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Democratic Senator John Edwards Cheated on His Sick Wife

August 8, 2008
……but…but….but he did not love the woman. As if that makes it better. That’s like hearing men saying “at least I come home to you at night, baby!” Oh, thank you honey, I am so grateful that you come home to me after fucking and discarding other woman like pieces of trash. I’m so not worthy.
John Edwards cheated on his wife. More than likely, it was not the first time. I have already read half-ass attempts from Democratic apologists trying to find old Edwards a loophole, such as we are innately programmed to reject monogamy. Yeah whatever. If people are going to cry one minute about personal restraint when it comes to one man (McCain) then justify lack of restraint with the next man (Edwards), then they need to at least own their hypocrisy. How much criticism has John McCain suffered from cheating on his sick wife? Not defending McCain, but this is just another example of how the fake Democrats (and yes they are fake because there is nothing democratic about them) scream and shout about McCain because he is on the other team. Yes, the Republicans do it too. But, it has been the democrats who have always claimed the moral high ground.

The same derision stands if and when the Republicans start their shit about Edwards. Because we all know how many Republicans are not choirboys. Even if they do fantasise about choirboys. (Oh, I know that was bad. Sorry).

In my opinion this makes Edwards just as sexist as McCain. Hopefully this will shut up all those insipid people who cannot admit to supporting Clinton without first blabbing that they were in Edwards’s corner at the beginning. Can you fucking support a woman without first declaring that if you had it your way it would be the man who would be getting your support instead of you know, the second choice or in some cases the third or fourth choice?

I think it goes to show the judgment of a few popular third wave feminist too, who are now so deep in the tank for Obama, another famous sexist, after first being deep in the tank for Edwards. Anything not to support an old woman,– right girls. You are hip, post-sexism, you are so post sexism that you can support a man because you are so damn sure he sees you as an equal. Equally fuckable that is, depending on your size, weight, age, and overall fuckability. Oh yeah, and incidentally you must always include how well you like sex and been called a good fuck before you throw your support behind him. /rolling my eyes.

Oh I know, he needed comforting, he had no one to turn to, he needed some pussy, he was just being a man, the woman did not force him to fuck her, she was a gold digger, she wanted to ruin his life, her pussy was so powerful that it put him in a trance like a hungry hound dog following the scent of a freshly cooked Southern pork chop.

Let me get the popcorn ready because this will be a show.

  1. A-mazing Amazon permalink
    August 8, 2008 8:44 pm

    another prick exposed for who he really is. doesn’t really surprise me. there was something that made me twitch every time i would read that so-and-so was supporting edwards because he was so supportive of his wife. i might of even bought into it for a second. but, like i said, my body had adverse reactions to that thought. now i know why.

  2. Howling Latina permalink
    August 10, 2008 1:51 am

    I was never in the tank for Edwards, even though I defended him when the media attacked him for Hairgate.

    I always felt like a lonesome dove during a Texas cattle ranch drive when nearly every person in the blogosphere raved on and on about how Edwards was THE CHOSEN ONE. Of course, when Edwards tanked in the primaries, then Barky become THE CHOSEN ONE.

  3. naginata1 permalink
    April 3, 2009 6:59 am

    Edwards was on the campaign trail while his wife was fighting cancer. I think that should have told you something about the man and his so-called devotion to his wife to begin with. The later affair was just more of who he really was all the time, an ambitious pig who didn’t give a damn about his wife. I was shocked that feminists supported him! Third wavers and their love of any liberal man running for office…geeezzzz

  4. Kitty permalink*
    April 3, 2009 12:27 pm

    Caring for his wife has zero ego-point value. Winning the presidency has mega ego- point value. Someone (a male born with a dick) raised getting ego-points for farting will in fact take the road with the most ego points. Bastard. Maybe we will see him as one of the people who crack unfunny jokes between clips of “where are they now.”

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