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The Musical Playlist on This Blog:

August 15, 2008
If you do not like the playlist on this blog, and/or do not want to hear it when you visit, you can scroll down to the playlist and press pause. Then you will not have to turn the sound off your computer. Unfortunately, pressing pause will be necessary each time you visit.

Also, we could always use a few enthusiastic writers who are willing to add some life to this blog, now and then.

  1. Anna permalink
    August 16, 2008 1:50 am

    I personally love your playlist – it introduced me to India Arie!

    As for writers – mmmmmm I feel I owe you, Kitty, since you are by far the biggest contributor to my blog!

  2. Professor Zero permalink
    August 16, 2008 7:29 am

    I love the playlist. Also, it doesn’t come on unless I click on it.

  3. Natasha permalink
    August 16, 2008 1:46 pm


    I not only Love your playlist, but I clicked on it to find out how to do one on several of my blogs, AND,

    it was Your blog that I found the dictionary place, and other cool gadgets, plus some other cool blogs, that are interesting and great to read…

    I love the book section too, I just can’t afford to sign up on the my library yet–but I love blog eccentrics. They make blogs interesting,

    and they are fun to play with, :),

    and yesterday google added their gadgets, and some are quite awesome. Though they could use some more women centered [not just women in bikini pics] gadgets, but one could spend all day just adding gadgets, LOL, its like being a kid in a candy store.

    And when not blogging or reading blogs, I’m playing games when online,

    so, since I’ve learned some great things on your blog, here is, for you,

    a cool free game site, that IS virus free, and we use it all the time, Other than the one minute ads before games, its great, you get the full screen version of the games too, not just the little box,

    We’ve been using it for two years, it rocks and the kids love it, easy to use, AND if you have any problems you will get customer service,

    the commercials before the games ARE CLEAN AND FAMILY SAFE, and we love it. We also love BigFish games, which they have the small free ones but they do the downloads too, for one hour,

    I’ve played about every single hidden object game there is, they are great for just getting your mind off of things, kids love them and the match 3 games and other puzzle games are awesome too.

    again thats mostfun not mostfungames Which is a different site, and Once you download a game it stays on your list of downloads so all you do is hit the play button, wait for the commercial to finish [very short] and then play,

    and we’ve not had any problems or spyware or viruses, nada…[we are a tech family and very anal about those things].

    The Sherlock Holmes game is pretty fun and 7 wonders is a bit addicting, and mahjongg, 5 spots rocks and Oh, they Just got in Cafe Mahjongg 🙂 so, know what I’ll be doing in free time today,

    here’s a list of just the puzzle, they have 200+ games

    Shopmania is fun too, I got the full version at Christmas, its not as easy as it looks, then after we bought it, most fun adds it, so, thats 20 something I could of saved, but oh well,

    LOL and yea, its the kid in me but I love these things. With dealing with all the political and the dark crap in our world, sometimes its just nice to get in touch with the inner child and just forget for a few minutes or hour or two.

    What I like about mostfun and bigfish is that they are kid safe/friendly,

    and its a lot of fun playing the hidden object games with the kids.

    So, returning some joy back to you, because it was your blog/playlist that got me started with doing a playlist, the first time I had trouble getting it going but second time got it up and running,

    there is another gadget thing I found one another blog too, a question/quiz type thing, about 300 of them, some you have to watch though–I run anti-spyware [mozilla, avg, spybot, etc] all the time just to check,


    even if you don’t add them, some of them are fun to do–I just run spycheck on them if I do add them.


    now if they could come up with movie scenes with great lines, that you could just pop up on blogs,

    if they don’t have that already, in the meantime, while I type this, some infomercial about the


    OMG, LOL, you wouldn’t Believe this bra contraption, LOL, a breast chastity belt, and all I can think is

    ouch–can we say heat strap rash! LOL LOL LOL and they say, it feeeeels sooo natural,

    yea, so does diaper rash, don’t mean I want to strap some diaper with this huge ass strap across my dierrere (sic) to lift it up, LOL.

    and double straps too–YUCK!

  4. The Fabulous Kitty Glendower permalink
    August 16, 2008 7:03 pm

    Tasha, thanks for the info.

    You know, library thing is free up to 200 books.

    I know when too many gadgets are on some blogs it takes too long to load, and I click off. So, I will avoid adding too much.

    I will look at the games. I bought a math game for $30 once and the child was bored in a week.

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