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H. pylori: Diagnosing and Treating

September 12, 2008
Today is my sixth day of fourteen of treatment. Here is a picture of the pills I have to take. Eight pills a day, four in the morning and four at night. I like how the pills are set up for an idiot. If a person does not understand what AM and PM mean, then they just have to look at the sun and the moon. See it in the background behind the pills. Also, the four pills are in number order. Number 1 and 3 taste horrible. One side effect to look out for is sores in the mouth. I think I may be okay, but I do have a few raw areas in the back of my throat, above my front teeth and now at the roof of my mouth. It seems to be from all the acid that is being release from my body, unless it is from the medicine. There is a warning that I may have an abnormal taste in my mouth. It should have been worded, –horrible taste. It is awful. Actually, it tastes just like the liquid I had to drink for the urea breath test (UBT) that diagnosed the H. pylori. For the urea test, a person has to blow into a bag. Then immediately after, drink a solution and then wait fifteen to twenty minutes and blow into another bag. The two air samples are compared.

Today, my body (other than my stomach) began to feel like my old self. It was a new feeling, almost a hopeful feeling. Then I became nauseated, thus discouraged. What is most amazing is I did not really know how much pain I was in for the past five years until now, now that I am beginning to feel better. Today when I rode my bicycle, it was actually somewhat enjoyable. Normally, it is, let me get this shit over with because if I do not ride, my muscles will hurt worse.

The lost opportunity to cure this bacteria earlier is the most frustrating and angering part. I’ve been to several doctors in the last five years and not one of them ordered the urea test. It was all, let’s just dismiss the middle age woman gaining weight (unconsciously, I now believe, I kept my stomach full, because an empty stomach makes the pain worse) with a chronic stomach ache and overall physical malaise with the same old typical prejudices. “Hmmmm… well, if her old fat ass did not eat like shit then she would not have a stomach ache and she would have more energy and she would not be gaining weight.” Well, they never came out and said it, but that was what they were conveying. My last doctor, before my current doctor, called me with my blood test results and said, “My only recommendation is to lose weight, perhaps the South Beach diet would be good.” I will not say the doctor I have now did not initially have a prejudice, which I braced myself for because she is young and probably ninety pounds. But as soon as my blood work came back with 162 cholesterol and a 120 triglyceride, she said, “Well it is not your diet, so we need to look further.” Well duh, I have been saying that all along. I do not routinely eat fatty foods, I am not that big on meat and cheese, and I do some type of exerting activity at least four times a week.

About three years ago I demanded an endoscopy from one doctor, and he was so indignant about me telling him how to practice medicine that I believe he purposely sabotage the authorization for the a Gastroenterological consult. It is a fact that Acipex has not been review for use over twelve months. I told him that I read it on the insert; also, if the pain persists with medicine there must be a problem. He knew we only had a few more months on that insurance before we would have to switch (and start all over again, with a new doctor, new system), so it was all of their “we lost the paperwork, we did not get the paperwork, we sent the paperwork to the insurance company” ended any chances of getting a timely endoscopy. Moreover, I do not even want to hear about appeal processes, nothing but a fraudulent pretense at conveying fairness.

Mr. Glendower sucks up to his doctor; he says it makes him do what he wants. I’m not talking about being rude or uncooperative toward a doctor, but I should not have to go in there and act like his/her ass is God or something. But hey, there is no longer ethical accountability, if the doctor don’t like you, wants to discriminate against you, no big deal, he/she will just move to the next in line because your only choice is to deal with him/her or find another doctor who will take your insurance (if you have any) and who cannot see you until six months from the two to three months it takes for the insurance carrier to grant the change of doctor request and issue a new card and get you all set up in the system (again).

My daughter had a friend over this summer, and his mother was telling me about her job. She does something for a big insurance company, I’m not sure. Anyway, she was telling me how she has to reject all the claims from a particular policy because her own company failed to write something in the contract. Instead of owning up and taking the loss, the insurance company denies claims and just deal with the persistent cases that refuse to accept the denial. Just like that, they got marching orders to deny anything that comes from that one policy type. Unbelievable. I asked her how she felt about it, and she said it was her job, so that was that. I wish I were more astute in listening and noticing names (not sure if she actually said any) because that is a situation that needs the whistle blown.

When the bacterium is gone, I will have to treat the ulcers. Good thing I do not smoke or drink, supposedly it exacerbates ulcers.

  1. Natasha permalink
    September 13, 2008 5:28 pm

    Hi Kitty,

    I have just been reading through, first sorry to hear about your health, and for the pain. I have been living with similar problems, stress related stomach and back problems and with spinal injury had to adjust my entire life, which did attribute to weight gain for me, slower to no movements = lower metabolism, which Now I am working on that…

    but due to worthless insurance And having worked in Holistic medicine for the parrots in our flock, I started looking into holistic medicine for myself. I went into it with a LOT of skepticism, especially for my back and stomach, but thought, what the hell, can’t be any worse than not doing anything. So I started studying,

    diet, herbs, homepathic, massage/exercise for my back, and spices. First thing I did was change my diet, which was the hardest thing to do, because I suck down the coffee and I smoke [know bad bad] and I am addicted to both. I didn’t like drastically go to carrots or anything like that, LOL but I started keeping a journal,

    or calendar really, of when I doubled up in pain and what I ate that day, contrary to what I thought, it wasn’t the usual suspects, I can’t eat eggs, if I eat certain foods I have to moderate them one or two times a week and no more than that, things like that.

    But I started using herbs and homeopathics, and I was shocked, THEY WORK. and I do mean they Work,

    but its the Research that goes into finding What works, that gets a bit tedious but once you find what works, its worth it, because it doesn’t just treat symptoms, it gets to the root of the problem. And I decided to go holistic, treating all rather than just my stomach, for example,

    and you can use Holistic with medicines, Except with Herbs, have to be really careful, keep record and let your doctors know because some herbs Can countereffect medicines, IF you chose to go the herbal route.

    When I say herbs though I mean real herbs, not many of the packaged ‘pseudo herbs’ marketed today, which many are not true herbs, they could have a bit of herbs but they are mostly placebo.

    I have heard people using apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper, I know, you Wouldn’t think, because of the spice and the acid of vinegar but we use it all the time for stomach and digestive problems for birds who tend to have far more delicate systems and digestive problems can kill parrots like really quick…

    but I don’t know the dosage or how much but I did find this for you,

    people who have used different alternatives With the same meds you have described,

    I would again, suggest do a lot of reading, and find people who have lived with the bacteria and what they did, medicines do a lot of damage to our systems though they can heal, sometimes they can create even worse problems,

    though I would say, Kitty stress exercises too, because its both physical And mental-emotional, and I say this as a friend and as one who Still, deals with pain and experience…for almost a year I couldn’t even walk, straight up, I literally was bent completely over and it looked really sad me chasing my son down the street and not being able to straighten my back–I needed surgery but there isn’t a 100% chance of cure [and risk even of more damage] plus, couldn’t afford it,

    it was either learn alternatives or live life on vicadin, percocet (sic) and flexoral and other hard core muscle relaxants which, with kids, wasn’t an option for me to walk around like some heroin induced zombie…

    and so I did research on holistic treatments for chronic pain, not thinking I’d find real cures…and there IS so much mental and emotional that goes into it, it is actually one reason I started blogging [my personal rant blog] but it took me a year, of learning how to walk different, sleep different, even washing dishes different…still can’t sit for long periods of time or move around as fast as I used to, which that sort of sucks but

    at least I can walk now, rather than just stay in a bed and look out the window.

    I’d be more than happy to look up information for you and post it here, I have a small library now on holistics, I don’t know much Yet about the homeopathy, just started learning about that, there’s a lot to it but I have been working with herbs now for about two years,

    and yea, eating actually soothes the ulcers because it gives something for the acid [absorption] and Thats another thing too, is how your absorption levels have been effected by years of this, you most likely have been losing a lot of minerals and vitamins because any digestive problems will cause malasorption (sic) problems.

    I was going to say maybe pure {PURE] aloe juice, but I need to look into that,

    they Key is taking the right things in combination and thats where it can get a tad tricky, like a lot of people will just take yogurt and maybe one herb but if there are other things going on, those two alone won’t work.

    Kitty the most important thing is keeping a journal, Just a health journal, like when you rode on your bike and it was painful, when you write that down and write down, what you ate that day, any vitamins, etc., stressers, how much you sleep, over time you can start to see patterns and you can then adapt your holistic routine to that,

    its some major life changes, it doesn’t happen overnight [any who say it does are crazy because its a lot about habits and I say that from experience] and too,

    when you get on herbs it takes time, some people will use them, for a couple of months, say, oh they aren’t working or maybe they help a little and they feel ok then they quit, then right back where they started…

    old habits come back, all it takes is one and boom, so–when you find what works, stick to it,

    and modify it with your diet/health routine, etc., like I use herbs now in all my cooking, teas, I use wraps, [wraps are wonderful], oils, tinctures, some homeopathics, coffee Only in the morning now [which that cured no kidding about 40% of my stomach ills], I still smoke but I did cut down, and upped my vitamins, St Johns Wort [yes it WORKS, shocking, lol],

    Valerian root [occasionally–its potent so you don’t want to overdo it and oh, its great for Cats, they love it, just moderation is key], Milk Thistle,

    Milk Thistle would be good for you and its safe, flax seed Maybe, I’ll have to look it up, not sure how it is with ulcers and Hemp seed, those you can get at health food stores, I get the pure seed in bags, not the pill form.

    If you can find an herbalist in your area, that grows herbs, thats the best way to go, Chinese herbs are powerful but I don’t know enough about them to give any suggestions, I will say though, if using Chinese, get to a professional herbalist, not from stores because a lot of Chinese herbs imported in bottles, can contain lead and other pesticides, etc., so I tend to be a bit leary of those.

    Acupuncture is something else too that you might consider…it works on birds who have severe plucking [how I got into the herbs btw, was looking into cures for plucking and illnesses for parrots–why the research and its a field that they still don’t know a lot about].

    In closing I will say, I tend to go more the naturalist route, I’m not into all the ‘hype’ market on herbs and all that, think a lot of it, you have to be careful of and it can get really expensive because its the ‘chic’ thing to do,

    but going the naturalist [and I do grow some of my own herbs now] way with study, is NOT that expensive and just using some of your kitchen spices, and who’d of thought, Vinegar [there is one they say to use, the store ones, some of them, something to do with processing aren’t that beneficial, I can look that up for you], and Cayenne, I know Cayenne works and now I use it all the time in cooking [after heating food, not during heating, because it loses potency]

    it does work. I also use a lot of sage now too, both for my stomach–and garlic, garlic I live on…but if you have blood thinning problems be very careful with garlic.

    Homeopathics Won’t interfere with alopathic meds, like herbs can so thats the good thing about those And if they don’t work–they don’t harm either. So, those are two options,

    Normally I keep my mouth shut when it comes to talking to people about these sorts of things, one because there is so much of the hype out there and when you are in pain its like, I just want to stop hurting, so I know what thats like, etc.,

    that and the fear it might not work–why I say, journal, oh, slow adaptations then keep notes and same goes for weeding something out, this takes a couple of weeks and sometimes months, to notice a difference,

    the Best thing about the holistic and really knowing your body is that YOU are taking control rather than the illness taking control over you. And that I think, is 100% on the road to recovery–

    I will always have the spinal injury [nerve damage-permanent] but I know control it, rather than vice versa, and it IS such a freeing feeling, sure its not utopia, I’d love to be able to do the things I used to be able to do but I don’t feel totally powerless anymore, when I couldn’t walk I felt so many things, none of them good,

    and I’m only in my forties, have the body of a seventy year old, seriously, from years of abuse [work, injury, poverty] and it shows now–but I’m recovering, day by day, it has meant some life changes but,

    its so much better than where I was at two to three years ago. Not that I’m totally pain free but its not crippling now, that and migraines which why I don’t know but when I hurt my back started getting migraines too [re-injured an already screwed up back put it that way],

    and found That too was related to years of coffee, smoking and no sleep [from working two jobs or working and school with baby, etc].

    And I don’t need to tell you the importance of boundaries–deflecting those toxic things, people, etc., yes including family–thats not always easy to do but,

    sometimes yes, you have to be sort of mean to just say, you know, NO. And then deflecting that guilt [social conditioning], that I know, is THE hardest, but it has I think, 99% contribution to our health, if you know what I mean.

    Anyway look over the link, I’ll look up some things for you today, and send them to you so you can read over them. I would just read for now, get as much info as you can before going out and buying this and that…and do the journal thing,

    do those two first–if you can remember some things write them down, the more you know the better you can find alternatives to treat and not just treat but incorporate into your life without it being too much of a drastic change, etc., little by little–but where you have Hope and encouragement.

    And know I send this to you with that in mind, just to encourage you and let you know, I’m here, I’m not really good at consoling people but I do know a little about health things, LOL, so sending it your way,

    with some hugs too.


  2. Natasha permalink
    September 13, 2008 5:56 pm

    Oh, LOL, my stomach problems were IBS, severe, of which I still have…which, I go from one extreme to the other but I use herbs and diet to help with that, lots of walking,

    so I’ll look up the ulcer info for you today, also,

    LOL this is going to sound crazy, but seriously it has a lot to do with it, on what homeopathics to go with IF you decide to use homeopathics too–because there’s more to it than just walking into a store and asking the clerk and they say, oh use this, This might work for someone else but not for you,

    thats because homeopathy is holistic in itself, and individuals feel sickness differently AND THEY HEAL DIFFERENTLY, thats Key there,

    like, for example, one of my daughters is very sensitive to motion, gets car sickness, gets faint when she’s sick/headaches, etc., so some herbs or homeopathics or flower essences I would use for myself or my other daughter, would have Opposite effects on her and make her feel worse–

    my oldest daughter who tends to be high strung, more of extrovert, gets very irritable when not feeling good, so like with her I use a lot of chamomile–where as with my other daughter, I don’t.

    For her I would use pulsatilla, ginger, etc., just depending on what I’m treating but,

    thats what they Won’t tell you at the health food stores, where an herbalist practictioner (sic) or homeopathic would [consult],

    so I will send you some various info, for you to look over, but I would, suggest a journal first, including a section on how you react to pain, illness, some people tend to like to be comforted a lot, some tend to want to be totally alone, etc., some want to escape through reading,

    and these things may not seem relevant but they have a LOT to do with how you heal, how your body reacts and heals and if you decide to try holistic its best to tune those treatments along with how your body works, emotions, etc.,

    some things can do reverse–like my oldest daughter can NOT do St John’s Wort, she’d be bouncing off the walls, literally, also some teas I have to avoid with her, they’d do the opposite and make her feel worse and make her sicker,

    thats why when people go into the health food store and they say, oh get this it works, they try it and they get worse or very little improvement–thats because of various things but a lot of time because that one herb may not work for them or it may actually counteract the body’s natural healing. Thats why I suggested reading a lot first AND the keeping of a journal, just a health journal for at Least a couple of weeks,

    to see pattern, and as much as you can remember–how you react to illnesses in the past, the more you know about your own body the better.

    And I have to do this with birds too, LOL, and yes thats how I learned a lot about the homeopathics and herbs especially and with birds its very limiting with herbs due to toxins–so you really have to know your stuff. And each species is different too [depending on region and native diets], so it takes a lot of study,

    and its important to know All the health problems and treat them accordingly–this may seem like a pain–but you’ve had this what now, five years,

    thats a long time, so, thats how much time your body has been dealing with this–it will take longer than a month to get back, know what I mean,

    question is too, what immunities fight off that bacteria because thats what your body was low on to begin with–so there is a lot to do with immunities also. Its good to treat the symptoms but its better to get at the root and treat that too,

    and then Prevent it from happening again or if its something that is permanent, getting control over it–helping your body to, etc.

    OK well I’m reading now, see what I can pull up for you [through my library here], will send to you or post here–and will do some research for you–that one link I posted, they do say, if what you find works, just be sure you test negative–I wouldn’t stop any treatment until you test negative,

    etc., then I would incorporate those diet/herb or homepathic/therapuetic (sic) methods into your lifestyle.


  3. Chris permalink
    September 14, 2008 1:36 am

    The treatment on which they put my sister was different, just a small white pill that wasn’t cyclic like this one. Her ulcers cleared up and from what she’s told me, haven’t come back.

    I had a doctor tell me that it was impossible for me to eat something and “void it” out the other in in 30 minutes despite my countless experiences with it. Impossible huh? Great, I feel better then.

    Then IBS become public knowledge. I started taking an over the counter “flora” pill to replace the good bacteria in my upper and lower intestines and the problem went away. Bite me doctors.

  4. Robbie permalink
    September 14, 2008 3:52 pm

    Wow! This sounds horrible what you are going through. I learned when I was a medic in the Army what constituted medical care. They operate from a matrix. Ex: Ask patient question. If patient answers x follow to next question on pg 32. If patient answers y, give them an ace bandage and send them home.

    I believe the term “a squeeky wheel gets the grease” applies to how we should be with our doctors. You’ve got to pester the hell out of them with the same complaints for them to follow the matrix to the end where hopefully they’ll find the answer. It’s like the Wizard of OZ!

    Anyhow, good luck!

  5. Natasha permalink
    September 15, 2008 2:32 am

    Hi Kitty,

    got bombarded with work today but I did do some reading for you yesterday,

    there are Several treatments you can use to aid in healing but first I needed to know if you are bleeding out [ulcers] wise, because I will need to do some reading up on some of the ingredients to make sure they don’t make that worse if your ulcers are bleeding. There is a tea, that aids in combating bacteria for the stomach, but its powerful, a combination of herbs you use, linseed is one of them,

    so I want to make sure before I give you recipe and it wouldn’t hurt to check with a Holistic doctor via phone consult to see if they have had any problems using this tea mix with ulcers.

    Also, Ginseng, if you do use, Siberian Ginseng is the one preferable with stomach and bacteria problems, but again, I need to do more reading,

    chamomile tea would be safe but not sure how effective it would be–IF you do use chamomile I’d go ahead and get the pure chamomile from herbal store, not the pill form or the boxed kind, and just steep your own.

    There are some other therapies too that might be very beneficial–in Reducing the physical reactions that cause the stomach acids to form in excess and one that kept really coming out strong, the first, that would be ok in case you Do have bleeding ulcers is Tai Chi and Qigong,

    IF you have ulcers that are bleeding out CHECK WITH DOCTOR-SPECIALIST FIRST, but Hydrotherapy, is good, but not good if you have any hemmoraging (sic) or diabetes, etc, Due to not knowing the extent of your ulcers I opted out of any therapies that have or could have negative effects on blood cogulation, etc.

    Sorry my medical terminology spelling is horrid.

    Now IF the doctor is giving you acid blockers, the BAD thing about them is that prolonged use can actually shut down peptic glands over time–and prior to that they can actually produce more acid, so IN CASE, you are on acid blocking, here is a tea,

    [check to make sure you don’t have allergies to any ingredients, IF YOU HAVE ALLERGIES TO RAGWEED again, contact a herbalist for advice–they would know of alternatives,

    but the tea is a mix of linseed, chamomile and fennel tea, briefly boil linseed in water then add that to the chamomile and fennel tea [mixed]…I won’t say it will taste good but its supposed to be really good for stomach problems.

    Also DILL is good, but use Dill Seeds, bruise dill seeds, tsp per cup of boiling water, steep ten minutes and strain–drink 3 cups a day. Again, probably tastes horrid but, if it works,

    now not sure where you get dill seed–I can check for you. Personally I’d go with the linseed/fennel and chamomile.

    For homeopathic, there is Nux Vomica 30C but its more for upset stomach, Check with homeopathic First and esp if your ulcers bleeding out–

    for severe sharp pains, Bryonia 6X and with that its five drops every hour, also using warm wraps [with rest],

    for IBS related or for diarrhea, Arsenicum album 6X, again five drops.

    It does state in several of my books that Acupressure, an abdomen 36 point may be stimulated to relieve abdominal pain–to find the joint, place palms on both kneecaps, using your ring finger to press bony protrusions to the side of the head of tibia [shin bone], with strong pressure massage area just below that point on both legs. They recommend using fennel oil [calming]–

    ok thats mostly for stomach but I also looked up some info on bacteria and immunity for you. Number one is Siberian ginseng, NOT garlic [due to thinning of blood I’d avoid garlic for now] I also opted out of giving you blood purifyiers because they work the same way–

    but there is mention of tea tree oil several times, but I’m still researching that. The other two, horseradish with nasturtium, some issues with blood and grapefruit seed, I’ve been hearing pros and cons, so just opted out of that one.

    As for the ginseng I still need to do more research on that but to be on safe side I would just add it to food [like rice] and if memory serves me right, I know brown rice is harder to digest than white, but thats with birds, LOL, so, not sure on that,

    There was some really strong antibacterials but wasn’t sure how an ulceric stomach would handle them…but one juice or mix was onions and horseradish, which I thought might be a tad strong–especially with any acids [just thinking about it makes my stomach acids churn LOL so, I opted out of that one].

    Though if your stomach can handle it, try adding more raw onion and/or horseradish to diet, say, maybe three times a week–both are strong immune boosters in helping your body to fight off bacteria.

    There was a juice too, with carrots, beets and apples,

    but, check with doctor and specialist about the Siberian ginseng–its supposed to be really good for stomach And against strong bacteria.

    Now I have a couple of more books that are more in depth in herbs but they take a lot of careful reading and research, and why I suggest running this by a Holistic doctor or Holistic practictioner (sic) in your area FIRST,

    and the homeopathy that I listed I do believe are more for things like stomach flu and so forth, I’m sure there is a homeopathic remedy for ulcers, I just don’t have it listed because I’ve only just started learning about homeopathy.

    Why too to run it by doctor OR even the pharmacest (sic) is to make sure any herbs don’t Counteract the drugs you are taking, thats the bad thing about herbs, if they don’t and they work, they Do WORK, its just making sure they are compatiable, with the drugs you are taking.

    But too I think the alternative therapies too, in learning how to reduce physical reactions to stress, are Just as needed as diet changes, and the two I listed seemed to make more sense than yoga, maybe because they are more about different emotions and channeling energy rather than just focusing on center and meditation.

    Not sure but those two did jump out from the page so to speak,

    I think the linseed tea would be really good, I would assume it isn’t the best tasting thing around, and if you’re not allergic to any ragweed, it should be ok. Chamomile is safe enough for children–though I know the fennel [and fennel I believe can be very potent so take in moderation, I’d get a fennel tea already premade from health food store, then mix the linseed [after boiling] with the pure chamomile leaves with it–strain of course.

    What I do too, with any treatment, I do half doses, to start with, just to make sure there isn’t any negative reaction and if its OK then I’ll slowly add the dose to the required dose. But I always start off slow and build up.

    But again, I only picked out what I could find thus far but I didn’t find any info on herbs with bleeding ulcers so, on that I’d do some consult first, because I don’t know the extent of your ulcers–I take it though, or would safely assume, with the years they may have bled some, so better safe than sorry.

    I’ll post more when I find more for you.


  6. Natasha permalink
    September 15, 2008 2:49 am

    LOL I gave you the recipe, was reading over just to see if I forgot anything–well,

    you’re smart so I know you’ll be OK, I just get a tad hesitant, with Birds, we who do holistic have to be very careful in giving out things for birds [parrots] because people will go out and get these things and then the bird gets sicker or dies and its a host of reasons,

    sometimes there are OTHER things going on too, which is why Holistic means All, taking care of the whole person/body and not just the symptoms, and when its herbs and so forth, if there are Other things going on it can get tricky so you really have to be careful–

    a lot of herbs are safe, like nothing will Happen if you use them, but there are some very Powerful herbs that if taken wrong or too strong of dose, can even be fatal, now I didn’t give you any herbs like that but still,

    knowing those dangers I tend to be a tad hesitant and again, why I say, consult with a Holistic doctor or one who has years of study, but the things I did give you are pretty common, not really extreme so you should be ok, My only concern though is the possibility of bleeding out,

    but the tea is supposed to be good in aiding stomach with acids, etc., and again, I’m still doing more research for you.

    Not that you have to do any of these things btw, but if they help, and are safe, why not? Foods too is another I want to research for you, because like, you know they say spicy foods, etc etc not to eat but there are other foods that Are harder to digest that do effect ulcers and they are ones you would never even suspect,

    and water, can’t stress water enough. I’m sure you already know that especially biking and all. And the hydrotherapy, I have used [there are several different kinds] for my back–they are marvelous but again, some of them, if you have any bleeding problems, bleeding out, diabetes, etc., you have to be really careful because hydro therapy and the heat of some [intense] can overstimulate circulation–NOT good if there is bleeding problems going on or blood clotting problems, etc. Not without doctors supervision, put it that way.

    IF you don’t have a Holistic doctor near you, I can refer you to some who do phone consults, also sometimes those who do acupunture may know these herbal and/or homeopathic remedies too–but IF you can find one who has both MD and knows herbs/holistic,

    thats even better and more preferred. Ironically it seems we have more Holistic Vets than we do Holistic Doctors, but it is catching on more and more–especially with the lack of insurance coverage and more findings on how good Chinese medicines are too. Those stone massages too–love them,

    I actually do my own on my lower back–just found some river rock and warmed them [they can get Really hot though, OUCH! LOL] and they work, I don’t know like the special pressure points…just sort of put them all over my lower back [or my kids did] when I couldn’t walk without bending over and they worked better than the muscle pills. And I didn’t have to worry about addiction, you know,

    so why I am passing this on to you. Once our bodies get used to a ‘drug’ its really hard for our bodies to heal without that drug–sometimes its not a problem, but if there are Other things attributing to the health problems, the drugs alone won’t do it–they Might for a time, but it will resurface again, in the right conditions, so

    the things I’m looking at is the immune [what caused the bacteria to gain hold in the first place], stress factors-diet with stomach acid, the cycle After the fact over the years of time, and I haven’t looked into malasorption yet (sic) or any effects on colon…again I look for more naturalistic methods, not too extreme, not expensive and things you can do to incorporate them into your life–at home with little cost [compared to more alopathic treatments].

    And maybe a massage therapist who does acupressure would be really good too, couldn’t hurt.


  7. Natasha permalink
    September 15, 2008 2:59 am


    for the acid sores in mouth–try some papaya.

    Its used for pregnant women who Can’t take a lot of acid blockers due to reactions and papaya is what the Midwives recommend, that and dry toast. But dry toast would hurt with any open sores, so I would just slice some papaya and suck on–it should help nuetralize some of those acids, not just in your mouth but your entire body.

    Sorry don’t mean to bombard you with all this info, LOL, and I KNOW there is something else too just Can’t remember it right now, but I remember the papaya.


  8. Natasha permalink
    September 15, 2008 3:50 am

    sorry don’t mean to bombard here,

    I did get email from friend herbalist, you CAN drink Aloe juice [pure–from health food store], the purer the better,

    for both ulcers, healing stomach lining and to prevent ulcers and to cut down acids.

    I didn’t want to say before checking it but you can…now, I don’t think it tastes good–but people swear by it. I have used it for our Fids, a lot, I use it as tincture and as stomach aid for a few of our fids,

    though only One will drink it outright, the others I have to soak peas or make a mash and use aloe with it. and the one I use is George’s,

    or Jorge’s, LOL, well I have a bottle–the Downside, get the small bottles, not the big bottles. It can mold or deteriate (sic) fast unless you go through it, which we Don’t use it that much so I won’t buy the giant bottles again,

    and there IS a site too that I do refer to a lot, and they ARE using the Siberian Ginseng for chemo patients [holistic cancer doctors] AND actupressure,

    its one of the better ones because its a combination of conventional AND holistic-herbal, etc.,

    and, just in case any are interested, using herbs [why it takes longer than conventional and what they do, what they Don’t do, and also why they may not work–due to improper processing, etc]

    in case any reading might be interested,

    again, herbs if you go that route just make sure they don’t counter act drugs, if you go homeopathic, they don’t counter act and IF they don’t work [for what you are treating] they don’t harm either,

    just be sure to get good homeopathics.


  9. Professor Zero permalink
    September 15, 2008 4:00 am

    AY AY AY I am glad it looks like the situation is turning around.

    Doctors, insurance companies, maddening. I have a version of this which is not traumatic, fortunately, involving trying to get the glasses which will work for me. It is sort of interesting to see this happen in non emergency situations. SO MUCH depends on what the doctor’s own experience is and how they decide to perceive you … and also what they think they can prescribe or that it is advantageous for them to prescribe.

  10. momo permalink
    September 15, 2008 6:27 pm

    Hi, Kitty
    I didn’t comment on your earlier posts on this experience, because I was waiting to see if (as I hoped) you were getting the treatment you need. I’m so glad that you are! I know some other folks who’ve had similar experiences to yours and Chris’s. I have a long history of chronic pain, due to an illness that I couldn’t get diagnosed until I was 32. I have had so many experiences like the ones you describe; I know that frustration and rage so well (but I also have needed to walk away from some of it because it literally makes me hurt). How many years of pain could have been avoided if I had been taken seriously? But now that I am able to manage my symptoms, life is much better. I hope you arrive at that place without pain (or with less pain) soon!

  11. justicewalks permalink
    September 15, 2008 9:35 pm

    Good luck with everything, Kitty. I’ll be keeping a good thought for you. I know from stomach pain, after all 🙂

  12. Anna permalink
    September 17, 2008 12:21 am

    Kitty – I've been "away" – just caught up on your story. I am so very sorry. It all really sucks. I'll spare you my speech against insurance companies & arrogant doctors.

    Be well, my friend. My very best to you.

  13. The Fabulous Kitty Glendower permalink
    September 17, 2008 2:07 am

    Thanks for the concern everyone. I do have hope that my pain will be gone forever. I take another test in four weeks to see if this medicine is successful.

    The computer has been like Kryptonite to me for some reason. I try to read others and write but I cannot seem to stay on line more than a few minutes at a time. For some reason I have been more interested in cleaning, and for anyone not in the know, that is something I don’t routinely do. I have a manservant, I mean husband who normally pulls that weight. Maybe it is a sign that I am getting more energy. It is amazing how an area (the stomach) has nothing to do with arms and legs but can affect the rest of the body, and affect it in a way that is not conscious. For example, after a while one starts thinking something is wrong with their arms and legs and never would think that the stomach could extend the pain to other places.


    I started getting a food journal about two months ago. It is how I noticed that I was consuming more grains than I need and would have admitted. I think grains have been the safest and have help settle my stomach so my stomach was demanding that my brain supply some grains. Holistic avenues do sound interesting. When you talk about apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper, do you mean to drink it, or to incorporate in foods? When I was little we often in the summer had a cucumber and onion soaked in vinegar dish at dinner. I’ve not made that for years. Yeah, I know and thought about how much damage medicines can do to the body, that is why I am determined to complete this therapy instead of missing doses and having to do it all over again in six weeks. I’ve been diligent because I am the worse pill taker. But I don’t want that thing to happen to me that happens to people who put too many antiboditics into their bodies. I hear you about the stress exercises, although I still maintain that I have minimal stress, however, I also know I could be in denial. I police my mental well being a lot, at least I think I do.

    When you say aloe juice, do you mean to drink it or to incorporate into foods? Do you drink it? If so, what does it taste like?

    Yeah coffee is bad for the stomach. I have had to ditch coffee because I like it strong and with artificial sweeteners, which are both bad.

    Thanks for the links, I will read them.

    I am like your one daughter, I suffer easily from motion sickness and cannot stand perfumes, especially flowery bases, it gives me headaches.

    Pulsatilla and ginger, I will index that and look into it. I know when I’ve had chamomile tea it was boring as hell. I don’t do well with boring because I stand go to sleep standing up.

    I don’t know what immunities fight off the bacteria naturally, I also hear about yogurt and the stomach, but I’ve probably never eaten more than 4 ozs of Yogurt in my life. I will ask my doctor about this.

    As far as I know the ulcers are not bleeding out. I like teas so I am open to recipes.

    Yes, I do believe prolong use of acid blockers start making more acid over time. Because by the fourth year, it was no longer feeling like the first year when it first worked.

    What exactly should I do with Ginsing? Is it a pill, or something I eat?

    I’ve printed out all of your comment and will continue to review it. Thanks for all of your effort. You have been very good to me.

  14. The Fabulous Kitty Glendower permalink
    September 17, 2008 2:24 am

    Chris Did you sister have the bacteria and the ulcers or just the ulcers. From what I read, it looks like most ulcers are from the bacteria but ulcers can come from other reasons. Actually, there was an interesting story about the doctors who won a Nobel Prize studying H. Pylori in the early 90’s. The story goes that before they proved their point, it was understand that most ulcers were called by stress and poor diet. Think about all the cop shows that uses the archetype of the screaming boss who is always drinking Pepto for his stomach. Anyway, this doctor consumed a bleaker of H. Pylori and within two weeks had ulcers or signs of the bacteria. It changed the entire medical community regarding how to treat H.Pylori and how doctors viewed ulcers.

    Robbie LOL! In addition to the ace bandage, you left out Motrin. It was always Motrin. Motrin was the universal cure all drug in the military.

    Professor Zero I feel you pain about the glasses. My oldest daughter went through the whole what is the best prescription business, she was certain forever, that the doctor had not been exactly right, then she went through the whole glasses fitting wrong or not quite right, etc. I hope you have a perfect pair now.

    Momo Yes I’ve read several of your blog entries about pain. And you know that little chart that shows the faces of pain from 1 to 10, I really want to fuck that chart up. There is so much leeway or misinterpretation using a chart like that. What is one person is another person’s 2 and then what the doctor thinks should or is an 8 vs. a 3. Of course, I do think discrimination is involved. I was readily offered Xanax and pain killers? WTF? I don’t want no fucking Xanax and no pain killers. I am without anxiety up until I’m in a doctor’s office facing a doctor who is not taking my complaints seriously. And in what universe would I want to rely on pain killers if I know we have not done an accurate search for the source of the pain?

    Justice I recognise the privilege that you have bestow on to my blog by your presence. Just kidding, I thought you may need me to treat you with hostility so you can feel at home like when you visit some other blogs. LOL!

    Yeah, I know you know about that stomach pain. I think I may send you a picture of a dense peach flavoured pound cake that has been sitting on my counter for a few days and I often think of you when I think about eating it. Can you feel my love for you?

    Anna Thanks. I read your away entry. I got a lot of catching up to do at your blog. I usually like to spend time reading up on the movies that you post about and I just have not been in the mood. I have a few of my own I wanted to tell someone about as well. For example, Iris. I still have it but I had to stop because it was getting too painful. Iris Murdoch, so far in the movie it looks like she is suffering from Alzheimer Dieses. I love all the actors. Maybe I will watch it this week? Have you seen it?

  15. Natasha permalink
    September 18, 2008 8:43 am

    Hi Kitty, [see update on Aloe, I checked it for you, do NOT take Aloe–some new studies on aloe and ulcers]Been doing some research for you–also for interactions and precautions as I promised I would–sorry getting back to you a little later than hoped but I wanted to get some more info for you…Here's what I have found thus far–

    ok, the thing with aloe–a lot of the health food stores say its good for ulcers–wrong. Its good for laxative, and its aloe juice or what is termed as aloe latex, its a different part of the aloe plant [not the same as the aloe used for treating burns]. ITS extremely powerful–AND USED only in severe cases of constipation but due to the heavy cramping many are now going to senna instead.

    Some new studies are showing that Aloe is NOT good for ulcers or for Diverticulus and can actually make it worse–for bleeding ulcers its a no no. So,

    NO aloe. It is used in some cases of IBS but the thing is too with aloe latex [proper name] one has to take a huge amount of water with it.

    There are still many books and sites that swear by aloe but I checked some of the studies and for a laxative its great–but due to its potency not so great for ulcers.

    On the Siberian ginseng, you can take in pill form or in tea–don't try to make own tea without a specialist in herbs showing you, ITS EXTREMELY POTENT,

    it raises testosterone levels and whatever you do don't take it before bed, it can cause insomia–also,

    it might cause some diarrehia–if so, cut down dosage of the tea or if pill form, just cut the pill in half [or in powder just take half of it]. It is Extremely powerful in creating anti-bodies to fight bacteria,

    but its powerful enough–I am going to contact a friend of mine who Works with Chinese herbs, he's a holistic avian vet [one if not the best in this country] and he knows the Chinese herbs, thats his speciality–and if there is any downsides or interactions he'll know of them,

    for now, here is an article for you–wRWp&sig=bi1he2WAK3-NvraWc0ez61EaKx8&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=2&ct=result


    I'm checking to see if you can take fennel instead in tea until off antibiotics. Also, there is Siberian Ginseng and then Siberian Ginseng Root–I'm still reading up on, I think the root would be particularly strong–maybe best to just go with the Siberian Ginseng TEA, or pill and make in tea but I would say,

    to be on safe side just go with tea but make sure its pure Siberian Ginseng [you'll need to go to good health food or Chinese herbal store] for it, the Asian markets might have it–again,

    I'm going to check for you, one thing I am leary of with the Chinese herbs again, is where they are processed, due to lead content and other chemicals they use in China–there are very good herbalists that know and use the good forms but there's a lot of 'quacks' out there too,

    I am sure there is a way you can take just the root and cut it up, just as you would ginger and brew it in tea–its the dosage though, and how its done, that I don't know at this time.

    Its not been an herb I've ever used [yet] so I'm not acquainted with it, like I am on many others, so I haven't done the research in depth on it as I have the others I do use. But again–if you are on antibiotics–wait till you are done with those, before using.

    Diet–will help, cayenne for the lining of stomach, Yogurt and other PROBIOTICS and those I think should be just incorporated from here on out. Omega 3 oils [fish oil] and cut back on grains, as they turn to sugar which are hostile to intestinal flora which contributes to erosion of lining/bacteria, etc. [from what I've read thus far]

    Iron–if you are on supplements iron though good, sometimes cutting down on iron is better for stomach. OH, thats another thing

    IF YOU HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE–siberian ginseng does raise blood pressure, something to keep in mind.

    GINGER, you can take ginger and in fact you can just buy the ginger root at the store [its better], shave it, cut it and just use pure ginger root in cooking–or use it in tea. Or in pill form,

    not the cooking spice, but ginger is good for stomach–in moderation. It is protective and good for antioxidants too. I wouldn't use ginger though more than three to four times a week…and I would prefer the pure root form. I can find the how toos on how to shave ginger–thats the only pain in using it,
    its a hard root and downside–only buy small bit of it, it can mold, keep in crisper part of fridge.

    AND you can use slippery elm bark. Which now I do use slipper elm but I wasn't aware you could use it for ulcers…but I did check into it, now I am checking for interactions–I've not had any problems using it but I want to be sure, [btw, with ANY herb be sure to let doctor know and pharmacy, or ask for counteractions just to be on safe side],

    Most take slippery elm from capsule, some stores do sell slippery elm in tea, I've always used the capsules.

    Do NOT use tumeric–many swear by it but its NOT good for ulcers and in fact I wouldn't even cook with it.

    IF you drink those herbal teas [like Celestial seasonings] do make sure you Check those ingredients–many think they are safe–but depending on the herbs they use, if taking meds or certain health problems IF you drink a lot of those teas–they can actually aggravate the problems,

    example is many of them use lobella or licorice–strong herbs, now might not seem a big deal but with certain illnesses, if you drink enough of those they can have adverse effects. Especially if using herbs to treat, etc., I know they use a lot of chicory and so forth, because I use teas even for our Fids [parrots] I have learned to really watch herbal ingredients. IF teas don't list them,

    I won't use them. NOT if I'm using teas as treatments, put it that way.

    OK I did some more reading on the Siberian Ginseng [you can use ginger daily–ginger and carrot soup is supposed to be good, I just don't, I prefer to use in moderation just as precaution and that might be from working with really sick parrots and from them, learning the importance of variety and lessening dependence–like, taking an herb all the time, like anything else can lose its effectiveness so I just moderate], but anyway

    on one chinese herb site, on Siberian Ginseng,

    Siberian Ginseng

    Eleutherococcus senticosus

    Tonic herb available dried, cut and sifted in health food stores and Chinese drug stores and Oriental supermarkets.

    Medicine: This is a health maintenance herb, a tonic. It stimulates resistance to stress, mental, physical and chemical stressors. Also considered an infection fighter when taken internally as a tonic.

    It is considered adaptagenic, assisting the body to fight whatever is exerting destructive pressure on it. According to Russian studies it is an ergogenic aid, increasing strength and endurance.

    Some TCM practitioner's feel it is more stimulating than ginseng. Russians made it popular by making it a regular supplement for their athletes and cosmonauts. The root is harvested in the fall and dried. Plant is found in China, Korea, Siberia, Japan and is now cultivated in Oregon, United States.

    Personal: Incompatible with aconite, onions, fish; menispermaceae herbs. Note: Hippies as well as mal contents like myself used the herb to improve exam scores by reducing physical and mental stress of cramming for tests. It is effective for chronic conditions that exhaust a person. Slowly building back their strength and stamina.

    Chemistry: Key biologically active constituents are eleutherosides, phenylpropanoids, lignans, polysaccharides, coumarins, triterpenoid saponins and glycans.

    Preparation: I take two or three tablespoons of dried root to two cups of water in decoction, simmer the water down to one cup and drink. You may make larger batches by simmering multiples of this formula.

    OK well I'm looking up this marshmallow and some other things I read or stumbled upon–but I want to check them out first.

    Oh, as far as the stress goes, the two alternatives or therapies are not so much to control stress as they are to channel energy so to retrain your body how to physically react–to stress–which is why I thought those two would be good, more than like meditation,

    which is good too, but when we are tense our stomachs as you know create more acids, etc., now ulcers are caused by bacteria but retraining body's reactions to certain stimuli–really works, because over time our body develops habits,

    tensing up at things or ways we stand or even how we do dishes, something I learned dealing with the lower back pain–I had no idea just how many Habits I had, until I had to start moving and walking and doing things a certain way and it was so foreign to me,

    but I learned a lot and so its not so much in avoiding stress because we can't–but in training our bodies how to react to certain things and its not quick, I still catch myself,

    but what I learned about my back I applied to the IBS too, and it worked so, its not like a perfect cure all and I still get those stomach cramping moments but not as bad as I used too,

    or when I do I know ways to treat it immediately, like heat wraps [which I use a lot] and water therapy [when I can], I do these rolling exercises with breathing that I can do sitting down–things like that, especially for my stomach and lower back. I do some yoga, not a lot but some [for lower back] and I even changed things during eating [like I like to play classical music now because our family it can get really tense-depending].

    I found that helps for some reason, it settles them down, put it that way, less arguments. And I can tell like now, some things I sort of stopped doing and I can feel the changes–not good ones, so its like something I have to do all the time and for the rest of my life–but those changes don't come easy, I wish I could say they do, but they don't. Any type of pain management and/or changes in habits that create or feed those painful reactions our body does in its own natural defense [because over time our body just automatically does those things],

    take time to unlearn. And some of them can be very unnoticeable, and why yea the journals are good because you can look back six months from now and on those good days you can see, what you did and those bad days, see progresses and you start figuring out,

    what your body is telling you. AND its so easy to get back into the old habits–which I've done,

    because you start feeling better and think, oh, I'm fine now then boom, one morning its like, shit, its here again, and you think,

    yea I did this or that, with me its usually my back, which, compounds with stomach and even migraines now, I never had migraines before I screwed my back up,

    and I always had the stomach problems but the back ones made the stomach ones worse. And its the tension, you know, that and depression and of course diet isn't always the best–weight gain for me, was Always like really skinny till I screwed my back up, and its a catch 22 because I need to maintain weight or muscle mass really [esp my stomach] to keep pressure off my back,

    and I'm lazy there, LOL, and yea when I lax off there I start to feel it. All it takes is bending over one wrong way, but now its like I almost KNOW just by sensations, its hard to explain but I know,

    even sleeping–I had to change that, that was the HARDEST, and it honestly was like torture. But it was that or walk bent over in steps where a toddler could outrun me, that and Just the anger–of dealing with all that,

    LOL, which I'm sure wasn't great for my stomach. But I KNOW it works, the Holistic treatments–I''m living proof. Its not like 100% cure all, well maybe not at my age [and with all the damage] but its so much better than pain killers and that zombie state with more pills and just that never ending cycle.

    When I first learned I had permanent nerve damage in my spine [lower] I thought that was it–I read all these things about chronic pain and thought, I'd go mad, seriously, couldn't imagine how to live like that [and some people do, and after living with that kind of pain like that, I Don't know how they do, I really don't],

    but I was fortunate not to have That much damage [yet] but I could, one wrong injury and I could really be screwed up so I thought–oh hell no, been through enough shit, not going to let This beat me now, and I just started reading all I could, and skeptical yes,

    and a little afraid, like what if I do this and it doesn't work but you get to that point where its like, well it can't be worse than where I am now, so why the hell not…and I did take a homeopathic muscle relaxant for sprains,

    at first didn't do anything but after a few weeks it started working, and I was shocked–and then,

    hooked. Because flexeral, yea it works, if you like to sleep for hours upon hours and hours, LOL. Great pain killer but crap when it comes to actually being up and getting anything done. That and I had to watch addiction on all those pain pills, so I had to half the dosage as to not get dependent on them,

    and cost wise, starting out with herbs and homeopathics Can be a little expensive but once you get to know what you need and don't need, what to buy and what to avoid, its so much cheaper in the long run.

    The downside though is the research and weeding through All the different information, because its a 'chic' market right now and a lot of not so good advice out there, but once you get into it its really interesting–and most of our medicines are made with herbs base anyway.

    They medical community KNOWS this, but its a money market,

    but thats another topic, another time.

    Will post more as I find out more…


    I'm still checking on the apple vinegar for you…

    On the Grains–back off on grains, they turn into Sugar, and they actually are hostile to ulcers and also contribute to the cause of ulcers.

    Good to stay on the treatment but you are going to need PROBIOTICS if they have you on antibiotics, even still, the probiotics will help your body fight off the effects of the drugs too as well as immune building. Krill oil is supposed to be good but I have no idea on dosage or where you even get it, but you should be building up on Omega 3 fats and I've been seeing a lot on upping the water dosage in a big way,

    easier said than done I know but everything I've read thus far all say up the water dosage, a lot.

    Are you on antibiotics? If not they should have prescribed them, those are needed to kill the bacteria, the Problem you may very well run into Kitty is that once you are healed and off the drugs, if they don't get all the bacteria those ulcers can come back–and I've read similar reports to this so,

    Probiotics, is a must and also, yogurt, yes, yes and yes, LOL, but there are other probiotics too in case you don't care for yogurt, I'm not a big yogurt fan myself, I will use it in shakes, by itself I don't care for it. But there are probiotics you can get at health food store too,

    here's one article with a really good index for you

    Cut back on the grains–Grains turn into sugar and in fact are hostile to ulcers plus to the intestinal flora (?), sugars and grains are not good right now, and anything that turns into sugar which grains do,

    not to cut them out completely but too much of a good thing can actually be not a good thing. If its fiber content you are concerned about in cutting back on grains, well since you aren't bleeding out you can do the whole vegies and whole fruit juicing,

    and get fiber that way. The dark greens juice with spirula would be really good, usually those are sold in the organic section but I like to make my own,

    and I'll post some recipes for you tomorrow. And soups, soups with raw vegies–you can't beat them, you throw everything in crock pot and they are easy too to digest. We live on homemade soups and stews here, in fact there is a cauliflower soup recipe that is out of this world, and the good thing is,

    you can throw in what you want and leave out things, I would leave out bay leaves, don't know why but I know with IBS and too, watch the nutmeg too, why I don't know but nutmeg I have found it horrid to IBS and stomach ailments,

    not sure if its the spice or what, but I Do, want to recommend PUMKIN, in fact can't believe I DIDN'T think to tell you that the other day. Pumpkin [though just a pinch of nutmeg/half what recipe calls for] is a miracle food for stomach/digestion,

    we use it here for out cats and birds, in fact, for IBS and for digestion and compacted bowels, you name it, and it was a holistic vet who turned me on to pumpkin about a year ago and it WORKS. Pumkin soup would be great, and I just use the puree,

    pumpkin mouse and pumkin breads, short breads, I try to do easy recipes [not too difficult due to time limits] but for our animals I just give it to them raw [heated on warm] with a pinch of cinnamon[for animals, for humans I would cook it but animals eat pumpkin right out of the pumpkin itself and it works as a digestive, you name it, and its extremely high in fibers and minerals–I don't know if there is a pumkin juice recipe but I will look,

    cayenne only for cooking–its a digestive aid but moderation–IF your stomach reacts to it, then lower it or cut it out altogether, but cayenne works too in increasing appetite, now I did some checking–the cayenne will NOT fight the bacteria but it will help protect the lining of stomach–How I don't know, thats a strange one, you would think due to its spiciness that it would be the opposite–but again,

    in moderation.

    NO garlic, or, don't use garlic as antibacterial, due to its blood thinning properties–a little garlic won't hurt but I wouldn't be eating garlic daily.

    [still researching on…]
    Now this one article says marshmallow, thats the first I've read of that one, I know there are marshmallow pills but not sure if they would be as beneficial as the marshmallow plant–but its a very powerful plant so unless there is a qualified herbalist near you, I'd just go with pill form,

    but I want to do some more reading on that because its the first I've ever read of using marshmallow for ulcers.

  16. Natasha permalink
    September 18, 2008 8:58 am

    Sorry about the double posted message, was editing things here and there…

    anyway yes you do drink the vinegar but I’m checking to make Double sure on that tomorrow–no on the Aloe, cut back on grains, will check on this marshmallow, and will post some recipes for you or send them to you…

    and will get back to you as soon as I talk to my friend who works with herbs and has a medical license [he knows his stuff] so,

    that tea recipe I gave you with the Siberian ginseng, would be OK for you AFTER ANTIBIOTICS, because of the ginseng but now,

    if you wanted to do just the chamomile with fennel, that would be o.k. Not sure taste wise–but, you can always like drink it fast,

    and oh, on the chamomile, add some hazelnut syrup to it, just a teaspoon, or some almond extract [just a pinch–like half of teaspoon], that should flavor it a bit [add btw to a hot tea pitcher not one cup] –that will help flavor it where its not so boring. I use the hazelnut syrup from the store or sometimes from Starbucks, thats about the only thing I buy from them is the syrups.

    I like to use extracts because they are strong in small doses and can do wonders for teas, especially bitter or bland teas. You just have to experiment with them to get the taste you like.


  17. Rent Party permalink
    September 24, 2008 12:46 am

    How are you now?

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