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Keeping Up Appearances

November 5, 2008
If there is one thing that has been etched in my head while fooling around on the Internet is, appearance is important. Appearance is the most important thing. Image is EVERYTHING, which is quite sad really, because one would think in a world where anonymity can be accomplished, it seems image would not be necessary or not as important as face-to-face interactions. Nevertheless, it seems that exploring oneself is at the bottom of the priority list, especially if that expedition may bring about a true change for people who desperately need a real change in circumstances. Evidently, people can say one thing and do another and it is totally acceptable because everyone doing the accepting is familiar with how it works. The most important thing in the world is to look like you are whatever it is that is favorable at the moment. If anyone wanted to get to the heart of the matter all he or she has to do would be to dig a little deeper, —just a little.

The “I’m not a racist” crowd overwhelmingly voted for a black man for president, one who is fine with gay people as long as they don’t proselytize all the time, and pregnant women as long as they consult with their pastor/husband/parents before considering an abortion and, thinks it is perfectly okay to insult absent black fathers (thus, erasing a celebration for responsible black fathers) on the day that the rest of the country’s fathers are celebrating their fatherhood (absent or not). However, that same crowd voted for a constitutional ban on gay marriage (Prop 8). That same group of people decided that a system that disproportionately incriminates and imprisons people of colour for non-violent drug offences (Prop 5) should still go to prison instead of getting more treatment and less prison. In other words, “keep the faggots in their place and keep the scary people in prison.” But, “yay! Let’s all do lunch and talk about how kewl and progressive we are. There’s like this bohemian-styled sandwich shop that makes the perfect croque-monsieur that would be the perfect place to meet and mingle.”

Let’s not forget those little underage whores who sneak out and get abortions (Prop 4). They got by this time, but each time, three now to be exact, the race has been tighter, so with forty-eight percent of the voters wanting teenage girls to report to their possibly abusive parents, it will be easier than ever to get enough signatures to put it up for a vote next time. It is the old inch-by-inch technique.

It is just so typical of the top down model. The people who are structurally at an advantage garner points for looking progressive while the populace, the bulk, the volume, the sufferers are still mistreated and discriminated against. Image helps people already at an advantage; image does diddlysquat for people who actually need substantial change, you know substance over image.

  1. Natasha permalink
    November 7, 2008 3:50 pm

    Great post Kitty,

    I wonder how many also voted to save future in regards to home loss too? Like how many voted from their pocket book and so forth,

    talking about middle to upper middle class. I didn’t vote for either, can’t stand either and besides, lol,

    neither even acknowledges the working class [true working class/working poor] and underclass so, guess to us it don’t matter one way or the other which party because they both ride our backs.

    Like, we have health insurance, by force actually because hubby has a state welfare job [lol what we call it] BUT the deductable is so high [6,000] that no one in our family has health care,

    and it puts our income right at the above poverty line but after you deduct the insurance we are way below the poverty line,

    so on paper it looks fine but reality is, we’re paycheck to paycheck from homelessness. And of course, hell we live in a cardboard box on wheels, recyclable housing, at least we’re Green, we can also tear down our mobile and recycle parts. Thats the big joke about mobile home living.

    I think the economy/state of had a LOT to do with Obama getting elected, McCain too with choosing Palin, [being too far right/religious right that is but irony in that is lets see, Christian fundamentalism or concessions to Sharia Law, hmmmm],

    and concessions like what we are seeing in gov jobs, to not ‘offend’ and of course, misogynist as hell these new rules,

    anyway I think the issue with McCain too was the question of whether or not Palin would be Presidential material,

    not Vice President so much but the interviews, I saw a lot of questions regarding what if McCain passes on, etc., and that I wonder how much too effected voter decision.

    All I know was before the whole housing/downfall of the Market came out, there was a lot of undecision and even a lot of hesitation/mistrust of Obama,

    then news hit with market going down and swoosh, like a tidal wave reality started hitting in for a Lot of people,

    and the old America’s economy is strong and taxes creates jobs just simply wasn’t going to wash this time. Because not only was Obama elected via a landslide by the state elections too, really went over to the other side.

    I don’t think the race issue came out Until [as far as the whole PR thing goes] after Obama was elected then it was everywhere, our first Black President.

    Interestingly though market still going down, but it hasn’t seemed to have the momentum for air time that it did before the election, but then I haven’t really been watching much news either, but from the radio I can tell some difference there.

    Personally I think we’re going to see more of a police state, we’re going to see America becoming a LOT like Europe is under the EU, with concessions to extremes to ‘keep the peace’ and for those who are having to endure the bullshit,

    they’ll become more invisible.

    And I think it wouldn’t have been much different if McCain would have gotten it where that is concerned, just How it would get that way would be different. One will do it by modernism/progressive fascism, the other by capitalist/economic fascism via class,

    either way its international’ and corporate and the people Think they have the power but its codependency if anything. Thing is though,

    its not because of Obama or McCain, no,

    its because this system has been slowly being put into place for very long time right under our noses and scary but real thing is, most aren’t even aware or if they are,

    simply don’t care. As long as they are ‘comfortable’,

    god got to save that ya know, that whole comfort thing and so what if undesirables are sent off to wars and prisons are full and more are on mental alterations of some sort to cope. The machine is working, as one says to me all the time,

    the mechanism works, its the practicum that doesn’t. I think the Shocker is going to be though,

    when people, realize that there isn’t truly a lifeboat, and the lifeboats out there, are for a special ‘few’. Like the Titanic, off to sail and it just looks so good and hopeful,

    but the icebergs are ahead. And even those who can swim, won’t have that to rely on anymore.

    Its just too bad that hope doesn’t pay bills and the emotional high and all that jazz, America will be one big Boulder CO, leisure class fascism and poverty doesn’t exist nor ironically, people of color,

    LOL, no one smokes and its all Green and healthy and life is good. All that other horrible stuff simply doesn’t exist,

    so when you go through Boulder [Socialist Republic of Boulder that is] you think you’re in another time zone, its only when you leave the city that you start to smell the rot of decay and misery. But the Republic of Boulder are oblivious to it,

    its all champaigne (sic) and Brie there.

    Thats what I think America will be, with more prisons being built and more wars WITH A DRAFT, something no one has thought of with this whole thing about Afghanistan and possible Pakistan,

    amazing isn’t it.



  2. Anna permalink
    November 8, 2008 4:37 am

    I heard – way off in my oh so red state where the subject of gay marriage isn’t even a subject – about prop 8 in California. Obama should have gone on record against it. It’s passing is troubling. Esp in such a “blue” state. The democrats took their eye off the ball, as it were. They need to refocus their eyes again, albeit after the horse has left the barn.

  3. Anna permalink
    November 8, 2008 4:47 am

    I adore Hyacinth, btw.

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