent example of believing oneself is omniscient.

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