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Eyes On Nebraska: Update

November 3, 2008
The 26th child, a sixteen-year-old female from Arizona has been abandoned (such an ugly word, and not one I feel actually describes the circumstances) under Nebraska’s Safe Haven Law.

Originally, legislators in Nebraska were going to wait until January 2009 session to change the law to limit the age of abandoned children to three-day-old newborns. However, citing budget reasons and other frivolous excuses that are void of all human compassion, Nebraska legislators are expected to hold a special session on Nov. 14 to change the law to apply to children only three days old and younger.

I don’t understand a society that wants to force pregnancies, as in expecting people to be magically educated about human sexuality when the topic is so readily avoided because it is just too taboo to deal with properly in school.

I don’t understand a society that has defunded and limited abortion and is now trying to limit abortion more so by promoting a law that forces teenage girls to inform their parents within forty-eight hours of a scheduled abortion (Vote NO on Prop 4 in California). Subsequently, once the abortion is discourage (prevented) mothers are treated in a punishing way, as in, “you made your bed now lie in it”, when said pregnant girl/woman does not have a clue about parenting and it begins to surface. Then withhold, limit, or not guarantee or offer any feasible help for her lack of parenting skills be it from the father of the child (who is given a free pass from most of society because she should have prevented the pregnancy, not him). And when the social service system is utilised, it fascist-ly barges into one’s home and threatens to take a child (if not take it outright) when the parent(s) blunders in her parenting, yet, ignores numerous signs of actual abuse and neglect from other cases. Instead of properly educating and following up with the parent in a humane and productive way, the parent is left feeling that one wrong move and the child is lost, lost to a system that offers the child with an environment that may or may not be better than the child’s initial circumstances. Yet when she (and sometimes he and sometimes with he) realises she/he must abandon the child before his/her limitations cause the child to end up dead or in prison (or the parent end up dead or in prison), the parents are told, “No!, go home, take your child with you and do it right this time, we won’t support you, we will not tell you the secret to success, we will not forgive you, we will label you and talk bad about you, but nevertheless, go home and do it right.”

The system is broken, sinisterly deformed. It is essentially impossible, just impossible, manic in its approach, to encourage, demand child bearing, while simultaneously expecting a priori knowledge, patience, and resources about parenting. Having sex (thus getting pregnant) and parenting are two very different skill sets, two skills that are not always learned/developed simply out of necessity, two skills that do not go hand-in-hand. When the first (sex) is mastered (or stumbled upon or the result of victimisation), it does not automatically flip on a parenting skills and resources switch.

And the state’s answer, “Let’s close shop, saving children is costing us too much money, ——— but remember kids, say no to having an abortion!”

  1. Natasha permalink
    November 5, 2008 6:39 pm

    Couldn’t have said it better myself,

    you pegged it to every point and while infuriating because I relate, too damn well to most points,

    it so needs to be said AND LISTENED TO, because not only is the SYSTEM broken,

    the SYSTEM is making a killing $$$ off of its being broken. Killing $$$ off of the psychiatric industrial complex [doping up kids by force], off of the Poverty Industry [percentage of monies that go to agencies that ‘assist’, or claim to assist the poor], off of marketing and p.r. relations, off of charities who ‘exploit’ misery for fundraising,

    off of a broken Juvenile and Prison industrial complex,

    in other words, broken kids/families means someone makes income from it all. It provides jobs,

    public sector jobs and Thats the agenda behind it all, on both the right and left. Kid yourself not and most don’t realize it until they are caught up in it and see it, and the SYSTEM says you if you see it are the ‘crazy’ one,

    which is easy to do, after all, they are the ones with the power to label. One of the better books that I feel does go into depth in describing how the infrastructure works and the profit behind it,

    “Democracy for the Few” by Michael Parenti. There is also “Friendly Fascism” but the first I feel describes the internals with accuracy, as far as sources go. And that book was written a while back but is so true even today.

    In fact its only gotten worse, and now the few organizations and/or individuals who actually Do help are so overburden by the rise in need that they are closing shop. The strain is just too great.

    Then there is the sex industry, and by that I’m not talking about porn but by the whole capitalist infrastructure in marketing, especially, that pushes sex down our throats twenty four seven, and its the kids,

    kids as young as nine, that are being bombarded with the messages,

    want to be great in life one must be a sexual Don Juan then. In the UK, they want to start sex ed at six years old, Six years old,

    its ridiculous. Just because there is availability at younger ages doesn’t mean we should start pimping their minds at that young of age, at least thats what I think,

    what ever happened to childhood?

    Used to be, teens had sex just because of hormones and bad decisions, or just curiousity,

    NOW, teens have sex because its a ‘have to’ to survive teen and social culture,

    and Not teens at 17, oh no, they must start having sex by the time they are 12! Its insane, and not just have sex,

    but have sex with multiple partners, both genders. These teens are having sex today, kids too, not just teens without even really wanting sex,

    today its not just about ‘peer pressure’ but its about initiation into ‘teen hood’ or in their minds, the ‘social accepted adulthood’,

    but travesty is, without the knowledge of what parenting in the LONG TERM is. OR, to so many who are taught in those public ed classes of the six week being a parent to a crying doll course, many, especially young teen women, are opting to have children,

    to have someone to love and be loved back. Often to escape the drudgery of living at home,

    or maybe, just maybe, to get back at parents for being latch key kids,

    a desire for ‘family’ by creating their own but without truly understanding the consequences of that decision.

    I speak from seeing every single one of my oldest daughter’s friends [except for one, one] who have a child. Every single one,

    and these girls are 16 years old. They are NOT girls/young women from the ghetto mind you,

    but from the rural, suburbs, and most white, middle to lower income class. A few Hispanics but many white girls from good middle to even upper class homes.

    And its always the same, they started having sex at nine, ten, eleven years old,and Not just with boys,

    multiple partners with both girls and boys. Hell these teens have more sex knowledge than I do, as far as the whole sex industry market and if that isn’t bad enough, they often Do their acts on the internet.

    I see so many parents that are absolutely clueless, and not just parents, even the schools. It isn’t enough to just teach birth control, in fact, many of the girls I know with child did know about birth control and had access to it, if anything at least condoms.

    But now, sex is like other activities, its a ‘score card’ and the more RISK involved the higher the score. And its destroying our children.

    But turn on the t.v. and its dial hot babes for conversation and go to sex toy stores to spice up that long drab marriage to if you have an erection for more than four hours call doctor on super viagra,

    and kids hear these messages every single day.

    Then society Wonders why teen pregnancies are on the rise, or why they occur in the numbers they do.

    And you are right, the very same ones who’ll crucify that girl for having sex and a child are the very same ones who’ll scream the loudest about their ‘entitlement’ to free capitalist market and advertising and selling products using sex messages to do so,

    not just hinting but flooding society with it. But dare we have services, the answer by the other side of ‘extremism’ is abstinence and no welfare,

    turning kids out and demanding big families [with rewards for those who take fertility drugs, with the diaper marathons and free S.U.V. giveaways, you see Thats great, society says, “Oh what a success story, oh nice little house couple with eight kids all in one batch”

    but dare a woman wind up in a car with a kid with a job at Walmart that doesn’t pay rent AND daycare.

    She’s the slut, the whore, the bad mother…

    the father a deadbeat [poor dads are more likely to be jailed than dads who actually Make enough income to pay–statistical fact].

    Eventually we’ll have a nation of street kids similar if not like Peru, Columbia, El Salvador, Romania,

    and I’m positive at that time, the human right violations and police state will have tripled in good ole America by then.

    After all, the infrastructure is training the young minds for just that,

    question is, Who benefits from it? Surely not the children or the

    children’s children.

    Good post Kitty, keep them coming


  2. The Fabulous Kitty Glendower permalink
    November 5, 2008 6:43 pm

    Natasha, while you are here, I want to thank you so much for your appreciation, your kind words. I was hoping you read my posts on class. I want to respond to your comments. I will soon when I am ready to meet each line head on. Sometimes I have to walk away from the reality too. Actually, I walk away a lot, especially when the words stare me in the face.

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