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Roland Martin Says, If Everyone Else Is Jumping off A Bridge, So Should You.

June 18, 2008
It is a sad day when apologists outnumber moralists. Not that most moralists are all that great, especially if their “morals” are power driven. But really.

For starters, I don’t appreciate being told what I want or allowing the presumption to stand without protest. Notice how it is framed in the everyone wants it, so it must be good/right. “Be honest, we all wish to be VIPs.” Well no, Roland, we all don’t wish to be VIPs. We all (or at least most) wish to be treated with dignity. I cannot image too many people who wish to be treated otherwise.

I will tell you why most people are not interested in VIP status. Because it is impossible, simply impossible to be a VIP without it being at someone else’s, often many someone elses’, expense. Duh! Who with a conscience actively wants to be seen/treated as superior at the expense of making others inferior? If we were all VIPs, then no one would be a VIP. Of course, history has shown us that the next step would be to create a VIP-VIP and apparently there are people okay with this hierarchy, —Martin leading the pack.

Martin’s argument reminds me of my days in high school. There was this group created by this teacher who turned her nose up at many students who she did not deem worthy (based on their clothes, really, she told us more than once), called the Kings and Queens are some such nonsense. Naturally, membership was limited and only certain students were invited to join. The whole pretext was so fabricated and transparent that only the idiots who believed the rhetoric they were spewing were interested in being a member. As phony as those dumb senior pictures where students put their hand on their chin or poked their finger into their cheek. I supposed it was an attempt at posing as a great thinker or at the very least, macho posturing accepted as the kewl thing to do. I’m also reminded of all the Irish-Catholic working-class self-congratulatory “we are superior and more noble than everyone else” love fest the MSNBC pundits have been crooning about over the late Tim Russert.

The ruse is not lost here. Roland Martin has an ulterior motive with this initial display of priming. He is creating a reference, a paper trail to refer back to when he publically apologises (rationalises) for Obama’s Rezko hook up when it becomes a bigger stink than it has been so far. No one is stupid Martin.

This is in no way an effort to excuse the behavior of these politicos. They are undoubtedly using their positions as elected officeholders to get something the average Joe can’t. But don’t average Joe and Jane like it when they also get something by virtue of their connections? I just want us to be honest about all of this. A lot of times when stories like this come out, we get hot and bothered, angered about the have and have nots in our society, but they exist on every level.

In other words: “yall remember this when this is used against the big O, remember that the messiah is just like one of you, therefore, let it go, let it happen, don’t complain, let the fox in the hen house, don’t fight, just turn over, give it up, let it ride, give in, submit, succumb, leave it alone, no hard feelings, it is what it is, learn to live with it, just deal……”

I just wish you would stop calling yourself a journalist and accept your real title, self-serving propagandist. Roland, “Be honest, we all wish to be VIPs” including people like you who are willing to sell your soul to become one. Or at the very least you could do a public service and stop projecting your wishes onto the masses.
  1. Anna permalink
    June 18, 2008 11:13 pm

    Great post. I applaud all you said.

  2. Deb permalink
    June 19, 2008 12:33 am

    Roland’s just projecting his own shit. Not until now has he gotten what he accuses everybody else of wanting. Of all the Black faces covering Election ’08, I find him the most annoying.

    The Great Lord CNN has given his obnoxious ass a platform from which he perceives he is relevant. He’s hitched his little red wagon onto Obama and he’s willing to push it, pull it or flip the damn thing over as long as it keeps him a “VIP,” shining up shit and calling it gold.

    Sad thing is kitty, there are lots of Rolands out there looking for the same thing.

  3. Kitty Glendower permalink
    June 19, 2008 12:37 am

    deb, your tell it like it is style always makes me laugh. Thanks. I think his little red wagon needs some fixin’.

  4. ZACK permalink
    June 19, 2008 1:40 am

    Kitty, thanks for stopping by my blog and giving your valued words of encouragement.

    As for the Roland Martin situation, I am stuck in the middle. Brother Roland is not a bad person at all. And I’m sure that’s not what you are saying.

    He took over Chicago’s longest running African-American newspaper about 4 or 5 years ago, and transformed it into a decent publication. He is involved in the community and puts his money where his mouth is. But he is guilty of what you and your commenters above have noted as “propagandizing” trivial issues.

    No, I don’t want to be a VIP in the eyes of man. Why? Because I should already feel that way about myself in private. Then, it won’t matter what people think about you because you know who you are.

    Kitty, you will bring variety to my blog roll. I’m adding you. 🙂

  5. Deb permalink
    June 19, 2008 3:57 am

    kitty…glad you got a chuckle (but you know I really meant that shit!). I was sitting here trying to get some thoughts and info straight for another post and I came upon this:

    Pretty interesting assessement I thought.

    Tell me what you think!

  6. Chris permalink
    June 21, 2008 8:53 pm

    I’m such an idiot….I was wondering why you were writing about Roland Martin, the bass fishing guy, when I first read the title.

    I think most people prefer warm, genuine recognition by their peers and friends, which is totally different than “VIP status”. I guess that is the introvert in me, but I’d rather have a close friend tell me “Man, you did a great job on that” then have a red carpet walk lined by people pretending to like me but secretly hoping I’ll fail so they can tear me apart.

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