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Sunday Night Musings

December 14, 2008
Today I was going through the never ending piles in my office looking for addresses because my Christmas cards are late, later than normal and unlike those efficient types I do not have addresses in one location, no I have scraps of envelopes where I tore off the return label, scribblings on various types of paper, and email print outs of addresses. Anyway, some how I fumbled into my sewing basket and started fooling with all the buttons I have collected over the years. You know how you get an extra button in a little plastic envelope when you buy a new blouse, skirt, shirt, jacket, or dress. I was looking at that pile of plastic envelopes and thinking how tomorrow is recycle day and decided to empty each envelope so I can add them to the recycling bin. Then I was left with a pile of buttons to fool with. I already use an old jelly jar for needles and pins and it does fine, so I ran our food inventory through my head wondering when I will have another jar available. Next, I started sorting through the pile of ribbon and other long pieces of things I have squirreled away and that is when I saw the roll of gold elastic cord that I bought about ten years ago to bundle Christmas cards that were ready to go to the mailbox. With little thought, I started stringing the loose buttons on the elastic cord and made a bracelet. I call this bracelet Depression Chic.™ Hey, if big corporations can exploit hardship, why cannot I, it is not as if I am selling them. (See the pictures below.) Now if I was really interested in making it prettier, I guess I could form a pattern with the different colours and sizes. Nevertheless, there it is. What do you think? When I wear it, I can be like one of those people who have anything you need. Need a button? Sure, just give me a second while I untie this knot.

A little while later when I decided to get on the computer my daughter came up behind me and nervously told me to look down. Under my chair was a Styrofoam ball. How in the hell did that Styrofoam ball get under my chair. Do you know how much those Styrofoam balls are going for now? About two for $3.25. Oh well, we were going to make a Christmas ornament out of that ball but what can I do with it now with a big gouge on the side. There is no such thing as Styrofoam putty (not that I would buy it anyway). I was wondering why she was apologising so much and finally she confessed that she knew the ball had dropped from the desk when she was on the computer and instead of picking it up, she left it there. I had already poked a hole in it and threaded the ribbon through in order to make the hanging loop, now I do not know what I will do. At least I still have some time to think about it. Maybe I will try Styrofoam sculpting. A bell? A bird? The gouge is deeper than it looks, so it would be too lopsided to do what was originally planned.

  1. A-mazing Amazon permalink
    December 15, 2008 5:45 pm

    hmm, the first idea that comes to mind is to just start gluing stuff to the styrofoam ball. a big bow could cover up the gouge, too.

    i really do like that button bracelet. you might just be on to something. 😉

  2. The Fabulous Kitty Glendower permalink
    December 15, 2008 5:49 pm

    I’m wearing it right now!

    Now I wish I would have thought of it when I used to wear cammies in the military. I was forever picking up black, tan, and olive drab buttons. It would have been my camouflaged bracelet.

    They say home-made gifts are all the rave/rage this year.

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