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Can You Identify With This?

June 4, 2008
1. Have you ever been so out of breath that you felt you needed to regurgitate, vomit, throw up, or puke in order to breathe? It happened to me this morning. I decided to go on a bicycle ride, something I have not done in quite a while. I had already gone far, up and down many streets and along the beach when I decided to try this other neighborhood, but there was no outlet so by the time I made it back to the main road I needed to cross over the harbor bridge in order to go back around. I started up the sidewalk, it was quite the grade but then I saw people coming and the last thing I felt like was dealing with someone’s snide remarks about having a bicycle on the sidewalk (turns out one of them was pushing a bicycle). So I went back down (I had to go all the way back down, because once the bridge starts there is a barrier between the bike lane and the sidewalk) and started back up the bridge again. Right before I was at the peak and able to enjoy the no peddling free ride down is when it hit me. It was almost like choking. Next time, I will not go so far after not riding my bicycle for so long. And the heavy breakfast and lack of enough water did not help.

2. It’s Monday morning, only a few minutes before it is time to leave out the door. A child, okay your child, in a panicking voice cries about an overdue library book. A book that if he or she does not bring back that day, the librarian has promised something severe, drastic, like holding his or her report card or not letting them be promoted to the next grade. Within sixty seconds there is panic, frustration (why didn’t you mention this library book over the weekend), short fuses, exaggerated rationalisation by one (or both around here) of the parents (“the librarian will understand if you do not bring it in until tomorrow”) while everyone is searching aimlessly. It is not necessarily a library book, it can be a lost pair of shoes, an incomplete project, book report, or something that was promised for the class but the parent was not told about it. I find this is not a good time to poke fun at the child, for instance, it is not good to tell her to say “Look ____________ (last name without any of the polite introductions like Miss, Ms. Mrs. Mr. Mister) I don’t need your lip, you will get your damn book tomorrow.” That joke does not go over to well with the panicking child. Nevertheless, it is often very fun for the parents.

3. Have you ever cared for an infant and/or toddler or other small child who seems to become clingy/needy and at times even sick with high fever and all the other scary symptoms when you have to finish a paper or study? Someone today told me about her situation and I remembered those days, those nights before a paper was due. Sigh. A combination of procrastination, regret for procrastinating, giving off rejection vibes to the child, lack of patience with the child, panic, being overwhelmed, self-sabotaging, fear of failure, fear of success,— and the mechanics of every day life. And of course there is that whole, I cannot do it until everything else is done, such as scrubbing the soap scum off the shower doors. Suddenly it becomes priority over the studying and for some unknown reason nothing can be thought about until those doors are cleaned.

  1. Anna permalink
    June 5, 2008 6:49 pm

    I can relate to all 3. 1) I recently began running again after many years – enough said on that score. 2) My son NEVER remembers what he needs to take to school until we are already late. 3) And as for your 3rd scenario – I’ve been on both sides of that one. I’ve been the parent/student with paper due & I’ve been the teacher to whom such a student comes to begging for understanding. Stinks on both sides of that equation.

  2. momo permalink
    June 6, 2008 3:02 am

    I managed to deal with all the early childhood illnesses with some measure of equanimity, but then she got chicken pox at a time when I just HAD to be at some meetings, and I just about blew a gasket. It all worked out in the end, but there were moments…

  3. Chris permalink
    June 7, 2008 5:02 pm

    1) Regularly when I run in triathlons or races and get my heart rate above 190 beats a minute. About half of those times, as soon as I’m through the finishing chutes, I’ll throw up about a cup of clear liquid, then I’m fine.

    2) I’d be afraid to tell Trevor to do that…he might actually do it;)

    3) Not that exact situation but close. It’s a lot easier with Trevor now than it was with Brett and Alexandria when they were kids. I don’t know if it’s the practice or if Alexis and I just work better as a team now.

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