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Today El Pollo Loco, –Tomorrow Starbucks?

November 14, 2008
Judging by appearances Mr. Glendower is a masculine beast. He is tall, thick, mustached and goateed. He has consciously used his hyper-masculine (mixed with his “charm,” that’s in quotation marks because only an immature dolt, or someone ready to assume their assigned gender role would/should fall for it) presence to get his way, for example when he is late for dental and doctor appointments he will push his way in and afterwards will admit (to me) it is what he did and not a feel a drop of guilt.

Lately, this overly appearing masculine man has been enthralled with the antics of the Prop 8 protesters. He is never without a joke that sums up the day’s events. He claims he voted No on Prop 8 and I believe him, especially after witnessing him and my now ex-friend passionately arguing over the right for lesbian/homosexual men to marry (not an ex because of the aforementioned incident). Apparently her Catholicism simply would not permit her to promote the idea of two people of the same sex to marry, even though that very Catholicism did not deter her from living with a man that she is not married to (by civil law or by the church) and it did not interfere with an abortion, an abortion that mysteriously was forgiven a year later when she conceived, delivered, and is now saddled with a second child by that man she is not married to by the law or the church. I guess it is like my mother’s verbal abuse regarding how she would have aborted all of us bastards if abortion had been legal, yet she could not consume the birth control pill because the Catholic Church would only allow the rhythm method. Oh but that is a tangent for a later time.

I think Mr. Glendower’s fascination with the Prop 8 protesters is due to admiration for and solidarity to men. Solidarity, because as I said in this post, even though there are lesbian women, when it comes to gay rights, the dominant narrative makes it all about the men. Men will see to it and all the people who are used to falling in line according to their socially constructed position will reinforce that supremacy. I am not disappearing lesbian protesters or the benefits lesbians may achieve by this protest, I am simply focusing on the center-ness of white males that this protest has taken on by many of its protesters and in some regards the media. (<—-See photograph to the left for my point. Original photo taken by Lydia Marcus and posted at Fotonomous). Although Mr. Glendower is not homosexual, his maleness admires the prowess of the homosexual protesters. It does him proud. Unlike those stupid women who cannot come together (of course he did not dare say this, but I inferred it by his lack of showing admiration for a protest rally conducted by women, heterosexual or not, coloured or not).

Of course, sometimes he utilises homophobic type humor to make his point (which I guiltily enjoy, sometimes, when the child is not present, because she has become our socially moral conscience and is a total downer (not a bad thing) when stereotypes are employed for humour, but she is right and we must recognise this and encourage her continuation and we must acknowledge how our heterosexual privilege needs to be deconstructed and not used to harm people.) For example, the first day there were mass gatherings in Los Angeles he declared there would be no violence or property destruction as there was with the Rodney King riots in 92 because gays would be unable to break storefront windows. He proved this by demonstrating how when a gay may tries to throw a large rock it would fall directly out of his hand and land yards short of the window because of his limp wrist. Then the next day when I mentioned I needed a haircut he replied matter-of-factly that I would have to deal with my unruly hair because Patrick (my gay hair stylist) would be out protesting instead of seeing clients. Finally, last night he excitedly told me how the protesters (they no longer need to be referred to as the gay protesters, or The No on 8 protesters) have targeted El Pollo Loco by boycotting. Once I realised what and who he was referring to, I cried out, NOT EL POLLO LOCO! Yes, yes, El Pollo Loco he said admiringly, then he added “The gay men really know how to get what they want. Hit them [businesses] in the wallet. Just a few more businesses and they will have their way.”

  1. MargaretJamison permalink
    November 14, 2008 11:12 pm

    That picture really says it all. A check mark by “women,” as if lesbians are any more allowed to marry each other than gay men. And a check by “African Americans,” as if none of them are women or lesbians. Disgusting.

  2. Anna Belle permalink
    November 14, 2008 11:57 pm

    Neat story. I was just checking out the blacklist on prop 8 last night. I must admit, it’s a smart strategy, and I often find myself asking myself when us wimmins are going to get organized like that.

    Your husband sounds a lot like mine. He’s uber-manly looking too. 6 feet, long brown hair, and a goatee chopped down to size from an entire face full of hair. He makes a lot of political incorrect jokes too. My daughter’s jaw dropped every single day the first year we lived together. She couldn’t believe the crap that came out of his mouth.

    So is this the blog you were referring to earlier? I have this one on my blogroll. I like it here. I bet having multiple contributors helps.

  3. The Fabulous Kitty Glendower permalink
    November 15, 2008 2:39 am

    I know, right Margie. I mean, I don’t want to make it personal, but if that man is willing to hold that sign, saying what that sign says, can I conclude that he has a clue? or just don’t give a damn.

  4. The Fabulous Kitty Glendower permalink
    November 15, 2008 2:42 am

    So is this the blog you were referring to earlier? I have this one on my blogroll. I like it here. I bet having multiple contributors helps.Yeah this is it. I didn’t mean to try and seduce you over here, so happened I landed on you after reading several bigger blogs who I feel engage in a false sense of community that happens to be advantageous to its owners. I know, I am a little cynical. So when I read about you not knowing if you should go on or not, it reminded me of how often I struggle with the same thoughts, and, it all ends up being, why do I do it, and if I know that answer, the next question is, is my motive served. It’s a difficult question and answer. I am hoping multiple contributors will help. Right now, poor Gingermiss is swamped with work, Margie is showing a fantastic start and Rent Party is around, –she has her own blog. I have learned a lot. Unlike how many group blogs operate, I think if the same content is posted at different places, it distracts from a central gathering. But it is hard to get authors to centeralise their work, especially if there is no pay involved, I suppose. And responding to comments helps, but I am very bad at it. Thanks for dropping by.

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