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If Obama is Illegitimate

July 14, 2008
by birth, what does it mean? As far as Obama goes, this topic will be the closest expression of sympathy from me toward him, even though I must admit it will not be much.

In a patriarchal society, birth legitimacy is everything. Everyone who wants to be seen as an upright and worthy citizen needs to be legitimate by birth. That is why shotgun weddings were invented. Two people can have a child, care for that child, love that child and provide for that child without ever having been married. I reject the labeling of Obama’s mother as promiscuous because she (allegedly) had unmarried sex with Obama’s father and became pregnant. A virgin can have sex one time and get pregnant. Therefore, a pregnancy does not prove promiscuity. A lack of marriage does not prove promiscuity. Promiscuity does not prove promiscuity. Moreover, if we are going to judge the resulting conception by the absent of a marriage wouldn’t that void out the legitimacy of shot gun marriages. Okay, so the marriage takes place before the birth, the factual evidence (the birth date of the child) still proves that the sex was before the marriage. The whole concept is just too ridiculous and has too many loopholes (available depending on who are the woman and man) for it to be an adequate gauge of a person’s worth. To accept the gauge is to accept the patriarchy. Obama has accepted the gauge by being ashamed of his illegitimacy, by owning the concept of illegitimacy.

Yes I do think he should release his real birth certificate, and his parents marriage certificate, and a lot of other records including his college transcripts. It is part of the job application. Oh, and he did give FISA the green light.

The problem with Obama’s illegitimate birth (if it is so, and the lack of an authentic birth certificate and marriage certificate for his mother and father is beginning to look like he may be illegitimate) is his cowardliness in owning it. So what if his parents were not married. By the time Obama was becoming a public figure the fictitious character Murphy Brown had already softened the blow of illegitimacy. Naturally, it would have been uncomfortable at first, but ,once it was out, it would be out, then it could no longer hold him hostage.

Imagine the personal power Obama could have illustrated by saying, “yeah I am illegitimate, so what.” We could have our first bastard president. It could have been a direct fuck you to the patriarchy. And bastard he would be, because we do very much still live in a patriarchy. Perhaps it is because we live in a patriarchy why Obama chose to take the lying road. I want to feel sorry for him but how can I when someone who claims to want change is refusing to change. There is the flaw. His decision to lie about his parents places him right there will all the other bastards who do not have the courage to stand up against a system that unfairly assigns values to circumstances. His flaw opens him up to hypocrisy. Unforgivable hypocrisy. Obama’s illegitimate birth could have very well been the unifying factor for many Americans. I do not doubt that every American family has at least one (if not more) illegitimate births in their family. Instead of challenging the status quo, Obama elected to buy in to it. No wonder criticism of feeding one’s kids fried chicken for breakfast and shaming fathers (particularly black fathers like his) on Father’s Day no less, rolls off his tongue so easily. Legitimacy does not necessarily make good parents. This seems to be what Obama believes. Look forward to his pandering on the sanctity of marriage.

According to the patriarchy, I am a legitimate child, so are my seven brothers and two sisters. But it means nothing. Anyone could be our father, anyone could be our mother. It is not as if my father spared my mother’s reputation and kept his tongue quiet when he was drunk and showing off. And quite honestly I suspect we do not all have the same father either. It is not as if my first husband who knew that I was the mother of his child spared spreading falsehoods and eventually subjected a fifteen-year-old child to undergo a DNA test. This in the end cost him more money than what was being asked of him at the time, but, it was worth it to a patriarch. It benefited a patriarch by subjecting a woman to scrutiny and indirectly teaching the fifteen-year-old daughter what is expected of women. A marriage certificate and more than a year of marriage before birth did not keep my nasty mother-in-law from dropping hints about how my second daughter does not look like her son. Legitimacy is not a guarantee protection from verbal abuse. Obama has attempted to rewrite history, become a revisionist by claiming his mother and father were married, and by shaming other parents. In his own right, what he has done with is immediate family (his wife, his two children) should be the judge but he has let his parents indiscretions (breach of patriarchal rules) rule his narration. Nevertheless, he is too insecure. To be like those white upper middle class men he admires (and despises at the same time), his parents must have been married, even if he has to make it up.

Obama does not need to be running for president, he needs to be lying on a therapist’s couch.

  1. momo permalink
    July 15, 2008 9:40 pm

    Another great post from you, Kitty. I have been laying low and avoiding the blow-by-blow of the news because it make me break out in hives.

    Obama’s father shaped his son’s life by his physical absence; so many of us have been shaped by our progenitor’s emotional absence.
    Any man can procreate, but “father” is a title you earn by parenting.

  2. The Fabulous Kitty Glendower permalink
    July 16, 2008 8:22 am

    It may be best to lay low. Our team is not playing its best player, —-we are bloody, battered, bruised, because of it. It makes me sick. And angry.

  3. Chris permalink
    July 16, 2008 10:34 pm

    I understand your points, but I have a hard time judging him since I grew up with both of my parents. It’s hard to say what I would have done if it was otherwise.

    On the other hand, he has entered the political fray and you are right that he has a greater obligation to lead by example and own it, instead of trying to spin it.

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