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Because I Can Be a Bliss Ninny

December 11, 2008
and a chicken shit to boot. Besides, I don’t have a cat. Here are pictures of my little gift I have been getting together for my friend Angie Kay. She has been a life long friend since childhood. I am quite sure she is not expecting anything, so it does not matter that it is not extravagant. There is little fear that her surprise will be spoiled, because even though she has the link to this blog she never reads. Often she does not have an available computer, unlike my other friend, Della, who has a computer and screams over the phone in my ear how she cannot bother to read this blog because it is like a book. Like she has more important things to do anyway. “My husband, my husband.”

When I decide how I will wrap Angie Kay’s present, I will update with a photo. Since it is in a box, I think I may wrap it in clear cellophane paper, tie a ribbon around it and attach a big tag on it that says “Do Not Open until Christmas!” Although I think she will ignore that, because when we were in high school she opened the letter I was sending to my boyfriend who was in school at Prairie View (and is now dead, R.I.P, Keith!) that I asked her to mail because she claimed to have some stamps at home and I did not.

Okay. I started the present out by buying a storage for photos box from Michael’s. They were having a sell, so I only paid $1.68 for the box. Then using the computer, I typed her name and printed it out and glued it to the back of a piece of harder paper from a package, I think it was a package of batteries, cut that out and then slid it in the slot. I saw some nice sticker type gems at Michael’s and bought those as well. That is the dragonfly next to her name. The package of gems had two more shapes, flowers. I stuck one of them on the picture frame I gave her to jazz it up.

It was just a small inexpensive 4X6 picture frame from Target. The picture is my daughter’s latest school picture (you cannot see it though because of possible freaks lurking). I like getting frames because when you do not people usually lose the picture or toss it in a box with thousands of other pictures. It is my responsibly to make sure my baby’s face is present in everyone’s minds because she will be my salvation. That was a joke; do not want to scare any of you in to thinking that I am a helicopter mom. By the way, this present will be called a “Movie Kit.” Because Angie Kay is my girl when it comes to those long 400, 600, 700, even 1300-minute BBC dramas. Yes, 1300 of The Forsyte Saga (the 1967 version) and I watched every last minute of it, not missing one second. I paused that DVD each time I had to break, but I did it BY GAWD!

Also in the “Movie Kit” is a package of Baked Goodies Tea lights. The aromatic atmosphere must be perfected when watching a drama. Then there is a gift card to Bath & Body works so she can pick out some lotion to go with those lotion gloves I am including, nothing better than watching a long drama with your hands soaking in lotion. That way if you fall asleep, in the morning your hands will be nice and soft. I found a pack of eight note cards with a monogrammed A on them from Michael’s for just $1.00 (Always check their $1.00 bins). Then I tossed in a tin of peppermint Altoids. Also, a little mesh bag of Bigelow Tea packs (Constant Comment and Green Tea). Naturally, there is a bag of Pepperidge Farm Verona’s. Of course!

I got the mesh bag from something else; I think it had a small bracelet in it I won from a door prize or maybe it was last Mother’s Day when I got some presents from an essay contest my daughter entered about how great of a mother I am (wink). The tea came out of my cupboard. That shiny gift bag with the snowmen on it has wallet size pictures in it. Because the photo-storage box did not smell that hot I threw in a cinnamon scented pine cone, and the silk poinsettia and purple tissue paper are just for window dressing. Before I close it up for good I may throw in a small hand made ornament. We will see.

Closed and ready for wrapping.

Updated: I finished “wrapping” it. Actually, I decided against wrapping it becaue the tape would stick to the box and tear the paper veneer. So, I decided to just tie this big wire ribbon around it.

  1. speaking up, an atheist woman permalink
    December 12, 2008 4:46 pm

    That is one fabulous gift box. Mmmm…Verona.

    Was there a fight somewhere that I missed?

  2. The Fabulous Kitty Glendower permalink
    December 12, 2008 4:56 pm

    Thanks atheist woman, I was afraid the movie kit may be too who-do. LOL!

    No fight. Just me being a chickenshit regarding the previous post, where my two love-bugs are conversing.

  3. Chris permalink
    December 13, 2008 11:04 pm

    You know that today will be the ONE day that they both happen to read, right? Whenever I hear my mom say, “I was reading your blog the other day…” I cringe:)

    This was a very thoughtful gift! So much better than an impersonal gift card.

  4. Anna permalink
    December 13, 2008 11:39 pm

    OK – so now I get where the crack (on my blog) about films being too long for me comes from! I'll have you know that as a nerdy teenager I faithfully watched Masterpiece Theatre every week – the more episodes per costume drama the better. (Probably why I went into theatre.) I love that stuff! And miss it. Remember – I am your fellow P&P fan!

    And can I get on your gift list?

  5. The Fabulous Kitty Glendower permalink
    December 14, 2008 7:02 am

    I know, right Chris. I was thinking that just this morning. Especially when I told Angie Kay that I was mailing something and she asked what I was mailing, and I started thinking she knew something, but then she said she assumed I was mailing something to my grandson when I said box and started talking about if I am spoiling him or not.

    Anna, baby! That wasn’t no crack. Think of it as a compliment. Unlike the stereotype of being old and boring and watching 700 minute dramas.

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