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Inconvenient and Uncompromising Old Women

October 21, 2008
88-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Taking A Ball

First lesson of the patriarchy, teach boys that all space and property, both public and private belong to them. Forget about the tropes such as “possession is 9/10 of the law,” “Finders keepers, losers weepers,” and property rights, those trivialities are only in play when it is one male attempting to dominate the possessions/property of another male. When a woman is involved, especially one that is no longer considered desirable for a male’s pleasure, all possible precedents are voided. That bitch needs to give it up, say the enforcers of all things patriarchal! The world is a man’s playground and women, even eighty-eight year old women need to recognise, or the police will come in and put that bitch back in her place right quick. /Snap.

The entitled boy’s mommy, or should I say the headmistress of carrying out patriarchal indoctrination, cries “This time it was a ball that my son had just bought with his own money. He works and he makes his own money, and he bought that ball and six days later she took it.” Well headmistress of patriarchy, just how did this 88-year-old woman manage to take your little sweet Johnny’s ball? Oh, I know, because he kept throwing it in her yard. You know a yard, her yard, her property. Property, that thing men love to control, dominate, and close off to the poor, to women, yet when this woman attempts to control her own property she is expected to submit to the whims of the next up and coming patriarch. Moreover, what Edna Jester suspects about being played as a laughing stock is very believable. Old women are not respected by the middle-aged, much less their ungrateful offspring, particularly male teenagers. Apparently, empathy is a concept not reserved for old women. How hard is it to imagine that each time that fucking ball hits her yard, her house or something in her yard, it may startle and frighten her? It is not as if an eighty-eight year old woman can feel secure that she will be protected in her own home. No, that sense of security disappeared as soon as the first news reports aired that predators (often young males) target older women, to rob, rape, and use as a means to a few laughs.

Feel free to protest against what happened to this woman. You will be eighty-eight years old one day, if you are so lucky (as I).

Blue Ash Police Department
4343 Cooper Road
Blue Ash, Ohio 45242-5699
Dispatch (non-emergency number): (513) 745-8555

I have not been able to find out who will be presiding over Edna Jester’s case on Nov. 12. However, it looks to be a Mayor’s Court (pdf), held by, The Honorable Robert J. Buckman Jr., Mayor presiding.

The Honorable Robert J. Buckman, Jr., Mayor, presiding
4343 Cooper Road
Blue Ash, Ohio 45242-5699
(513) 745-8500

Update: Charges Dropped.

  1. Chris permalink
    October 24, 2008 3:18 am

    I’m glad the charges were dropped. I think once the news got out, the “powers that be” realized that they didn’t want to be associated with this one.

  2. CountryDew permalink
    October 26, 2008 10:02 pm

    Wow. I love your commentary in this. I am glad the charges were dropped. They should never have been leveled in the first place.

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