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Clay Aiken, Please Go Away

August 8, 2008
Oh what a clever little slug. Clay Aiken managed to convince some woman into artificially inseminating, with his sperm I assume, and deliver said child at exactly 8:08 am on 8-08-08.

Like Oh-My-GOD! What a coincidink!

No word yet if it was a vaginal delivery or cesarean section. If it was vaginal then I will cut the sarcasm, but I suspect it was a scheduled publicity stunt. Because just like the woman who inconvenienced ol‘ Clay on the aeroplane, women should provide him with what he wants. Ain’t you done heard he was almost the American Idol! If he wants additional legroom, then got dammit that cow needs to move. If he wants a baby on a certain date of the year, then let the vessels fire up for production.

At this point, I wonder if he did something, either elected previous abortions with implanted female embryos or some type of gene voodoo to assure the results were male. Hey, you never know. Give some people an inch and they will take a mile.

But that bitch vessel will forfeit additional monetary rewards, because according to Section D, part 8, paragraph 4, line 7, of the contract, for mom to get an additional sum of cash the baby had to weigh 8 lbs and 8 ozs. No word yet on what Clay thinks of mom’s failure, because his sperm was more than capable of producing an 8 lb and 8 oz American Idol.

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