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Update On Yearbook Prank

July 10, 2008

School to Reprint Yearbook Pages after Racial Prank

COVINA — A Covina high school will order reprints of a yearbook page that attributed fake names to members of the Black Student Union and other classmates, an incident that sparked anger and debate in the Charter Oak High School community and beyond.The decision followed weeks of investigation into how names such as “Tay Tay Shaniqua,” “Crisphy Nanos” and “Laquan White” were wrongly attributed to BSU members in a yearbook photo.

Good to know that The Politics of So™ has not corrupted everyone to the point of paralysis. Instead of being asses and pretending as if nothing was wrong as it looked like it would turn out at first, the school decided to take action and rectify the situation. Hopefully a lesson has been learned and a similar incident will not be repeated in the future.

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  1. Anna permalink
    July 12, 2008 5:38 pm

    Now that’s good news.

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