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Eyes on Nebraska

October 27, 2008

OMAHA, Neb. – More than a dozen children have been abandoned under Nebraska’s unique safe-haven law, which allows children as old as 18 to be abandoned without fear of prosecution. But the case of a 14-year-old girl from Iowa has stoked fears of an influx of unwanted out-of-state children.

The law, which took effect in July, permits caregivers to leave children at hospitals. Like similar laws in other states, it was intended to protect infants. But the Nebraska law was written to include the word “child,” without setting an age limit.

Some have taken the word “child” in the law to mean “minor,” which in Nebraska includes anyone under the age of 19. Others have taken the common law definition, which includes those under age 14.

Since Nebraska implemented a safe-haven law including the abandonment of children as old as 19, desperate parents have journeyed there. What is happening? Not foreseeing what has been happening, Nebraska lawmakers plan to revisit the law in January to limit the age to three-day-old newborns.
This is what I see, I see that Nebraska inadvertently opened a loophole, a loophole that created a way out for some parents, not necessarily careless or indifferent parents, but parents who are/were simply at their wit’s end. So when Nebraska washes their hands of this opening come January, I have to wonder what will happen to all the children that would have been left at Nebraska hospitals if this law had remained as it stands now.

Here are some articles about children whose parents felt as if they had no other choice but to leave them in Nebraska. (I will add more as I run across them).

Something is brewing in America’s heartland. (pdf)

11 kids, including family of 9, abandoned in Nebraska (from Nebraska)

CBS 46 Talks To Mother Who Abandoned Child (from Georgia)

Michigan teen abandoned by mom in Nebraska (from Michigan)

Law’s Effect: An Iowa Girl Is Abandoned in Nebraska (from Iowa)
  1. Anna permalink
    October 28, 2008 2:15 am

    Kitty – thank you so much for highlighting this case, this issue. This is all AWFUL & it is telling us something about ourselves, our society that perhaps some don't want to hear but need to. Thank you, Kitty.

  2. justicewalks permalink
    October 30, 2008 1:53 pm

    I went to the article about the 11 kids, 9 from one family, and I was underwhelmingly NOT surprised to see that the very first comment admonished those of us who might scoff (or spit) at the negligent father of 9 to consider that perhaps his wife had died or he’d become unemployed. The same people who’d deny any compassion whatsoever to an abused, jobless 15-year-old girl abandoning her newborn have all the sympathy in the world for a fully grown man who abandons his 9 children. Some even went so far as to say we should be thanking this man for not blowing all their brains out, since plenty of assholes do just that.

    This is exactly what I mean when I say the common “non-misogynist” man benefits just as surely as the known and recognized rapist in these times of white male supremacy. Under what other circumstances would anyone be offering praise to a man for abstaining (whether out of “love,” concern for prison, or just sheer laziness) from buying a gun and some bullets and putting them to use on his family?

  3. The Fabulous Kitty Glendower permalink
    October 30, 2008 4:28 pm

    No doubt. I’ve keeping links about that father in my list for some time. He is a hero. And my first thought was how surely there will be some woman, some where that will step in and want to marry him, and they can get the children back, and live happily ever after, while he goes on his merry way all day and she is overseeing the children.

    Then they treat this woman like a criminal:

    Since she did not follow the technicalities of the law (a police station instead of a hospital, although it is confusing because it changes depending on the county/state), she is now a criminal. “How dare that cunt give away her teenage child.” The no father in the picture does not apply to her as the no mother in the picture applies to him.

  4. Natasha permalink
    November 1, 2008 6:49 pm


    I will write on this more in depth, I have not had internet for some time [barely can afford and we lost it for while, not sure how long we’ll be able to hold on to it as we are nickel and diming it big time — low income and if NOT for the need to sell things on Craigs to eat we wouldn’t bother with internet]

    but, I will say, I have been somewhat happy to be Back to Reality–away from the bubble of illusion on cyber world, where too many live in an existence that is very far from our reach—its giving me back perspective that I was beginning to lose as I found myself caught up in a world to which I truly don’t belong or even relate too really, speaking of daily realities and living check to check–Under the check so to speak, just one crisis from homelessness, put it that way.

    On this issue, I will speak from the voice of one of that world, and this is one issue that Really brings out the hate in me towards yuppie burkenstock wearing green liberals.

    Personally, I am not surprised or shocked at families abandoning children, teens mostly, nor am I appalled at it, in fact, I see it every damn day—these parents abandon children/teens mostly at hospitals,




    Shit fuck no, they could care less, now maybe McDonalds does, or some man selling newspapers who could use the commission only under the table labor of teens so HE can bring in the profit as some man did to my daughter and countless other teens in our neck of the woods who direly need money just to clothe themselves or just to NOT have to explain why mom or dad are too damn poor to give them an allowance. They care for those abandoned teens, sure,

    cheap labor.

    The rest, hell no. And honestly the ‘pity’ pisses me off,

    many ask, Why, I ask,


    AT least they are taken to the hospital for services,


    and VOTERS all in support of that. Pity,

    nah, and the laughable thing is, THE TEENS KNOW IT. So do the nine year olds, the seven year olds, the three year olds. But now, thats just ONE reason, for the people taking Nebraska up on their offer,

    the other, is the lack of PARENTAL RIGHTS, another ‘social experiment’ gone direly wrong by the liberal STATISM, that would make Stalin in his Soviet Regime handbook blush with pride. God forbid, if your teen tells you to go to hell and shoves a knife in your face that you dare slap them–Thats CHILD ABUSE,

    seriously, not kidding or joking or exaggerating here, it is a FACT that in America due to the STATE constantly INTERFERRING in matters that are way over the line of determining abuse, in other words, over zealous do gooders who coddle children rather than teaching personal responsibility, we have a generation of children and teens who see nothing wrong with

    abusing parents or authority. I would like to sit here and say this is only a result of anger and teen rebellion and anger only of the impoverished but thats not the case, hell we have a generation of RICH teens and Middle Class teens who have the idea of


    Rather than teach values we have the Pay For Good Behavior by a system of REWARDS and it starts in our public schools. No more is there consequences, oh no, now its, do good you get goodies…do bad, you get no goodies,

    and That might work in younger ages until that child gets smart enough to know BRIBERY when they see it and THEN THEY LEARN THE GAME,

    and then, the WAR. We live in a system of pay outs, and when they don’t get theirs, its PAY BACK TIME.

    And then the STATE, refusing to admit that somewhere in our extreme raunchy culture me, me, me liberalism [capitalism], AND THAT WE ARE PRODUCING A CULTURE OF


    we instead, play the Blame game,

    oh its those lousy parents, that slut mom, that trailer trash loser, that deadbeat…

    blame, blame, blame. Its the Jerry Springer syndrome, and society in their hunger for more and more eats it up like pancakes sucking up syrup.

    Parents with these teens without the resources to pay rent much less pay the ridiculous high end ‘retreats’ for your defiant teen find that the system that coddles and sympathizes with those rich capitalist liberals and neocons has not the same sympathy for the poor–

    not only that, the STATE is ready to slam that POOR PARENT in the SLAMMER for by golly,

    “”having that damn bastard child in the first place…especially if its a single mother, why, that slut, poor and deadbeat has no business procreating a generation of thugs now does she?””

    Just read the blogs, the memos, the p.r. mentality, the Jerry Springer syndrome, thats what they all say…

    so ole Nebraska, a poor not to wealthy state with a service system that is already strained [lots of refugee settlements however, LOL, dare I go there], decides they simply cannot handle the rising teen problem or the rising foster care problem [besides, not enough $$$ in foster care for people to go into it, you’d be amazed at how many LOSERS I’ve seen who go into foster care because its hey, easy STATE money, take in a few children, that extra help around the house, you got some doe each month–even pays for the Chronic, and YES I’ve seen it, even one white woman in a wheelchair, a hateful bitch she is, who became a foster mother and has taken in an African American girl who is, literally her damn slave, you think Social Services cares, Hell NO. They figure one less kid to worry about and besides, its one less woman burdening the system, kill two birds with one stone, but I know that girl and know how much of her childhood is gone,

    forever, and tragic thing is there is no help for this girl, other than kind words and gestures when you can, a young child whom was friends with one of my daughters, a child who works day and night for this woman, who gets $$ once a month to feed her slave,

    %!%$%@!%$@! but now SHE’S a hero because she’s a foster mother [puke puke]

    I could write a book about this shit, seriously, as for Nebraska, sure, people said,

    I can’t do it, STATE holds me hostage with their ridiculous Stalinist expectations, with no resources and money, can barely make it IF that, junior is already running the streets or about too,

    so why not? They at least might get medical, dental, food, shelter…

    Pathetic really. And it infuriates me to see the Pity and the Anger at the Parents,

    who children themselves at one time, not All are just deadbeats or uncaring…doesn’t matter if its a Man or a Woman,


    and then, LOL, loe and behold people take them up on it, and NOT with infants,

    OLDER CHILDREN, for a variety of reasons,

    but mostly teens. WHAT does that tell us, I’ll tell you what it tells us, what happens every damn day all over the place in this country, in your backyards,

    its just, that its not hospitals they are dumped at,

    its schools, playyards, in front of video games, malls, ESPECIALLY MALLS, streets and parks. Its inside bedrooms with caged walls where neighbors just pretend not to notice,

    girls age ten having sex with six boys to prove herself tough enough,

    boys nine in our schools who already know the ins and outs,

    and a world wrapped up in consumerism and the liberal me, me, me its all fine baby, and the neocons with their ‘bring back white society with Godbags and abstinence with MORE children living in squalor and poverty,

    our HOPE, LOL, not in politicians [joke big time] or in parties or in gender groups with their new agendas [cough cough like its really so new, LOL],

    or in middle aged white men with their wanting young women fantasies of Leninism and Mao, or Hitler, either way,

    oh no, its in the young people NOT abandoned at those hospitals, the growing ICP kids and growing Gang kids and growing FED UP KIDS,

    though hope, maybe is not the word really, more like a violent nihilism that will one day, probably soon with the economy going the way it is, that will rise up and do to us

    what has been done to them–and the IRONY is,

    its the making of the sixties and seventies me, me, me generation and the making of the reactionary to that–

    its going to come back to haunt us I’m afraid. And the Jerry Springer syndrome, that fertile expression of the world in which we really are and no amount of Acrombie (?) and Finch and Ivy League and Progressives can cover that up,

    is going to burst at the seams. I say, with the right wing extremes of wanting to force pregnancy and rid birth control and more cuts in services [like in one state I know of], they not end the Nebraska program,

    shit, I say do it in all the states and in every city, LET AMERICA SEE, TAKE A REAL HARD FUCKING LOOK, AT WHAT SHE’S CREATED…

    callous, maybe, I’m one of those kids–abandoned once myself, so I guess I’m a tad hard and while sympathetic, not so–most reading won’t understand that–oh well,

    I do, my kids do, the kids I see do, and some of them, are harder than I ever was…I never had it in me to kill,

    a lot of the kids I know today, do.

    But its that combination of stupid and I do mean stupid yuppie do gooder liberalism with their ‘oh you can’t discipline junior oh thats too harsh bullshit’ and the Other extreme, and then,

    of course, can’t have violence and anger, oh no, but now, o.k., to kill a population of poor slowly and shop while they SLOWLY ROT….

    you say, horrid and stop the program, I say,

    bring it on, open these hospitals up all over the damn place and let people see what I see every fucking day–and then,

    then, say, maybe we have a problem. Damn folks, its not we have a problem, or society is somehow reflected, PEOPLE–THIS IS WHAT AMERICA IS,



    and when the damn of misery breaks, and IT WILL, it will overtake them–

    and what will shock most, will be the AGES OF THE BUTCHERS AND REVOLUTIONARIES AND TYRANTS

    whom, I might add, our country has created. Liberals and Neocons both.

    So shocked, hell no, in fact, most of us where I live, when this story came out, most laughed, not at the horror of it, but at the ‘shock’ of people, because thats the real horror, the blindness of society to this problem and its only getting worse.

    Meanwhile–I think I’ll continue without the internet, I think its a good thing, because even the stories in the news, are so damn out of touch with reality, the PR garbage to paint an ‘ideal picture’, when the Reality is, these abandoned children are not poor isolated cases, oh no,



  5. Natasha permalink
    November 1, 2008 8:29 pm

    BTW Kitty your writing is of recent damn good–I mean damn good and the topics you are covering,

    hit so close to home. You are a voice in this blog o sphere that is SO NEEDED, and just know, so appreciated,

    and I do admire how you can write eloquently and with passion and emotion but yet put things in a way that are clear and well,

    they just explain better. I do have to say, much is hard for me to read because its so much of the truth in which I live and deal with, but you, you are one of the few writers that can write and put it in a way that is well,

    just Real. What I love about you,

    what I love reading here. I wish I could write in a way where I could hold back and just not let it rip, maybe one day, just not at that place right now,

    its getting to where its very difficult to even write anymore, and I can’t help but wonder if there are a few more that have put down the pen [or keyboard] in resignation and who are just waiting…

    waiting for what, don’t really know. But I’m there,

    but I can come here after this brief time of not having access to the web and read and its the one blog that isn’t the same ole do overs of whats in the headlines [thank god] and whats on t.v. [it was really something to see what is on regular t.v. again–so many public relation ads that I thought I traveled to some other dimension, like I got off some time warp or something, things Must be getting really bad for the media ‘machine’ to be spewing propaganda posters that remind me of the ones I used to pull up on history sites to look at, LOL],

    anyway, your last blog entries are exceptional and especially the ones about class. Bravo–great writing and just wanted to take a moment to say so,

    always enjoy reading what you write and encouraging, in ways I don’t have time to explain here. Nice to know there is some sanity in a world that has gone completely barmy.

    BTW, been reading tons, another great thing about NOT having internet or cable–and in fact, think its better,

    but dug in those classics I always said I’d read–LOVE “Catcher in the Rye”, lol,

    picked up the banned books and challenged books ever since I read about Palin and the whole firing librarian thing–

    and reading Steinbeck at the moment along with a few others. Regular non-cable t.v., couldn’t handle it, between the never ending goddamn political ads [that had the ability to make me want to seek out the mentally ill on the streets for some clarity if that tells you anything, sad state of affairs our nation/world is in, you Really can see the brainwashing when you step back from it all for a long while],

    and then the every ten minutes another slasher horror killing women/torture film coming out [can’t Hollywood come up with Anything But slaughter films?],

    and the Guilt while reading thinking god this is such a bourgousie thing to do though knowing I can only do because its books found in trash [amazing what people throw out these days] or because we choose to forgoe the housecleaning and sleep, mostly sleep to read with work and survival…work that is] but still that guilt,

    where That comes from, haven’t quite figured out yet–but point being,

    I can come here and you know Kitty this is one blog that is actually INTELLIGENT,

    and I don’t say that lightly or friviously–or just to flatter.

    It really is INTELLIGENT,

    and just wanted to say,

    what I respect and admire about you. In case, I lose internet again [very likely], just wanted you to know this…I respect and admire you,

    you’ve been an inspiration to me, not just because you understand me or what I write/speak–our world,

    but because you do so in a way that makes ME want to be a better person, to aspire to something other than just rage and venting…though lately I can’t say I have the desire to show it in this brief time I may have to write, guess I’m just fed up with the whole damn thing, know what I mean,

    with communicating to this whole screen in front, maybe thats it,

    its not the same you know, as it is, talking to one down the street or sitting in a chair having coffee, talking to one face to face,

    we don’t have that in our society it seems, not really–maybe why the depth is gone. Hmmm, well something that I chewed on alot in just that short month that seemed like a long time, which IS funny, because a month is just a bleeting of the eye but it was enough,

    just enough,

    to see so much that is really wrong and out of sorts. Thats what it is, out of sorts, in other words,

    I think we are more controlled, even thought wise than what we truly grasp. Even in blog world, hell Especially in blog world/or cyber world,

    its amazing when you get away from it all, what you truly start to see. Absolutely amazing,

    and the content, is enough, the things that books are made of,

    and the one thing about the web I’ve realized, is how much its attempt at pulling us away from

    those coffee talks and books, it truly is.

    Question is though, is Why? And whats even more concerning, is Why aren’t more people asking that question.

    Keep up the good writing and keeping it real, keep up the non-apologetics, and the bravery,

    saying it like it is with no holding back. You’ve taken a lot of blows for being true…and always you remain standing,

    a true soldier you are Kitty,

    and I mean that in a good way. And while not having access to the web for that short time, I just wanted to say,

    the only thing I missed, was reading your blog here. It was surprising at how many I could just not be bothered with,

    but this one, this one, I did miss reading,

    and wondered about, thought about, even while reading Salinger.

    If you ever thought about writing book wise, well,

    you should.



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