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The California Ballot

October 30, 2008
There are a few controversial propositions in California that will be voted on Tuesday. I noticed voting No on Prop 8 is getting far more coverage than a no vote on Prop 4. I am well aware that the people and the money interested in defeating either are not the same people/groups; however, I have to wonder why a No on Prop 8 is getting more coverage on blogs (so-called progressive blogs) than a No on Prop 4. The money excuse is not sufficient for the oversight because we all blog at our own expense. I think the difference in coverage in the “liberal” blogosphere is due to misogyny.

Prop 8 is discrimination, we all know this, there is no argument about it, and if we were to follow the old rules of liberalism, issues regarding discrimination will certainly fall into the laps of the liberal minded. Voting No on Prop 8 is a no brainer. A Yes on 8 means you want to triumph in your bigotry and a No on 8 means you will not consent to bigotry. Therefore, why is the no-brainer getting most of the coverage and the one about teenage girls (yes girls, because boys don’t get abortions) is being ignored.

Maybe, just maybe  liberals who are so compelled to voice their concern about Prop 8, but not Prop 4, are assuming Prop 4 will be shot down again as it has been two times before. However, why risk it? Or perhaps Prop 4 can be risked because the focus is on women and not men. Yes, Prop 8 concerns both men and women, but let’s keep it real. When the average bigot, religious zealot, etc, concerns him/herself with homosexuality, they are thinking about the threat against compulsory white male supremacy, a concept dependent on heterosexuality. Many heteronormative religious zealots believe that lesbianism is simply a situational indulgence borne out of the lack of having an available dick. If that pipe is ever laid on her, consistently no less, she will, without a minute of hesitation run into the arms of a willing man and chalk up all those old lesbian thoughts as nothing more than a “college experience,” –“just a silly phrase I [was] going through.” On the other hand, heterosexual men have no trouble believing the reality of male homosexuality. The average bigoted patriarch instinctively believes it to be so, because after all, who wouldn’t want to love a man, a human similar to him, I mean, just look at him, he is like the shit, so of course male homosexuality is real.

So, what I am facetiously getting at is, Prop 8 is all about the menz, even if it will benefit lesbian women too, it is perceptively, all about the menz. I bet if you were to ask most “liberal” bloggers if Vote No on Prop 8 is doing enough and the expectations would be that it is every liberals duty to shout it from the rooftops, –Vote No on Prop 8. But the duty of promoting a No on Prop 4 is not charged too all liberals, just the female liberals. Prop 4 is all about women, in an absolute way, as in, men do not have abortions. So you see, when it is absolutely about women, just voting on Election Day or saying you will vote NO on 4 is enough, but when it is mostly about men, and only somewhat about women, then baby, all you bastards better fire up the keyboard and get in their faces. The little girls can manage on their own. It will pan out in the end, just wait and see, and if it does not, well we can find someone willing to adopt their little babies that their religious zealot’s parents forced them to carry to full term and give away.

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