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The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Episode 3

October 25, 2008
Do you think Kim can sing? It seems like the producers are holding out on us. In the final episode will we discover that all along she is a poised songbird hiding her voice or a tone deaf off key wannabe. I have not made up my mind yet. I do wish she did not smoke so much. Is she ever seen without a cigarette in her mouth? The pictures and frames throughout her townhouse are beautiful. Imagine the cost of framing. We’ve one painting professionally framed and it ended up being more than the painting. No one seems to want to budge on the price of framing either. Also, Kim had the most beautiful coloured diamond/gemstone on her right hand. Wow, it was beautiful. I wished the camera had stopped so I could see it better. Maybe a yellow diamond?

I called it in my earlier post, I knew Kim and NeNe were not that tight, or I should say their relationship dangles on a thread. A thread that can be trifled with. Surprise surprise as soon as Sheree hears Kim has connections to Dallas Austin, a big time big time, then Sheree hones in on Kim’s acquaintance value. Before, it seemed that Sheree tolerated Kim because Kim was NeNe’s default sidekick, or, to imagine what could be said behind closed doors, “That crazy white chick that is fucking some married man that is always hanging around NeNe.” Now that it has become evident that Kim has major pull in Atlanta, –a connection to Dallas Austin, then Sheree seems to be thinking, “Oh hell, Kim has big big big time pull, I need to cozy on up to her, like yesterday.” Of course, that means pushing NeNe out of the picture instead of all three of them being friends/acquaintances. And silly old Kim will fall for it because Sheree owns and conveys the perception that she is superior to NeNe.

Please give me a reason to like DeShawn because I so don’t. Mainly because she seems to be living in La La land. To think that she will raise one million dollars in one night just proves how out of touch she is. Notice how Sheree and Kim, two women who must worry daily where their cash will come from, were the only two women who were realistic about how difficult raising one million dollars in one night could/would be. Actually, both concluded that it was an unrealistic expectation. I suspect both Sheree and Kim know the value of a dollar even when they are blowing money because come tomorrow Kim’s Big Poppa can easily tell her adios, and Sheree’s divorce can end not so happily, or at least not so seven figure-ishly as she is hoping, as in counting her eggs before they hatch, as in wasting $6500 on ugly shoes.

Poor NeNe. I really want to slap the person who wrote her that letter. What was their point? “I’m telling you that Curtis is not your daddy, so you need to be giving us some of that money you spend on fancy purses.” What planet are they on? NeNe’s husband was trying to be polite, but what he was basically saying was that NeNe’s family has held their hands out far too many times, and he added, they seem to think they deserve more. So, knowing this mentality, what did the letter writer expect? Is the letter writer NeNe’s real father? If so, does he have it in his head that if he connects to NeNe he can connect to some cash. Is the letter writer related to NeNe’s real biological father and thinks the same thing? Whatever he or she thinks it is totally idiotic. I know her aunt (who raised her) looked sweet and was trying to comfort NeNe but I couldn’t help to wonder if she knew what was going on. She read that letter awfully fast like she already knew the contents. Plus, she told NeNe to eat something and maybe she will forget about it all. {{{Hugs}}} NeNe.

That just leaves the other one, —-Lisa. Why did she bother to go to Miss Rose’s if she was going to be so snobby about the whole thing? Whatever Lisa.

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