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Fake Anti-Sexists Throw Bernie Mac Under The Bus While Randi Rhodes Only Had to Cling to the Bumper For the Same Crime

July 13, 2008
Trust me, depending on the speed of the bus, clinging to the bumper is far superior to being thrown under it.

Did Bernie Mac say anything as remotely bad about women as Randi Rhodes did? No, he did not. Both Mac’s and Rhodes’s public display was terribly misogynistic. But it was Bernie who got the boot, the shaming. Why? Mac’s joke was an example of misogyny that has been accepted throughout decades. But suddenly, the pseudo-anti-racists are now displaying a tendency to appear as anti-sexists, but it ain’t working because Randi Rhodes’ free pass was just given a few months ago. Memories are not that short regardless of how fast information is exchanged on the Internet. Rhodes was suspended but not at the hands of Obama’s campaign. And Rhodes suffered little, if anything she was held up as a victim, a reason for fauxgressives to whine about Ann Coulter. Their whining was not a cry about how Coulter is tremendously despicable, but only a cry wanting to know why if Ann can do it, Randi cannot. In other words, “We want to behave nasty and get away with it too, like the other team. No Fair”

Exactly how many times did Randi Rhodes call Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro fucking whores? Over and over. A misogynistic epithet that cannot be twisted in any sense of the word to realistically fit either one of them. Did anyone hear from the Obama camp about Rhodes’ nasty behavior? Mac uses the word ho, instantly the crowd booed. The crowd demanded the hook. Why? Because they knew the press was there. They knew everyone was watching/recording. See, if Axelrod could have gotten some kind of spin out of Mac’s brand of comedy, he would, but once he couldn’t then it was off with Mac’s head. Clinton is gone now so no need. Under the bus Bernie. What has this crowd, this so called anti-sexist crowd done about the bros before hoes brand? Nothing. Because that little meme benefits Obama so it lives undisturbed. What did this crowd do about Rhodes? Did they boo or cheer? What? My argument does not fit here? You mean I cannot go back in time and place one incident in with another and say something like “She did not cry for Katrina.”

Here is the break down. White men want Barack Obama (a black man) in power. White men usually have trouble convincing people that they are not racists because most of the time they are, or at the very least indifferent to racism. What better way to say you are not racist but to support a black man. The fact that Obama is black has been proven to materialise nothing for people (other than white men) who have projected a positive meaning onto that fact. In other words, Obama has not done anything for anyone other than white men in power (or white men lined up to assume power) and his actions have not proven he will. Am I the only one who remembers all the wishful thinking that excused Clarence Thomas’s horrific transgressions? “When he gets in he will flip the script, so Anita will just have to take one for the team.” Right.

White men in power are benefiting from the likes of Barack Obama. White men wanted Hillary Clinton out of the race because she would have easily slid into office against a Republican, any Republican after eight years of Bush and Cheney. Although Clinton plays the imperialist game and is not necessarily morally pure, she reminds imperialist minded men of their ineptitude. She does not do it on purpose, it just happens because she is competent and female. It is a result of raising sexist men who honestly believe no woman can match, much less exceed their aptitude.

To care about the welfare of women is just not in Obama’s agenda. In his world, there are whores and there are women who should be available to provide him (and by extension, men he identifies with) some kind of service (strokes his ego, work for him, suck his dick, wash his feet, etc). Incidentally, Obama pays his female campaign staff far less than he does his male staff. Amazingly, John McCain’s female staff averages more than his male staff. Topsy-turvy.

On average, women working in Obama’s Senate office were paid at least $6,000 below the average man working for the Illinois senator. That’s according to data calculated from the Report of the Secretary of the Senate, which covered the six-month period ending Sept. 30, 2007. Of the five people in Obama’s Senate office who were paid $100,000 or more on an annual basis, only one — Obama’s administrative manager — was a woman. […]

McCain, an Arizona senator, employed a total of 69 people during the reporting period ending in the fall of 2007, but 23 of them were interns. Of his non-intern employees, 30 were women and 16 were men. After excluding interns, the average pay for the 30 women on McCain’s staff was $59,104.51. The 16 non-intern males in McCain’s office, by comparison, were paid an average of $56,628.83.

Nevertheless, getting back to Mac and Rhodes. Bernie Mac is dark. Bernie Mac is real. He may not be street, but he projects a philosophical streetness in his routine. There is nothing about Bernie Mac that does not say American black man. Bernie Mac will never be one of those black men that are told by his white friends that he is not seen by them as black.

Because Bernie Mac is black, dark, and street, he is disposable. He can be used as a scapegoat without invoking a guilty conscience. Actually, Rhodes almost has the same rate of disposability as Mac because she is a female, but she survived due to timing and because she hid any possible war cry for feminism that she may have ever thought about. In other words, Rhodes brazenly embraces her patriarchal tool status and will continue to be tolerated by the boyz (but not completely) until she either decides she is tired of being a doormat and a tool. If so, then it will be bye-bye you fucking whore. Rhodes was given a pass by the liberal boyz because a white woman (Clinton) needed to be insulted, humiliated. It was essential for someone other than Obama to do it since Obama was playing the holier than thou card. Who better to do the task than another white woman? The strategy is used all the time. Just yesterday, when I watched the movie Gandhi I cringed when I thought about how Indian soldiers were used to murder other Indians during the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

What I would really like to see is how the Obama camp (and his supporters) would handle a liberal white male comedian using misogyny as a punch line. Then we could really see it in black and white without having to maneuver the intersections (and timing) to make sense of it all, or if not to make sense, to expose what ism is actually being exploited for the benefit of white men in power. Notice how Obama pretended to censure Mac but in the same breath diminished the censuring.

“We can’t afford to be divided by race. We can’t afford to be divided by region or by class and we can’t afford to be divided by gender, which by the way, that means, Bernie, you’ve got to clean up your act next time,” he said. “This is a family affair. By the way, I’m just messing with you, man.”

Obama’s comment following the wagging finger voids the censuring out. “I’m just messing with you, man.” A.k.a Wink Wink. What is Obama messing with Mac about? That the function was a family affair or that Mac really needed to clean up his act? Obama knows the deal, men among men. It was the white I want to feel good that I am voting for a black man audience who has distorted reality by demanding that everyone else go along with their cognitive dissonance.

I’m not defending Mac at all. I find it hypocritical that Obama’s supporters are trying to get feminist credence by censuring a black man when they had not bother to censure sexism coming from others when Clinton was in the race.

Bernie Mac should join Bill Clinton and tell Obama to kiss his ass. Perhaps they could start some club, disgruntled misogynists who lean liberal but were rejected by pseudo-anti-racist/sexists. To be honest I think Mac and Clinton would do better in sexism rehab than Obama and his ilk. Those little bastards would give Winehouse’s rehab stint a run for its money.

One of those very men who booed Mac went home and hit or raped a woman. I am willing to bet money on that. Unfortunately for women, statistically the odds would be in my favour if I were a true gambler.

I will be here for Rhodes though if she ever wakes up. She will need the support because it will not be pretty.

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