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July 6, 2008
May be triggering.

The Supreme Court of The United States shot the death penalty down for offenders who rape children. Naturally, because the Supreme Court identifies with such offenders. They uphold the rape culture because it ensures adult victims for men. Don’t you dare infer that I am labeling victims damaged goods or implying that raped children are the only women who become prey as adults. I am however asserting that men ensure future exploitation by preeminently attacking girls before they can develop into a formidable opponent. Our society allows it by not stopping it. We don’t go out and murder child rapists as we should. Yes I said it. We should shoot those fuckers right between the eyes. Then go sit down and remove the tea cozy for a nice refreshing cup of Earl Grey and not think another thing about it. Too bad so sad for the rapist. Oh but it cannot be that simple. Those bastards went and muddled up that simple solution by constructing a bunch of isms. Hence, the punishment is not allocated evenly. Therefore, in all fairness we must let them all go free. “Nice catch. That was a close one Bob, glad you thought of that little distraction. Our goose was almost cooked.”

What would happen in our culture if no little girls (and boys too) were ever raped again? If every little girl made it to adulthood without being molested, assaulted, raped, humiliated, demoralised by men? And molestation is rape. Imagine an entire generation of girls growing up without rape. What if there were no girls who knew of rape. No girls who heard about other girls who were raped. No need to warn girls about rape because rape did not exist. No fear of rape. No knowledge of rape because there was no rape.

What would happen in our culture if no little girls were ever raped again? I will tell you what would happen. The patriarchy would crumble.

You will not find that in any written dissent. No, it is etched in the Supreme Court’s thoughts, reactions, and decisions. It is a guiding force that no one shall identify. It’s just there, stirring the pot, enabling the status quo.

The Supreme Court is like Zeus, when asked to intervene in the squabble between Demeter and Hades over Persephone. Zeus looked for a compromise. Zeus needed a compromise because life was comfortable for him and his cronies. All the crops were dying. The mortals needed crops to survive. Demeter had power. She held the future of mortal life, all life in her hands. Without mortal life, there would be no food to eat and no fat and bones sacrifices to the Gods. Zeus called it a compromise but in reality, it was sanctioning rape. Sanctioning rape because without rape men will no longer have the world that they have constructed for their benefit.

Claiming that the death penalty has not deterred rape does not matter. It is the point, the symbolic message. As it stands now, the message is: The male rapist’s life is more important than the raped child (more than likely female). In some inverted world the Supreme Court can justified their decision by saying “at least the child lives.” Rationalising their selling out to the status quo as: If the death penalty were on the table, the offender (most likely a man) would murder the raped child because if not, the child could be a witness. That’s utter hogwash though and we all know it. How many children line up to rat out their molester, their rapist? The ability to silence a child with intimidation, feelings of shame and guilt is exactly why rapist rape children, why pedophiles (rapists) target children. Children are still developing. It is hard for children to make sense of what happens to them by rapists (most likely an adult the child knows). The rape is traumatising without anyone naming it as such. Children trust most adults, they have to, their existence depends on the charity of adults. Yet when adults do things that go against a child’s intuitive sense of right and wrong, the child cannot make sense of what happened, thus she becomes confused, lost, full of doubt. Doubt is abusive. Doubt knocks her off her feet. The doubt remains with her for a very long time, if not forever because it was introduced at a very impressible time of her life. Men bank on this. Men need this. Men are afraid to compete on equal terms.

Again, I want to know, what would become of our culture if every little girl made it to adulthood without being molested, assaulted, raped, humiliated, demoralised by men? If no little girl ever saw, heard of, or experienced rape.

You can best believe in a patriarchy, the American patriarchy when the death penalty is extended to another crime other than murder, it will not be a crime that disproportionately affects women and children such as rape, it will be something that hurts men, such as lost of his property or lost of his livelihood.

  1. CountryDew permalink
    July 6, 2008 12:17 pm

    Very powerful post. And spot on. I for one cannot imagine such a world where little girls are left to grow into mature healthy women but it is a wonderful dream.

  2. Chris permalink
    July 6, 2008 5:56 pm

    I agree that they should be executed in cases where guilt is indisputable. No appeals, no years of paying for their upkeep. Drag them out the back and straight to their fate.

    To me, things like murder and rape are proof that the criminal does not deserve to live in our society and in fact, has rejected that priveledge. They are a predator on society and should be dealt with like one.

  3. Anna permalink
    July 8, 2008 10:52 pm

    A heartfelt post, Kitty. Really. But – tough for me to fully embrace, I confess. I honestly struggle with this – but I am adamantly apposed to the death penalty under all conditions. NOT because of sympathy for the offenders or because of lack of compassion for victims. NOT AT ALL. But I believe that killing of all kinds is wrong & that it must stop somewhere. The taking of a life under all circumstances is something so troubling it is beyond words to me. My opposition to the death penalty is out of fear & compassion for us as a society. If we keep executing more people where will it end? A society needs to be better than its criminals.

    I do share your cynicism. My thoughts at this ruling were – we are crossing a dangerous line – next we will be executing rapers of women & let’s NOT pretend that we take rape that seriously – because we don’t. Just another excuse to execute rather addressing the REAL issue – lack of respect for women & children.

    Sorry – I’m not trying to make anyone mad. This is a tough issue from all sides – I know.

    I do fervently hope there is a special place in hell for child rapists. The lowest of the low.

  4. Kitty Glendower permalink
    July 9, 2008 2:18 am

    Anna, if I ever were in the situation to advocate (unless stating my opinion can be considered advocating) or vote for the death penalty, I would not. I do often think of the death penalty when it comes to adults killing children and/or adults raping children. There is a place, a thought, perhaps a concept that I’m searching for to describe how I feel on the matter. I do in fact wish child rapist dead, however, I don’t want to have a death penalty. For me personally, I cannot declare 100% without a doubt that I would not be capable of killing a rapist who touched my child. That is perhaps what is scary for me. Because when I think of the topic, I most certainly imagine that I could kill him. Yet when I think about it in the general sense, I’m not willing to be on the side of the fence that demands the death penalty.

  5. achoiceofweapons permalink
    July 12, 2008 6:54 am

    Only once in American History has anyone been executed for Rape. It was a Black Man convicted of raping a White Woman. Death is not an option, it’s a fun fantasy but not practical. If we began to execute everyone who committed a heinous crime then the system would shut down. As we has seen in just the last five years, DNA, new tech and just good old fashion investigations have freed many who were convicted by law abiding, tax paying, sane juries. This is why true life convictions need to enforced. Life in prison until you are dead!

  6. A-mazing Amazon permalink
    July 13, 2008 7:26 pm

    hi kitty 🙂 i’m just catching up on all the posts i missed while i didn’t have the ‘net.

    i have a pretty simple idea in regards to the death penalty and criminals and especially child rapists/murderers…..let’s stop protecting the rapists in the institutions they’re put into when they’re incarcerated. as it stands, there are special quarters just for special child-related crimes so that the other prisoners can’t kill them when they find out what they did. The People should say that we want a stop to that. why on earth do these people deserve to be protected whatsoever when they are the worst nightmare of predators?!?! no need for the death penalty….just let them enter into the general community in prisons and they will *disappear* because (here’s the full circle part) a lot of the inmates in prisons have had childhood issues with adults abusing them and they wouldn’t think twice about eliminating the kind of predator that screws with kids. there’s also the prisoners who have kids who would love to eliminate a potential threat to their loved ones, also. i say, let the system eat the child rapists up. (it’s gotta be good for something at some point) gobble gobble.

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