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When the Wrong Type of Crook Is Exposed

December 12, 2008
When the wrong type of crook is exposed the White Supremacy Police™ will be on the case. Most of the media pundits do not even need marching orders to participate. They do it instinctively. Of course, they are all mostly crooks. Democratic Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is from a working class background. He worked his way through college. He did menial jobs for money. Working class roots are upheld and bragged about if that working class person grows up and behaves accordingly, meaning, he can be a crook along with the rest of them, but he has to make sure his crass and vulgar days of shining shoes, delivering pizza, washing dishes, and working in meat packing plants never betray the team’s image. Bill O’Reilly, Chris Matthews, and Tim Russert all brag (bragged in Russert’s case) excessively about working class roots and by profession alone, they are crooks of the worse kind, but, they are accepted in the status quo club because not only do they follow the image, they dutifully demonised anyone who makes the club look bad.

It is the White Supremacy Police’s™ job to determine who will be defended at all costs and who will be abandoned after being thoroughly vilified. The WSP™ determines who the wrong crooks are and who the right crooks are. Any crook exhibiting identifying characteristics of white middle-class male with upward aspirations and willing to sell his or her soul for promotion are the right crooks. Also, the right crook must practice standard whiteness behaviours, mannerisms, and mores. Whiteness has assigned crass and crude behaviors to other than white (or not quite right white) people. Anyone in the club who betrays this image, be it openly exhibits behaviors that remind his or her audience that he is from a different background than what is expected of the status quo, is the wrong sort of crook and is not deserving of support and public sympathy. They are not allowed to be quietly fired, tried and sent away, they must be properly shamed first, and if driven to suicide, an additional point is scored for the team. And they had better not dare stand their ground. How dare someone from such a background do something as honorable as standing ground. Standing ground is reserved for people such as Bush, Cheney, and Obama.

At this point, defending or appearing to defend Democratic Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and by extension, his wife Patricia Blagojevich would be as productive as trying to defend O.J Simpson against racism. However, to remain silent is to collude. For the record, although I believe O.J. Simpson murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, and knew what he was doing in Las Vegas I still believe he has been a victim of racism. If a rich and famous white man was believed to have killed his wife and was acquitted, he too would have been ostracised by society. However, and this is where the racism comes in, that white man would have been allowed, left alone, to go off and live in exclusion. Granted, O.J. caused many of his problems by not taking his thirty thousand dollars a month and moving some where remote away from the United States, like any where in The Pacific Realm (not the Hawai’ian islands though). He grew up in the 50’s and the 60’s, he knew what time it was. There was no way the White Supremacy Police™ was going to allow a black man to beat the system, the white supremacist system and not pay the piper sooner or later. That fact alone should have persuaded O.J. to buy a cottage in the backcountry of Fiji (not that I wish O.J. on the wonderful people of Fiji) and call it a day.

Nevertheless, I have no lost love for O.J Simpson. He killed two people, one of them being a woman that he abused for years. He can claim to be staying the course in the name of “the white man is not going to hold me down” meme, but after the murders, he was no longer a potential asset to the cause, but a liability, a whopping liability and should have just shut the fuck up and left. On the other hand, murderer or not, it would be disingenuous to ignore the racism.

The point with the O.J. example is, you can be the vilest villain in the land and still be subjected to racism, sexism, and/or classism. This brings me to Governor Rod Blagojevich and his wife Patricia Blagojevich. Currently, the media is utilising classism to paint the ugliest picture possible of this couple. I could take the feminist angle and rant about how the media is portraying Patricia Blagojevich as unladylike and illustrate the sexism in that, but I believe there is a bigger motive in play other than power-mongers masturbating to garden-variety misogyny (Thy lady curses, and she is totally a 2008 Lady McBeth, that scheming cunt!) (YAWN!). Yes, misogyny is being used but not simply to humiliate Patricia Blagojevich (an added bonus though) but to aid in the momentum that is necessary to bring Governor Blagojevich to his knees and eventually erase him all together. Because as I said in this post, white people (particularly the white middle class and higher) police other white people, it is a survival mechanism. It is an essential and strategic act in order to maintain the status quo, white people in power. People like Blagojevich subject the status quo to potential exposure, which may lead to lost of power. Undesirable whites such as the Blagojevich’s are demonstrating that not all whites are as pure as the power players need the masses to believe. Therefore, Blagojevich needs to be eliminated, —-annihilated. By annihilating him, the message is sent that the one, THE ONE bad apple has been dealt with, therefore everyone can now remain calm because the other whites (and people who exhibit, worship, and promote whiteness) are good and worthy of his or her position, thus, business as usual may resume.

For anyone who does not get it, certainly Blagojevich should be held accountable for his crimes, as well as O.J. Simpson. The thing is, everyone is not treated equally, including when the victim is a crook, and especially when he is the wrong type of crook. Power brokers rely on middle-class morality to retard outrage. See, it is difficult to get worked up over racism, classism and sexism, when the victim is guilty. That lack of outrage is counted on, and you can best believe, exploited.

  1. Deb permalink
    December 13, 2008 4:56 am

    Kitty…Amen! Nothing left for me to say!

  2. Anna permalink
    December 14, 2008 12:06 am

    This is a great post, Kitty. Unfortunately, as a society, we resist recognizing the contradictions of our thoughts, words, prejudices & practices. We want easily digestible categories to allow us not to think.

  3. The Fabulous Kitty Glendower permalink
    December 14, 2008 6:56 am

    Deb you know damn well Obama is all up in that shit. We are to told to believe that although everyone was/is swimming in a shit house, some how, he managed to conduct business outside of that shit house. Right.

    Anna Thanks for the compliment. It was getting long and I was afraid I would lose my reader. I can talk about the dynamic for ever, but you are right people don’t want to hear it. It is all about, just tell me, is he on my team or their team, should I contort to save him or put him out to dry. Next.

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