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Leave The Woman Alone!

November 16, 2008
A group of University of Indianapolis students stumbled upon a makeshift grave containing a fetus, more likely a spontaneous abortion (miscarriage), no older than eight to ten weeks gestation (some women are not even aware of a pregnancy at this stage). For some unexplainable reason Southport Police Chief Duane Burgess has decided that the mother of this fetus needs to be located. What exactly for, is anyone’s guess. He claims to see if she is okay. More likely to see if she can be charged with anything because she dared to handle the situation herself (for whatever reason, possibly she had no insurance or could not afford to let anyone know of her pregnancy or maybe she knew that if she went to a hospital or doctor’s office her fetus would have been chucked in the pile of medical waste, maybe she did not want to deal with appearing irrational, thus being treated as such by requesting the right to bury her fetus, something usually only extended to fetuses older than twenty weeks) and forgo the whole progress that inscribes her name on some permanent record, easily called upon for purposes of shame and ridicule. One would think the police chief would be more interested in the rash of vehicle break-ins the south side of Marion County has been experiencing.

If you are interested in asking Police Chief Duane Burgess to leave this woman alone, he can be reached by emailing,

or writing,
City of Southport, Indiana
6901 Derbyshire Road
Southport, Indiana 46227-5133,
or calling, 317-786-3585
or faxing, 317-784-6299

Moreover, the fact that Sarah Cornell reported on this is troublesome in itself. If interested in contacting Ms. Cornell, she can be emailed at

  1. MargaretJamison permalink
    November 17, 2008 4:28 pm

    And to think I was JUST talking about the criminalization of the private disposal of the remains of a spontaneously aborted early pregnancy.

    Can you imagine if they were to prosecute all the men who leave genetic material all over the walls, floors, bedding, and draperies of your average motel/hotel? Somehow male genetic material is always deemed less deserving of punitive monitoring than women’s.

  2. The Fabulous Kitty Glendower permalink
    November 17, 2008 4:37 pm

    Exactly, we are not even talking an embryo the size of a quarter and some people who commented on the news article want the woman investigated for murder, an embryo that was obviously miscarried without intent or “malice”.

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