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Charlotte Gray: Mission Aborted

August 27, 2008
Okay, I am watching Charlotte Gray but I stopped because I could not take it anymore. Maybe I will try it again later. Knowing the movie has a female director and female leading character and set in WWII, I was hoping for something more inspiring. Everyone in this movie is pretty. Forget WWII, a shortage of food and clothes, everyone is clean, pretty, and sexy.

A man approaches Charlotte Gray (Cate Blanchett) on a train to London. He learns that she can read and speak French fluently and is very passionate about what Germany is doing to France, so he recruits her to act as a courier for the French Resistance. Though, not before she falls in love and sexes up a hawt young thang that afterwards is shot down somewhere over France. So basically she decides, or I should say it appears that she decides to join up so she can look for her hawt young thing. There are numerous beautiful shots of Blanchett’s lovely and perfectly made up face and pouty lips and a nice historical bridge and a train track with a river in the distance that looks exactly like the one used in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. You know, the shot when Ron is driving the enchanted car and Harry’s door comes open and he falls out. Around here, we love how Hedwig’s eyes grow big when she hears the train coming. Anyway, so far Charlotte has gotten to France and is met by, whom? Another hawt young thang, Julien Levade (Billy Crudup),(I must concur, he is spicy!). The parents of two young Jewish boys who see Charlotte land by parachute go missing. It is believed they are sent off to a work camp, possibly in Poland. Without further ado, Charlotte is assigned mother duty, along with sensitive young caregiver duty for Julien Levade’s grumpy old father (Michael Cambon).

Charlotte’s recurring contact is a bitter old salty man who has grown cynical and is not surprised by death, destruction, or anything else war brings (Played by Ron Cook,, the very same actor who brought us the adorable Mr. Bozzle in the movie, He Knew He Was Right). He immediately understands her meaning when she alludes to a missing friend. Obviously, under his rough exterior he is a true romantic. Now the Germans are taking over their quaint French village, and naturally, Julien Levade shouts at them, because being a secret agent Communist who blows up German supplies means he has no reason to be inconspicuous and stay off German shit lists. Charlotte shuts him up by what else, but planting her mouth around his, in the middle of the street, between the tanks and trucks rumbling by and the butchers, bakers, and telephone operators.

The local schoolmaster who is tired of lonely nights takes notice of Charlotte’s willingness to give kisses and begins to spy on her. Then a note comes changing the time of a meeting. This is where I cut off. I suspect the school master will rape Charlotte or black mail her into a relationship or something along the lines all the while Charlotte risks death for herself (and others) to find the first hawt young thang she sexed up back in London while she struggles with what to do with the second hawt thang. Woman warrior equals, mother, caregiver, and puts her love interest over the interest of France. How original.

Maybe I will leave this film for a real film critic to review.

Set in same period as Tea with Mussolini. I had to abort that mission as well because of an over all over excessive corniness, –and Cher. At least I have Miss Marple.

  1. Anna permalink
    August 27, 2008 10:51 pm

    I saw this a few years back. I liked it better than you – thought it was ok. Has an interesting, curious ending of sorts. I don’t remember all of the particulars very well.

  2. Natasha permalink
    August 28, 2008 3:28 pm

    Haven’t seen this film, usually though Blanchett plays in some very strong roles…

    anyhow, the best film I have seen [by modern day actresses] was one that I believe Penelope Cruz was in…or was it Salma, arrgh, hang on, ok Yes it was Cruz,

    “Head in the Clouds” was the film and I don’t want to give it away in case any here haven’t seen it,

    but the Ending, of that film, shows I think the brutal reality of what happens to women both IN POLITICS, REVOLUTIONARY POLITICS ESP and in WAR,

    IT IS A HARD FILM TO WATCH, but thats why its good, because while yes its Hollywood and the sex scenes are there [love story between two characters] it was one of the RARE movies I think,

    about WWII that really shows the brutality among women who were in active roles of Resistance and how in resistance they still confront misogyny and betrayal, but this film it was more than that,

    and a sadness of reality really how women can sacrifice Everything for country,

    and the price they do pay…

    well, anyway, I am Terrible at describing films but this was one film that stuck, the good ones I think do that because I didn’t see the entire film [I have it recorded and its one of those one days I’ll watch the entire thing] but I saw enough of it

    that the details Did not only stick,

    the haunting message of that movie I have never forgotten…and Charlize Theron was the powerful one in that film, Cruz was too…

    its one of those few films that don’t paint this glamorous picture of war [the love stories], though it had a love story it was not Just among a horrid background of war but the WAR intertwined with the love story and friendship between three…and it shows.

    I’m surprised though Kitty because usually Blanchett plays in some strong woman character roles…just mentioning the sacrifice to find man whom one is in lust with, LOL, well, it Does do that kind of movie with background an injustice I think,

    not sacrificing for country no, for some man, geesh, I would have thought Hollywood to have Grown up at Least that much by now,

    obviously not. Why these women actresses [to hell with the $$$] simpy refuse to play these roles is beyond me, I know they choose them sometimes because of the complexity of the character but Still,

    its insulting I think, because of all the studies I have read of women who DID WORK THE RESISTANCE, they weren’t hopping here and there looking for ‘men’, it was Such dangerous work that one wrong word,

    could get you exposed and killed. As well as numerous others,

    and glamourous, Especially in Europe, it was not…maybe the female director, should go back and do some serious reading up on WWII and the women of the resistance. Like, how in Italy,

    they had underground [primitive and very painful] abortions because of Mussolini’s policy of forced pregnancy…nothing pretty about that.

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