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The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Episode One

October 14, 2008
The first episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta focused mostly on introducing the five women and preparing for Sheree’s birthday party. Of course this meant lots of high dollar shopping. 

The particulars are not provided but, by what was said we can conclude that there has been a riff between NeNe and Sheree in the past. Nevertheless, NeNe was supposedly invited to Sheree’s party. However, when NeNe arrived fashionably late with Kim, her name was not on the guest list. Sheree gave strict orders to her staff that the guest list was not to be violated. No party crashers were welcomed at the party that everyone who is anyone supposedly wanted to be at. Many people were asking if they could bring a guest. I don’t understand why when NeNe’s name was not on the list they could not have just let her in as Kim’s guest. No doubt, Sheree is being built up as a villain because it is very plausible that she intentionally left NeNe off the list. What better way to humiliate NeNe than not being allowed in to a party she has been telling all of her friends about? It is also plausible that NeNe’s name was mistakenly left off the list. In my opinion, the situation became insulting when Sheree could not bother to come down and correct the situation. When Sheree was told that NeNe’s name was not on the list, knowing the potential for hard feelings she should have went to the door immediately. Instead Sheree used it as an opportunity to further humiliate NeNe. Perhaps NeNe should have been more mature about it and asked to see Sheree but people do not always behavior in their best matter when their feelings are hurt. To me, both Sheree and NeNe are insecure women. The only difference between the two is, Sheree has managed to co-opt the perception that she is together and superior to NeNe and NeNe has internalised this as truth.

So far, I love NeNe the most and I know there is a story behind her being the founder of The Twisted Hearts Foundation, a foundation that brings awareness to domestic violence against women.

What can I say about Kim? She is amusing. I love the way she had to meet her designer at the Shell station. And if you noticed when she told NeNe about needing to stop at the Shell station, NeNe had a momentary pause, but went along with it without protest. That made for a major LOL moment. For people who assume Kim’s mystery man is black, I think it is racism/internalised racism to conclude this without any evidence. Not that there would be anything wrong if her man is black. However, I don’t think he is,– judging by some other factors. Why I think the assumption is racist/internalised racist is because it seems to scream if Kim hangs out with black people (NeNe) then she is too soiled to have a white boyfriend, that no white man, being the superior being that he supposedly is would have her. Such a conclusion is racist because it is upholding racist ideology. An ideology that says white women who have anything to do with blacks (outside of the token black relationship some middle class whites have in order to avoid being seen as racist, those types of relationships are approved of by the white middle class) are not worthy of pairing with any man but a black man. The very thought keeps the white man in a superior position and the black man in an inferior position, —thus, is racist.

Now, I would not be surprised if her “man” is married though. However, it is a possibility, yes it is, that he may simply be someone who does not appreciate putting his business out in the streets, all on the television. I know if Mr. Glendower agreed to a reality show, he could not count on me to participate. Sorry, not my cup of tea.

What I will predict however is before the season is over the producers may try to create a little drama between NeNe and Kim. I will not be looking forward to that, because I don’t want to see my girl NeNe hurt.

As far as Lisa and DeShawn, I am so not impressed. Unlike some comments I’ve read I don’t see any reason to call DeShawn a gold digger (not that there is ever a reason). She met and married her husband long before he became rich. If anything, she is a little too docile and submissive for my taste. A few times I was thinking, “Damn woman, are you going to run the house or not.” If you do not know what I am talking about I am referring to when she asked her husband if it was okay to bring Bailey’s Irish Crème into the house. It made her look infantile. There she was working with her estate manager, agreeing that her parents should be called beforehand and asked if they have any special requests and when her father responds that he would like some Bailey’s Irish Crème, vodka, and salmon, Deshawn is left to get permission from her husband. How embarrassing, and in front of the estate manager as well. Eric’s reaction was priceless. It looked like he wanted to say, “WTF, I’m not running a GOT DAMN hotel,” instead he cleaned it up by playfully and passively aggressively mumbling something about their house not being a night club.

I cannot even bother with Lisa. After the first episode, I like her the least. She is far too power hungry. Notice who she sided with between NeNe and Sheree. It was Sheree’s party so Lisa was not having any position but the center position right up there next to who she thinks is the top dog at the moment. Moreover, was the bowling game at her house or DeShawn’s? I think it was at Lisa’s. Notice how pathetic and sorry her and husband jumped around power tripping making the losers do push-ups. Sure, they tried to look like it was a joke, but I get the feeling Lisa enjoyed watching them all on the ground.

Episode two airs Tuesday night.

  1. stljoie permalink
    October 14, 2008 2:39 pm

    What channel is this on???

  2. The Fabulous Kitty Glendower permalink
    October 14, 2008 3:47 pm


  3. The Fabulous Kitty Glendower permalink
    October 15, 2008 4:08 pm

    I think it is very revealing how the white middle class reacts so violently when one of its member is exposed as the sexist, classist, (and no doubt racist) that she is. It’s amazing how many people are now hanging to my every word. I think guilt and shame is knocking. Perhaps it is not too late for some of you oppressors.

    In this thread, either discuss The Real Housewives of Atlanta are brace yourself for the delete button.

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